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Crazy Ad Profits Review – Legit or Scam

Crazy Ad Profits is a company that has a private registration and the owner is not listed on the site. The company was founded and registered online on February 15, 2017. The website was recently renewed for another year on the 16th of February, 2018. The public records indicate that NameCheap Inc is the registered owner of the site. It appears the site is registered in Panama and they don’t give the owner’s name. The website is promoting advertising for the internetwork marketers. If you decide to join the company, they offer you a way to get high-value traffic to your website and save on advertising costs. This is a simple and cost-effective way to promote your online business.

What Does the Company Offer?

  1. According to their website when you sign up and pay for a package you’ll receive laser targeted traffic to your website pages.
  2. You can easily build highly targeted subscriber lists using this system.
  3. They offer you access to cost-effective marketing tools to help build your online business.
  4. You’ll earn money while advertising your business online.
  5. There is a network of other like-minded entrepreneurs that you can talk with to learn new tactics and gain experience.
  6. You can earn money in cryptocurrencies and it is easy to be paid with BTC and ETH.
  7. You’ll have free access to banner advertising with the company.

How Does it Work?

  1. In order to join the company, they require a $70 investment from you.
  2. On the website, the company offers you a lot of encouragement and promises to earn money bu advertising your business. Unfortunately, this company doesn’t have any products or service that you can sell.
  3. This is solely an affiliate company and you’re required to buy an affiliate package from them to earn money online through advertising.
  4. Once you sign up for an affiliate ad package and pay the fee, you’re given ad credits that you can use to display promotions on the company’s website.
  5. You can earn money once you’ve invested in an ad package from the company. You’ll be promoting these ad packages to others like you. When a person invests in one of the ad packages, you’ll earn a commission from the site.
  6. You’ll earn a 55% commission on each sale you make. However, this has to be split and part of your commission has to be reinvested back into the company.
  7. The company makes you reinvest 15% of the commissions you’ve earned.
  8. You can then withdraw 30% of your commission that you’ve earned.
  9. You can reinvest in the company by purchasing their ad packages. Each ad packages cost $10. Otherwise, you’ll need to invest in one of the Mega Packs the company has to offer. No matter if you invest in a single Ad Pack or a Mega Ad Pack they virtually cost $10. Cost of the Mega Ad Packs:
    1. 10 Ad Packs cost $100
    2. 20 Ad Packs cost $200
    3. 40 Ad Packs cost $400
    4. 60 Ad Packs cost $600
    5. 80 Ad Packs cost $800
    6. 125 Ad Packs cost $1250
    7. 250 Ad Packs cost $2500

How Much Can You Earn?

  1. When you have 2 personal sponsored affiliate and they buy ad packs from the company, you’re paid $1 commission on each ad pack purchased.
  2. If one of your personally sponsored affiliates happens to reach spillover, this means that they have more than 2 affiliates under them, then you’ll earn $0.50 commission for each ad pack their affiliate members purchase.
  3. You’ll earn a $10 sponsorship commission for each of your personally sponsored affiliates.
  4. You’ll also earn a residual commission for each of your affiliates.
  5. You’ll be the top of the binary team and each one of the levels is divided into the right and the left side.
  6. On your binary team, the first level holds 2 positions. Where the second level is again divided into 4 positions. As your affiliates grow new levels are added to your binary team. Therefore, the 3rd level is again divided and this level now holds 8 positions.
  7. Each one of these levels is filled with direct and indirect sponsorships of new affiliates that are added to your team.
  8. This is endless and your binary level can continue to grow. The company doesn’t put a cap on how many levels you have in your binary team.
  9. It is easy to track your commission across the binary team’s left and right side.
  10. You’ll earn 30 points for new sponsorship that is added to your team.
  11. Each time one of your binary team members buys an ad pack, you’ll earn 8 points.
  12. When the right and left side of your binary team earn 16 points, you’re paid an $11 commission.
  13. The company offers other ways to earn commission from your binary team and how many ad packs they sell.
  14. You can earn a paid key that can unlock a $2 commission when one of your team members purchases an ad pack.


The company compensation model is very complex and complicated. This is a typical ad credit Ponzi scam that many ad companies have used for years. The owners of the site were victims of other ad credit Ponzi scams in the past. They have joined together to create a completed business model to earn back some of the money they’ve lost on other such scams online.

The model is unique and not so complicated. It requires a $10 investment with the promise that you will receive $13 to $23 ROI. Unfortunately, the ROI that you’re to receive is entangled with tons of binary blocks and needed keys to open up your earnings.

The company is using newly invested funds to pay the people who have been waiting for their ROI. The company uses the compensation model to help them track the reinvestment in the company so they can pay the members who have been waiting patiently for their money.

In a company structure such as this, the money will soon start to slow down. The owners of the company will have recovered their losses and many of the members will soon realize they have wasted their time and money. They will start to bail out of the company, which in turns leaves less money to pay the people left. New members will stop joining and in the end, there won’t be any money to pay anyone.

This company will only pay you in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Soon people will understand that they’ve lost all of their investment and there is no money left, it is gone. This is a high-risk investment company and it is so easy to lose the money you’ve invested.

I don’t recommend joining this site and expecting to be paid an ROI on the money you’ve invested. There are so many other affiliate companies online that will actually pay you for selling their products and services. It is better to do your research and investigate a company before giving them your money.

Has anyone joined this company and have you invested in this plan? If so, did you lose your investment or have you actually made money? I’d love to hear from you about your experiences with this company. Please feel free to use the comments section below to tell me what your opinion of this company is.


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