Online Scams Review – Legit or Scam is a website that you can earn money from viewing different ads online. The company has many advertisers that are willing to pay you for your time in looking at the ads they display on their website. The website was created on July 7th, 2018. Unfortunately, there is no information about the site owner, business, or where the company is located. This is relatively a brand new site that has just opened up. Many GPT (get paid to) sites pay people for viewing ads and giving their feedback. This is an international company and anyone worldwide can join the site and earn money.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to register with the website.
  2. After completing your registration the site will need to verify your account.
  3. You’ll receive a message on the account or in your inbox that will inform you that your account has been accepted by the company. However, it isn’t activated and will take the company 45 to 60 days to review your application.

How To Get Your Account Approved Quicker?

  1. If you’d like to start working on the site they have a quick verification process that you’ll need to pay.
  2. The company charges you $10 to verify your account.
  3. You’ll need an electronic wallet to pay the fees for the verification.
  4. Each person must send the money to the company’s Bitcoin account.
  5. Once the payment has been received, you’ll receive your verification code and can start working on the site.

How To Earn Money:

  1. The website only has one way for a person to earn from the site. You’ll be clicking on ads and views the ads from their advertisers. When you view an ad on the site your account is credited with $0.10.
  2. If you decide it takes to long to watch an ad or view a website, you can always bypass this step by solving a captcha within 5 seconds of it displaying on your screen. Your account will still receive the $0.10 credit for reviewing the ad. This way you don’t need to watch the full ad to earn money from the site.
  3. You can also earn from referrals on the site. You’ll be paid 50% of your referrals earnings. This is a great way to earn extra money working on this site.

How Does the Company Pay You?

  1. In order to cash out on the site, they require you to have a $150 balance in your account before you can request your payment.
  2. Before any payments are processed your account must have 40 referrals. If you don’t have any referrals in your account they won’t pay you.
  3. It is possible to buy the referrals you need from the company.

How To Get Referrals?

  1. As we all know getting referrals is very difficult and will take time. Furthermore, having to have 40 referrals in order to be paid is almost impossible.
  2. You can easily buy the referrals from the site. Depending on how many referrals you want to buy they will cost $9 to $20.
  3. The company only accepts Bitcoin when you purchase your referrals.

What You Need to Know About This Site:

  1. Once you reach payout on the site, it is virtually impossible to request your payment from the company. They will either increase the amount of money you need to cash out or they will claim you don’t have enough referrals to cash out.
  2. When you purchase referrals from the company and sent the payment by Bitcoin it never appears in the Bitcoin wallet transaction. You can check the receipt of payment and it shows the payment wasn’t credited to this account.
  3. The first payment transaction to the site will never appear in the wallet or show that the transaction was credited to the account.
  4. If you complain to the website, you’ll be told that the company experienced a failure in their database and your payment was lost.
  5. They offer to compensate your account if you’ll send the payment again.
  6. If you fall for this scam and pay the company a second time for your referrals, you’ll receive a credit in your account. After the second transaction, the money will appear in the Bitcoin wallet.
  7. The referrals that the company adds to your account aren’t real people, but you will see that these people are helping your earning increase each day. This is an illusion that you’re earning money from a referral that doesn’t exist.
  8. The company uses the purchase of referrals and showing that you are earning a nice sum of money in your account each day to entice you into purchasing more referrals. However, you’ll end up paying double the asking price for your referrals because the first payment is always lost and they ask you to pay again.
  9. You can’t use your earnings on the site to pay for your referrals. The site makes you pay using a credit card or the funds in your Bitcoin wallet.
  10. No company requires you to pay them $10 for activating your account.
  11. No legitimate company will require you to pay $10 for approval to work on their site.
  12. When you pay the fee to the company, you must use their Bitcoin wallet to transfer the funds.
  13. The same thing happens when you pay for your approval to the company. Your first payment doesn’t show up in the transactions and the company reports back to you that they had some sort of server error and the money was lost.
  14. The company will give you a credit of $10 in your account if you are willing to send the payment a second time to verify your account information.
  15. Many people fall for this scam. They believe that the company had experienced a problem with their Bitcoin wallet and they send the money a second time.
  16. When the second payment is received they will change your account status. You’ll find the $10 credit in your account.
  17. No company offers you $0.10 to review an ad or type in a captcha. Any captcha site only pays their online workers $1 for 1000 correct captcha typed on their site.

Facts About This Company:

  1. The original website and the design for all of their websites first appeared online under the name of This site is still online today. However, the original design is nothing like they are using today.
  2. Web Dengi was the first of the scam sites to appear online. Back in 2014. This site was taken down and the company recreated the site under a new name.
  3. In 2017 the site was registered again under the name of
  4. Since 2014 the owners of this site have stayed hidden. In the beginning. the sites were only created in Russian and in 2017 they started to create the mirror images of these sites in English.
  5. By the year 2017, the company had over 3000 clones of this exact site up and running online. Each site was registered under a different domain name.
  6. Each of the websites uses the exact design and information on the pages. The only thing that changes is the dates on the web pages.
  7. In 2018 the owners of this site decided to increase their earning by making people pay for their account to be approved.
  8. The company will always double charge you for having your account approved or buying referrals.
  9. Nobody so far has been able to withdraw a single payment from this site. Every time a person wants to claim the money they have in their account. Each time you request payment from the company the amount of money is increased or they want you to purchase more referrals for your account.
  10. The company refuses to allow members of the site to use their accumulated earnings to purchase referrals or pay for the approval process. You’ll be forced to pay the company through their Bitcoin wallet.
  11. It is very difficult to find a listing of all the sites these people have online. However, you can easily recognize the scam sites from the home page design and how the site is set up and configured. Each one of the websites that appears online will use the same site’s configuration and design. That makes it easier to recognize the 3000 sits that are online today.
  12. This is a brand new site that was established in July of 2018. In the short period of time, the website couldn’t have paid out the amount of money it claims.
  13. When you check this site on domain name look up, you’ll find out the value of this website. The website only has a $127 value and show no source of income. Therefore, it can’t pay out these high payments to anyone. The payment processing or the amount of money each person has earned is the same on all their websites. Even the contact page uses the same question and answers to people.


This is a scam site that has been in business since 2014. The creators of the site have over 3000 cloned sites online today. It is basically impossible to trace back all the different sites. However, it is easy to spot the different sites and avoid them when searching for legitimate work online.

The owners of the site have created a typical Ponzi click scam to cheat you out of money. Any person trying to work on the site will be charged double for their registration approval and for buying referrals.

Furthermore, no legitimate website will make you earn $150 in your account before they pay you for your work. Most GPT or PTC sites pay a person for their work once they reach $1 to $5. Furthermore, a legitimate GPT or PTC doesn’t make a person have 40 referrals in their account to be paid. Each time a person requests payment from the site they are told that the balance in their account or the number of referrals they have isn’t sufficient to be paid.

Stay Away From This Site!

There are plenty of legitimate sites online today that will pay you for clicking on ads, watching videos or filling out surveys. There is no need to waste your time on sites like this. No GPT or PTC site has ever paid out the amount of money these sites claim they’ve paid out. Furthermore, owning and hosting 3000 cloned sites online isn’t normal for any business unless they are scamming people out of money.

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Online Scams

Online Sales Pro Review – Legit or Scam

Online Sales Pro is owned and operated by Vincent Ortega Jr. The owner of the company had another business that shut down in 2014. The Internet Lifestyle Network closed its doors and left all their investors with nothing when the business folded. Like his other business, Online Sales Pro claims to teach you how to generate more leads, direct sales and generate a cash flow each month. The company will offer you training, an email marketing platform, a mobile website application, a simple to use page editor, landing pages and a private Facebook community that you can join.

What Does Online Sales Pro Offer You?

  1. In one of the training videos, the company claims that you need to spend money in order to get new customers. However, if you don’t spend the money to get customers, you don’t have a business, but you only have only a scheme.
  2. You’ll have training videos that will entice you to spend hundreds of dollars on advertising in order to acquire more customers.
  3. The company provides a service to help drive clients to your website. You’ll need to invest in their Royalty Clicks service in order to drive more traffic to your website.
  4. The company is having you create sales campaigns for Online Sales Pro. You’ll be paying them for generating traffic to your website.

How Much is the Royalty Clicks Package?

  1. The first package guarantees that you’ll receive 100 to 150 social media clicks and visitor. The name of the package is “I’m Scared But Yes”. You’ll pay $103 for this package.
  2. Package 2, “Lemme’ Try It” will guarantee that you’ll receive 250 to 350 social media clicks and visitors. This package costs $257.50.
  3. Package 3, “Dippin’ My toes!” guarantees that you’ll receive 500 to 750 social media clicks and visitors. This package cost $515.
  4. Package 4, “Level Up My Guard,” says that you’ll receive 1,000 to 1,500 social media clicks and visitors. This package cost $1,030.
  5. The fifth package is called “Bossin’ Up!” which guarantees that you’ll receive 3000 to 4000 social media visitors and clicks. This package cost $3,090.
  6. Package 6, “Getting’ Famous!” says that they will send you 5000 to 7500 social media clicks and visitors. This package cost $5,150.
  7. The 7th Package, “instant Fame!” will drive 10,000 to 15,000 visitors to your social media account. You’ll pay $10,300 for this package.
  8. The last package, “Celeb Status!” will drive 25,000 to 30,000 visitors to your social media account. You’ll pay $25,750 for this package.

What Does This Mean?

  1. All businesses spend money to advertise their business and attract new clients. However, if you invest in Online Sales Pro traffic scheme, you’ll be giving them money to advertise their own business.
  2. The company isn’t teaching you how to become an internet marketer. Instead, they are teaching you how to build a landing page and website to promote their business.
  3. You are paying this company to become an affiliate marketer for them. Furthermore, you’ll need to buy your own website address, but the company will give you free hosting for a website that they will create for you. You’ll have access to their website templates that you can use to create your landing page and website. However, the website isn’t for a business you want to start, it is only to promote Online Sales Pro.
  4. You can easily promote this affiliate program on a website that you already own and work on. All you basically need to do is write up a fantastic review to promote this company. In the review, you’ll add your affiliate link and when a person joins the site, you’ll earn your commission.
  5. So why pay this company for driving traffic to your social media account?
  6. Furthermore, is it even possible to receive the amount of traffic the company offers?
  7. How long will it take to receive 30,000 visitors to your social media pages?
  8. If you pay the company to drive traffic to your social media pages and there aren’t any visitors, does the company offer to refund the money?
  9. The company doesn’t teach you how to be independent and self-sufficient. They are only trying to teach you how to make money fast. Which as we all know, doesn’t exist online. There is no get rich concepts available, you’ll need to build a good website, attract an audience, and build trust in order to succeed online.
  10. The training guides that Online Sales Pro offers don’t belong to them. Instead, they are the property of Social Media Quickies. Take a close look in the bottom left corner of your documents and you’ll see they don’t belong to this company. It is not certain if this company has permission to distribute this material or not. According to the Terms of Service from Social Media Quickies, they retain all rights and nobody can distribute their material.

How Much Does Online Sales Pro Cost?

  1. According to the company, it cost $37 a month. The sales video you’ll watch after registering with the company talks you into investing $297 for the first year.
  2. Once you’ve paid your yearly subscription, you still can’t access or unlock all the training material.
  3. You’ll need to upgrade your account to the Online Sales Pro MVP membership. This cost $997 for the year, or you can pay in a monthly installment of $97 a month.
  4. The MVP membership only allows you to create a personalized affiliate profile on the website. There actually isn’t a need for this profile and furthermore, nobody looks at them.

What is Missing?

  1. You are not taught anything about creating your own sales campaigns, setting up your own online business, or even how to promote your own products and services.
  2. The company will only teach you how to create an OSP Sales Funnel that makes you pay the company money to drive traffic to your website.
  3. You are basically creating free publicity for the company and paying the company to advertise for them.


This is difficult to call the company a complete fraud. However, the company doesn’t have much to offer you in the lines of internet marketing. They will teach you how to create a website, host the site for you, and help drive traffic to your website for a fee. The website that you’ll create is based on the company and selling memberships to other people looking for ways to make money online.

You will be able to make money from the company, but not as much as you’d had hoped. For each member that signs up under your affiliate line, you’ll earn $20 a month for the life of the membership. The company earns a lot more than this and you are still paying the company to drive traffic to your website in hopes that you can generate a new lead and a person will sign up for the program.

Online you’ll find many reviews claiming this is a legitimate program and a great investment. Unfortunately, these people have invested a great deal of money and are now trying to prove that the company is legitimate and worth joining. However, the owner of the company doesn’t have a good track record and his other online business have all closed leaving people with nothing in return.

I personally don’t recommend joining this company and paying the membership to join. There are affiliate programs out there that cost nothing to join and it is easy to earn an affiliate commission if you create your own website. You can easily buy the material that is given to you in this program from the legal owners for a fraction of the cost. Save your money and purchase the books for only $19.


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Bitcoin Millionaire Club Review – Legit or Scam

Bitcoin Millionaire Club is a software program that was created by Steve Banks. Steve worked as a software developer on Wall Street for several years and during his employment, he created a software package that could trade BitCoins for you on autopilot. According to Steve, there isn’t anything that you need to do. Just download and install the program for free and leave the trading decision up to the program.

Who is Steve Banks?

  1. If you start checking online Steve Banks is actually Steve McKay of BitCoin Code. The two gentlemen both claim that they’ve developed the same software package and worked for the same software development company on Wall Street.
  2. Steve Banks and Steve McKay have both used the same photo of a man they found on a free photo image site.
  3. The two profiles are exactly the same and offer you the same information. The only difference between these men is their last names.
  4. The person behind the two Steve’s has stolen a person’s identity and an image online to create the illusion that this is a real person.
  5. Steve Banks and Steve McKay don’t have any digital footprint online or social media accounts. How can a person run a successful company and offer you state of the art technology when they don’t even have a social media account?
  6. The two websites mask or hide the true identity of the owner. There is no information as to who actually owns these sites.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’re required to join the Bitcoin Millionaire Club to get started.
  2. When you join they offer you a new website domain and a web hosting account so that you can host this website.
  3. The company claims that they will build your website for you and turn the site into a cryptocurrency earning machine.
  4. They will teach you how to build multiple cryptocurrency income streams.
  5. When joining the site they will teach you how to avoid different hacks and scams that are present in the today’s cryptocurrency world.
  6. You’ll also learn how to safely store and back up all your cryptocurrencies in order to keep them safe.
  7. They’ll also teach you how to spot the best new crypto coins to invest in so that you’ll avoid investing in junk or scam coins.
  8. You’ll only learn this secret when you join the BTC Millionaire Secret club. They’ll share this information with you in their special member’s area.
  9. You’ll need to register on the site to get started.
  10. Once you register, they ask you to buy the membership for $249 instead of the original asking price of $499. This one-time fee buys you a lifetime membership into the club.
  11. You can use Bitcoin or even Litecoin to make your payment.

Facts About Bitcoin Millionaire Club:

  1. The video testimonial is done by an actor on Fiverr. The person behind the online scam has hired this gentleman to persuade you into purchasing a software package that will allow you to earn an extremely high income each day by trading cryptocurrency using a software package.
  2. If you read the testimonials from the people on the website, you’ll find out that they are the same as the testimonials on BitCoin Code.
  3. Steve Banks or Steve McKay is a photo of a model that was found on 123 Stock Photos and a few other free photo sharing sites online.
  4. The testimonials that are found on the site were written by people from Fiverr. The person behind the scam paid these people to write a convincing testimonial that will intrigue you into joining the program.
  5. The website has no contact information, no terms of the agreement or even a private policy page. This alone is a warning sign not to invest in such a site.
  6. There is no need to create your own website and host it online. The only reason that the company creates your website is for sharing banner ads on the site.
  7. If you join the site, the company claims that they will teach you how to avoid online scams. However, they are not telling you is that this site is an online scam and it should be avoided.

What Happens If You Join the Site?

  1. You’re required to give the site all your personal information.
  2. When paying for the program, you’ll be directed to pay the money to a company called BannerBit. You are not joining the Bitcoin Millionaire Club, but instead paying a company for banner ads.
  3. There is no software package that will trade cryptocurrency for you on autopilot


This is an untrustworthy website that will scam you out of your money. The site doesn’t have any type of software package that they sell you to trade cryptocurrency online. Furthermore, the creator of this website has a second website online called BitCoin Code. The two sites are very similar and offer you the same software package. However, one website owner is Steve McKay and the other website owner is Steve Banks. Both websites use the same testimonials and video interviews when selling you their product.

It is wise to investigate a website that claims you can earn $13,000 a day for trading cryptocurrency using a software package. These types of software don’t exist and it is impossible to make this type of money every day. Once you invest in these types of programs, you’ll start receiving phone calls or emails asking you to invest more money. The emails or phone calls will tell you that you’ll need to invest a large sum of money before you can actually see the profits using their software.


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Crazy Ad Profits Review – Legit or Scam

Crazy Ad Profits is a company that has a private registration and the owner is not listed on the site. The company was founded and registered online on February 15, 2017. The website was recently renewed for another year on the 16th of February, 2018. The public records indicate that NameCheap Inc is the registered owner of the site. It appears the site is registered in Panama and they don’t give the owner’s name. The website is promoting advertising for the internetwork marketers. If you decide to join the company, they offer you a way to get high-value traffic to your website and save on advertising costs. This is a simple and cost-effective way to promote your online business.

What Does the Company Offer?

  1. According to their website when you sign up and pay for a package you’ll receive laser targeted traffic to your website pages.
  2. You can easily build highly targeted subscriber lists using this system.
  3. They offer you access to cost-effective marketing tools to help build your online business.
  4. You’ll earn money while advertising your business online.
  5. There is a network of other like-minded entrepreneurs that you can talk with to learn new tactics and gain experience.
  6. You can earn money in cryptocurrencies and it is easy to be paid with BTC and ETH.
  7. You’ll have free access to banner advertising with the company.

How Does it Work?

  1. In order to join the company, they require a $70 investment from you.
  2. On the website, the company offers you a lot of encouragement and promises to earn money bu advertising your business. Unfortunately, this company doesn’t have any products or service that you can sell.
  3. This is solely an affiliate company and you’re required to buy an affiliate package from them to earn money online through advertising.
  4. Once you sign up for an affiliate ad package and pay the fee, you’re given ad credits that you can use to display promotions on the company’s website.
  5. You can earn money once you’ve invested in an ad package from the company. You’ll be promoting these ad packages to others like you. When a person invests in one of the ad packages, you’ll earn a commission from the site.
  6. You’ll earn a 55% commission on each sale you make. However, this has to be split and part of your commission has to be reinvested back into the company.
  7. The company makes you reinvest 15% of the commissions you’ve earned.
  8. You can then withdraw 30% of your commission that you’ve earned.
  9. You can reinvest in the company by purchasing their ad packages. Each ad packages cost $10. Otherwise, you’ll need to invest in one of the Mega Packs the company has to offer. No matter if you invest in a single Ad Pack or a Mega Ad Pack they virtually cost $10. Cost of the Mega Ad Packs:
    1. 10 Ad Packs cost $100
    2. 20 Ad Packs cost $200
    3. 40 Ad Packs cost $400
    4. 60 Ad Packs cost $600
    5. 80 Ad Packs cost $800
    6. 125 Ad Packs cost $1250
    7. 250 Ad Packs cost $2500

How Much Can You Earn?

  1. When you have 2 personal sponsored affiliate and they buy ad packs from the company, you’re paid $1 commission on each ad pack purchased.
  2. If one of your personally sponsored affiliates happens to reach spillover, this means that they have more than 2 affiliates under them, then you’ll earn $0.50 commission for each ad pack their affiliate members purchase.
  3. You’ll earn a $10 sponsorship commission for each of your personally sponsored affiliates.
  4. You’ll also earn a residual commission for each of your affiliates.
  5. You’ll be the top of the binary team and each one of the levels is divided into the right and the left side.
  6. On your binary team, the first level holds 2 positions. Where the second level is again divided into 4 positions. As your affiliates grow new levels are added to your binary team. Therefore, the 3rd level is again divided and this level now holds 8 positions.
  7. Each one of these levels is filled with direct and indirect sponsorships of new affiliates that are added to your team.
  8. This is endless and your binary level can continue to grow. The company doesn’t put a cap on how many levels you have in your binary team.
  9. It is easy to track your commission across the binary team’s left and right side.
  10. You’ll earn 30 points for new sponsorship that is added to your team.
  11. Each time one of your binary team members buys an ad pack, you’ll earn 8 points.
  12. When the right and left side of your binary team earn 16 points, you’re paid an $11 commission.
  13. The company offers other ways to earn commission from your binary team and how many ad packs they sell.
  14. You can earn a paid key that can unlock a $2 commission when one of your team members purchases an ad pack.


The company compensation model is very complex and complicated. This is a typical ad credit Ponzi scam that many ad companies have used for years. The owners of the site were victims of other ad credit Ponzi scams in the past. They have joined together to create a completed business model to earn back some of the money they’ve lost on other such scams online.

The model is unique and not so complicated. It requires a $10 investment with the promise that you will receive $13 to $23 ROI. Unfortunately, the ROI that you’re to receive is entangled with tons of binary blocks and needed keys to open up your earnings.

The company is using newly invested funds to pay the people who have been waiting for their ROI. The company uses the compensation model to help them track the reinvestment in the company so they can pay the members who have been waiting patiently for their money.

In a company structure such as this, the money will soon start to slow down. The owners of the company will have recovered their losses and many of the members will soon realize they have wasted their time and money. They will start to bail out of the company, which in turns leaves less money to pay the people left. New members will stop joining and in the end, there won’t be any money to pay anyone.

This company will only pay you in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Soon people will understand that they’ve lost all of their investment and there is no money left, it is gone. This is a high-risk investment company and it is so easy to lose the money you’ve invested.

I don’t recommend joining this site and expecting to be paid an ROI on the money you’ve invested. There are so many other affiliate companies online that will actually pay you for selling their products and services. It is better to do your research and investigate a company before giving them your money.

Has anyone joined this company and have you invested in this plan? If so, did you lose your investment or have you actually made money? I’d love to hear from you about your experiences with this company. Please feel free to use the comments section below to tell me what your opinion of this company is.


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Automated Income Systems Review – Legit or Scam

Automated Income System was registered on April 26, 2017, to John Valley. The company claims that you can basically earn $1,300 each day by using their stupid simple, done for your system. The company offers you a chance to earn money online by selling affiliate memberships to anyone who is interested in earning money. When you become an affiliate and purchase one of the membership packages, you’ll have access to virtual traffic, leads, and a great business opportunity in affiliate marketing.

How Does it Work?

  1. When you first land on the website, you’re asked for your email address and password. You also have the opportunity to register on the site using your Facebook account. I wouldn’t recommend this approach and it is better to supply the company with an email address and password. You’ll need to supply this information before you’re redirected to the site.
  2. You’re required to invest in a membership package in order to earn a commission on the site. However, they do have a free membership package that you can try. There are limits to the number of commissions you’ll earn as a free member.
  3. The company pushes you into purchasing one of the following membership packages. They claim that you’ll earn higher commission rates from your investment. If you decide to opt-in for a starter package, the company will continue to try and sell you other membership packages. They are always trying to upsell you on the package you’ve purchased. Membership packages available to you:
    1. Starter – $97
    2. Silver – $297
    3. Gold $597
    4. Platinum – $997
    5. Diamond – $1497

How Do You Earn?

  1. Once you join the site and become an affiliate marketer for the company, you’ll earn a commission based on the membership package you’ve sold to a person.
  2. If you decide to not invest in the company, you can still earn a commission on all the direct sponsorships that join you. However, there is a cap on your commission and you’ll not earn as high of a commission rate if you don’t invest.
  3. The commission rates are based on your affiliate status with the company:
    1. Free affiliate members only earn $25 for each affiliate they recruit that invests in one of the membership packages. If you recruit a new affiliate and they decide to join as a free member, then you’ll not earn a commission on your recruitment.
    2. Starter affiliates earn $50 for each new affiliate that they recruit. You’ll only earn this commission if the person purchases one of the membership packages. The commission rate is fixed and it doesn’t matter which membership package the person purchases.
    3. Silver affiliates will earn $50 on each affiliate they recruit that purchases a starter package with the company. Furthermore, if your recruitment purchases a Silver, Gold, Platinum or even Diamond membership, you’ll earn a $200 commission.
    4. Gold affiliates earn a $50 commission for each person they recruit that buys a starter package. Furthermore, if the person decides to invest in a Silver membership, you’re paid $200. You’ll also earn $500 if the person purchases a Gold membership and $900 if they decide to purchase a Platinum or Diamond membership.
    5. Platinum affiliates earn $50 on all new recruitments that purchase the starter package. If your recruitment decides to purchase the Silver package, you’ll earn $200. However, if they purchase the Gold package, you’re paid $500, and the platinum and diamond package earns you $900.
    6. The Diamond affiliate earns $50 for each new recruitment that buys a starter package, $200  if they purchase a silver membership, $500 if they purchase a gold membership, $900 for a platinum membership, and $1300 for a diamond membership.

Affiliate Program Residual Commissions:

  1. The company has a uni-level compensation plan that allows you to earn a commission on the 2nd level only.
  2. However, only platinum and diamond members can earn this commission.
  3. A platinum affiliate can earn a 25% commission on all second level recruitments.
  4. A diamond affiliate will earn a 50% commission on all of his second level recruitments.

A Few Facts to Consider Before Paying to Join this Company:

  1. The company is an MLM company and the only way you can earn with such a company is to invest first. However, this MLM Company does offer you a free membership, but the commissions paid to you are very low.
  2. The company is always trying to get you to invest more money to earn a higher commission rate.
  3. Memberships such as the ones offered on here are hard to sell and convince people to invest in.
  4. If you take a look at the commissions the company offer, it is impossible for them to pay this out for an extended period of time. As a Diamond member, you’ll earn a $1300 commission if a person purchases a diamond membership. Furthermore, if this person recruits a new member that purchases either a platinum or diamond membership, you’ll earn a 50% commission. The commission you earn is $650 and the commission your recruitment earns is $1300. When you combine these two amounts the company is paying both of you $1950 on a membership package they are selling for $1497. This means that the company is losing $453 on the diamond package alone. The company says that all diamond members will earn a 50% commission on all second level sales.
  5. When you actually look at the commission rates the company pays out to affiliate members, the company is barely making money. Furthermore, add in the residual commission and the company is actually losing money.
  6. No matter how much you invest, how hard you work, you’ll still not earn a very profitable income with this company.
  7. Many MLM companies who use this type of commission payouts normally end up closing down within a year.
  8. The owner of this company has opened and closed several other MLM sites in the past. He makes as much money as he can and skips out and closes down the site.
  9. These types of sites are only registered for a year. The owners understand that the number of complaints, bad reviews, and the problems they incur will force them to close the sites down and start over.


This is an MLM company that isn’t selling any products or services. You’ll need to invest in a membership plan in order to make money by selling affiliate memberships to others. The company makes this look very attractive and promises to drive virtual traffic to the website you set up. However, in the end, it is virtually impossible to try and convince people to invest in such a plan.

These types of companies are only interested in upselling you more products and earning from your investments. Not many people will join a Diamond membership from the start. They will be hounded and sent thousands of emails promoting the benefits of upgrading their memberships with the promise of making more money in the end.

There are so many affiliate programs online that actually pay you to promote their products. It is difficult enough to make a sale for a legitimate product online, let alone make a sale for a membership plan that won’t actually benefit the person in the end.

I personally don’t recommend that you invest in this company and give them any money at all. If you’d like to see how this works, you think you can sell this affiliate program, and want to test this site, I’d suggest that you sign up for the free membership. You’ll find out how it works and can earn a small commission for selling these affiliate memberships. Otherwise, stay away from this program and keep your money.

I’m sure many people have seen this advertised online. How many of you have joined this company and paid for one of the membership packages? Were you able to talk others into investing in this program and actually earn a commission for your efforts? Looking forward to reading what you have to say in the comments below.


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Online Scams

Automated Daily Income Review – Legit or Scam

The Website Has Been Taken Offline

Automated Daily Income is an independent website program that has an affiliate program that is associated with another company called MOBE. The program is a 21 step training course that teaches you how to become an affiliate marketer for MOBE. The company is offering you an easy way to sell products without contacting or selling to anyone. They will set up a website for you that will help you to advertise and sell these products online.

How Does it Work?

  1. When you visit the website you’ll be watching a video that explains the process to you. They will tell you how easy it is to earn money with this program.
  2. You’ll have the opportunity to purchase the training for a reduced price.
  3. The company charges $497 for the course which they are happy to give you for just $49.
  4. You’ll also receive, free of charge, the 21-step training series to help you market and sell online. The class is $997, but for this time introduction to the program, you’ll receive both the Automated Daily Income program and the 21-step training series for one low price of $49. They are claiming this package they offer you, normally sells for $1494. However, if you order today, you’ll get all for just $49.
  5. The company tries hard to pressure you into giving them your name, email address, and phone number.
  6. However, once you do this, your inbox will be flooded with spam and you’ll never be able to get them to stop emailing you and there is no way to cancel your subscription.

About the Training and Program:

  1. The training program and money making opportunity have been introduced many times over by different names. They are all advertising MOBE affiliate marketing as the perfect opportunity to make money on autopilot.
  2. In order to make money and promote the affiliate products for MOBE, you’ll need to invest thousands of dollars before you can start earning money from them.
  3. Once people see what you’re promoting and selling, the mass majority won’t invest their money in this system.
  4. The training program the company offers for your initial $49 investment has some useful information and techniques you can use to promote MOBE or any other affiliate program.
  5. The company is an MLM program which is a very high-risk investment and most people end up losing all the money they invest in these types of programs.
  6. On the website, the company falsely advertises that they have been featured on several news channels and that these news channels endorse their programs as an easy way to make money on autopilot.
  7. You’ll find many fake testimonials on the site. The company has taken free stock photos of real people and written up their own testimonials to convince you this is the best program to invest in.
  8. You’ll need to have a large sum of money to invest in MOBE before you can even start selling their products.
  9. The website guarantees  that you’ll make $500 immediately, just for trying out this system
  10. The company tells you that all your sales will be done by the MOBE team and there is nothing for you to do. All you need to do is sit back and allow the program to work for you and you’ll be making money while you sleep.

What is MOBE?

  1. MOBE is an affiliate marketing site that you can join and sell their different investment packages online.
  2. In order to become an affiliate marketer with MOBE, you’ll need to invest in one of these packages so you can promote and sell it online.
  3. The company has 5 different packages to choose from. You’ll need to pay for one of these packages so that you can advertise this online and sell it for the company.
  4. Your initial investment will be:
    1. Silver Masterclass – $2497
    2. Gold Masterclass – $4997
    3. Titanium Masterclass – $8,997/$199 a month
    4. Platinum Masterclass – $14,997/$299 a month
    5. Diamond Masterclass – $29,997/$299 a month
  5. MOBE is known by several different names and other people promoting this affiliate programs.
  6. You might see it advertise online by these different names:
    1. Automated Daily Income
    2. Freedom Cash System
    3. Extreme Home Paycheck
    4. My Online Business Empire
    5. My Online Business Education
    6. My Millionaire Mentor
    7. iPAS2
    8. 45 Minute Payday
    9. 21 Step Millionaire Coach

How Do You Make Money?

  1. After joining the Automated Daily Income, you’ll be introduced to a training program.
  2. The program teaches you how to sell overpriced items to other people for the sake of earning a high commission online.
  3. You’ll need to become a member of MOBE first. In order to start earning a commission from the company, you’ll need to make the initial investment of purchasing one of the packages. This gives you the right to sell this online and earn a commission for selling this package.
  4. You’ll be spending much more money investing in the package than you can ever earn back from selling them online.
  5. Once you enter into this program and make your initial investment, the company starts immediately up selling to you. They ask you to invest in other high paying items to be able to own the right to sell them online and earn a commission for selling these items.
  6. This is a misleading program that requires you to make an initial investment of $49. This investment opens the door to your future according to the site. You’ll be introduced and expected to purchase high priced items to promote and sell online.

What Exactly Is This Program?

  1. This is a typical MLM scheme that requires you to invest in products and sell them online.
  2. You’ll be required to purchase each product you want to promote online. The products are expensive and almost impossible to sell to anyone online.
  3. Many MLM companies end up shutting down because of legal issues, too many complaints from unsatisfied investors, and they are unprofitable.
  4. In an MLM company, there is always a top-level employee, normally a supervisor, who is there to push you to purchase more products.
  5. The only person earning money from this scheme is the person pushing you to purchase more products from them. For each product they sell you, they’ll earn a high commission rate.
  6. The company is always telling you that if you want to earn more selling their products, you must invest first in order to earn in the end.
  7. The company promises to bring you tons of paid traffic to your website. This makes it easier for you to sell your products and earn a commission on each sale.
  8. Once you invest in these products, you’ll have the exclusive right to the Inner circle. This is nothing more than a daily or weekly audio training lesson, videos, tutorials, and a monthly new letter to all its members.
  9. The biggest bonus in joining this system is the License University. This opens the secret door to hidden knowledge and wealth online. They promise to share with you all the secrets they’ve learned about making money online.
  10. Once you make the initial investment and receive the License rights, you’ll be able to start earning a 90% commission for each License rights you sell to others.


What exactly are MOBE and Automated Daily Income? They are both an MLM scam that requires you to invest in high prices products to resell to other online. Any MLM business opportunity is a high-risk adventure and should be avoided at all cost. You’ll end up investing more money than you’ll ever earn back. Furthermore, the company is always trying to upsell new products to you. They claim that each investment that you make will earn you a higher commission rate on each sale. These types of company work on the theory if you don’t invest, you’ll never earn.

There are so many affiliate programs out there today that don’t require you to invest a dime in order to sell their products online. Why should you be investing your money to earn money online? This system does offer you training, but the lack of training and how to actually use it leaves a lot to be desired.

I’d recommend that you stay completely away from this company and what it has to offer. You’ll only be investing upwards of $10,000 and you’ll never see a dime back on this investment. If you’re looking for a way to earn money online, this isn’t for you. I’d suggest that you look into other affiliate marketing sites that actually pay you a commission for selling their products online. These companies don’t require that you invest your money and they actually pay you a commission when a person clicks on your affiliate link and purchases the item you’re promoting.

It is always a good idea before opening your wallet or giving a person access to your credit card to do some research online first. If the opportunity sounds too good to be true, normally it is. There is no way that you should ever have to dole out your money in order to earn money working online.

Have you ever heard of this program before? I’m wondering if you’ve ever tried one of these MLM schemes and how it worked out for you. Looking forward to hearing from you in the comments below.


Online Scams

BitCoin Code Review – Legit or Scam

BitCoin Code is a software program that uses a robot to trade BitCoins. You’ll not need to invest any money to use the software and trade BitCoins on the market. The program does this all for you and there isn’t anything for you to do. The creator of this software is Steve McKay. He used to work for a software development company on Wall Street. While working for this company he created this software to help people earn money trading BitCoins.

Who is Steve McKay?

  1. Steve claims that he is a software developer who has created a fantastic new software robot that will help you earn money on autopilot. The software uses a robot to help you make money with BitCoin investments.
  2. A great software developer is always featured on Forbes, however, Steven isn’t a known software creator and nobody knows who he is.
  3. You’ll see Photoshop images of Steve featured on the cover of Forbes Magazine, however, when you try to find the cover for the magazine, it doesn’t exist.
  4. When you check further online to find out who Steve really is, you’ll find a stolen identity and a fake picture of this man.
  5. Steve doesn’t have a social media presence online. You’d think a person with this type of talents would be well known in the social media community. Unfortunately, nobody has ever heard of him before or even met him in person. The man doesn’t exist.

What Does Steven Have to Offer?

  1. Steve is offering the first 25 people his software for free. He is calming this is to help them make millions online.
  2. When you visit the site at different times the free software counter is always reset. You’ll see it increasing rapidly to make you nervous. You’ll be afraid that you’ll run out of time to get your free software package. The counter gives you a false illusion that you don’t have much time left.
  3. It is hard to believe that Steve would just hand 25 people a software package that can make millions of dollars for nothing. He has stated in his video that this software took him a lot of time and money to create. You don’t just give this away for free.
  4. The software package isn’t free like Steve has claimed. They are asking everyone to deposit $250 in their account to get the copy of t his software.
  5. The video is misleading and the creator of the video has hired actors from Fiverr to read a script. They are trying hard to convince you that they received the software for free, but in their interview they let it slip that they invested $250.
  6. The reviews and testimonials on the site are all bogus reviews. These people have no idea about investing or even trading in the market. They were hired to give a testimonial to help sell the software and make people invest in the system.

How Much Does This Cost?

  1. According to the video, the software package is free.
  2. However, once you claim your free software package, they ask you to make a $250 deposit. They say the deposit is refundable within the next 30 days if you’re not satisfied or haven’t earned any money using the software.

The Truth About BitCoin Code:

  1. The image of Steve McKay can be found on 123 stock photos online. The creators of the site have used an image of a person that isn’t Steve McKay. In truth, there is no Steve McKay. He isn’t a real person.
  2. The 3 people you find in the video giving testimonials about how they’ve earned money using this system are paid actors from Fiverr. They were hired by these people to make it look like anyone could make money using their software.
  3. There is no type of software on the market that can make binary options trading and earn such a profit in 24 hours. It is virtually impossible to do this anywhere or with any software ever.
  4. All the images on the website are found online. You can find these images on free stock photo sites. The company has used the images and written up their own script to use on the website.
  5. The money you’ve deposited in the account won’t be invested in binary trading but will go directly to these people bank account.
  6. Within a few months or maybe a bit longer this site will disappear offline. You won’t be able to find it any longer and there is no contact or way to get back your investment.
  7. Right after you go to the order form the company asks for your phone number. If you happen to type this in, within minutes you’ll start receiving spam calls on your phone. You don’t even have to register the number on the site, all you have to do is type it in. The site has a way of trapping the information you enter in the order form, there is no need to even submit the form because they have it already.


This is a total SCAM site and there is no trading software robot to purchase. The software developer is an image stolen off a stock photo site and used to create an illusion that the software is real. Furthermore, there is no software in the world that can earn you $13,000 in just 24 hours trading BitCoins.

If you’re looking for a real way to earn money online or trading BitCoins, this isn’t the way. You will be investing $250 for nothing at all. Right after they have your money your email account will be blocked and you’ll have no way to contact them again.

Many people have already fallen prey to this scam and it is best that you know all the details before it happens to you.

Did you happen to invest in this program? Can you give us any details about how it worked or what happened to you after they had your money? I’m hoping to hear from you and please let everyone know what happened in the comments below.


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