Online Scams Review – Legit or Scam is a website that you can earn money from viewing different ads online. The company has many advertisers that are willing to pay you for your time in looking at the ads they display on their website. The website was created on July 7th, 2018. Unfortunately, there is no information about the site owner, business, or where the company is located. This is relatively a brand new site that has just opened up. Many GPT (get paid to) sites pay people for viewing ads and giving their feedback. This is an international company and anyone worldwide can join the site and earn money.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to register with the website.
  2. After completing your registration the site will need to verify your account.
  3. You’ll receive a message on the account or in your inbox that will inform you that your account has been accepted by the company. However, it isn’t activated and will take the company 45 to 60 days to review your application.

How To Get Your Account Approved Quicker?

  1. If you’d like to start working on the site they have a quick verification process that you’ll need to pay.
  2. The company charges you $10 to verify your account.
  3. You’ll need an electronic wallet to pay the fees for the verification.
  4. Each person must send the money to the company’s Bitcoin account.
  5. Once the payment has been received, you’ll receive your verification code and can start working on the site.

How To Earn Money:

  1. The website only has one way for a person to earn from the site. You’ll be clicking on ads and views the ads from their advertisers. When you view an ad on the site your account is credited with $0.10.
  2. If you decide it takes to long to watch an ad or view a website, you can always bypass this step by solving a captcha within 5 seconds of it displaying on your screen. Your account will still receive the $0.10 credit for reviewing the ad. This way you don’t need to watch the full ad to earn money from the site.
  3. You can also earn from referrals on the site. You’ll be paid 50% of your referrals earnings. This is a great way to earn extra money working on this site.

How Does the Company Pay You?

  1. In order to cash out on the site, they require you to have a $150 balance in your account before you can request your payment.
  2. Before any payments are processed your account must have 40 referrals. If you don’t have any referrals in your account they won’t pay you.
  3. It is possible to buy the referrals you need from the company.

How To Get Referrals?

  1. As we all know getting referrals is very difficult and will take time. Furthermore, having to have 40 referrals in order to be paid is almost impossible.
  2. You can easily buy the referrals from the site. Depending on how many referrals you want to buy they will cost $9 to $20.
  3. The company only accepts Bitcoin when you purchase your referrals.

What You Need to Know About This Site:

  1. Once you reach payout on the site, it is virtually impossible to request your payment from the company. They will either increase the amount of money you need to cash out or they will claim you don’t have enough referrals to cash out.
  2. When you purchase referrals from the company and sent the payment by Bitcoin it never appears in the Bitcoin wallet transaction. You can check the receipt of payment and it shows the payment wasn’t credited to this account.
  3. The first payment transaction to the site will never appear in the wallet or show that the transaction was credited to the account.
  4. If you complain to the website, you’ll be told that the company experienced a failure in their database and your payment was lost.
  5. They offer to compensate your account if you’ll send the payment again.
  6. If you fall for this scam and pay the company a second time for your referrals, you’ll receive a credit in your account. After the second transaction, the money will appear in the Bitcoin wallet.
  7. The referrals that the company adds to your account aren’t real people, but you will see that these people are helping your earning increase each day. This is an illusion that you’re earning money from a referral that doesn’t exist.
  8. The company uses the purchase of referrals and showing that you are earning a nice sum of money in your account each day to entice you into purchasing more referrals. However, you’ll end up paying double the asking price for your referrals because the first payment is always lost and they ask you to pay again.
  9. You can’t use your earnings on the site to pay for your referrals. The site makes you pay using a credit card or the funds in your Bitcoin wallet.
  10. No company requires you to pay them $10 for activating your account.
  11. No legitimate company will require you to pay $10 for approval to work on their site.
  12. When you pay the fee to the company, you must use their Bitcoin wallet to transfer the funds.
  13. The same thing happens when you pay for your approval to the company. Your first payment doesn’t show up in the transactions and the company reports back to you that they had some sort of server error and the money was lost.
  14. The company will give you a credit of $10 in your account if you are willing to send the payment a second time to verify your account information.
  15. Many people fall for this scam. They believe that the company had experienced a problem with their Bitcoin wallet and they send the money a second time.
  16. When the second payment is received they will change your account status. You’ll find the $10 credit in your account.
  17. No company offers you $0.10 to review an ad or type in a captcha. Any captcha site only pays their online workers $1 for 1000 correct captcha typed on their site.

Facts About This Company:

  1. The original website and the design for all of their websites first appeared online under the name of This site is still online today. However, the original design is nothing like they are using today.
  2. Web Dengi was the first of the scam sites to appear online. Back in 2014. This site was taken down and the company recreated the site under a new name.
  3. In 2017 the site was registered again under the name of
  4. Since 2014 the owners of this site have stayed hidden. In the beginning. the sites were only created in Russian and in 2017 they started to create the mirror images of these sites in English.
  5. By the year 2017, the company had over 3000 clones of this exact site up and running online. Each site was registered under a different domain name.
  6. Each of the websites uses the exact design and information on the pages. The only thing that changes is the dates on the web pages.
  7. In 2018 the owners of this site decided to increase their earning by making people pay for their account to be approved.
  8. The company will always double charge you for having your account approved or buying referrals.
  9. Nobody so far has been able to withdraw a single payment from this site. Every time a person wants to claim the money they have in their account. Each time you request payment from the company the amount of money is increased or they want you to purchase more referrals for your account.
  10. The company refuses to allow members of the site to use their accumulated earnings to purchase referrals or pay for the approval process. You’ll be forced to pay the company through their Bitcoin wallet.
  11. It is very difficult to find a listing of all the sites these people have online. However, you can easily recognize the scam sites from the home page design and how the site is set up and configured. Each one of the websites that appears online will use the same site’s configuration and design. That makes it easier to recognize the 3000 sits that are online today.
  12. This is a brand new site that was established in July of 2018. In the short period of time, the website couldn’t have paid out the amount of money it claims.
  13. When you check this site on domain name look up, you’ll find out the value of this website. The website only has a $127 value and show no source of income. Therefore, it can’t pay out these high payments to anyone. The payment processing or the amount of money each person has earned is the same on all their websites. Even the contact page uses the same question and answers to people.


This is a scam site that has been in business since 2014. The creators of the site have over 3000 cloned sites online today. It is basically impossible to trace back all the different sites. However, it is easy to spot the different sites and avoid them when searching for legitimate work online.

The owners of the site have created a typical Ponzi click scam to cheat you out of money. Any person trying to work on the site will be charged double for their registration approval and for buying referrals.

Furthermore, no legitimate website will make you earn $150 in your account before they pay you for your work. Most GPT or PTC sites pay a person for their work once they reach $1 to $5. Furthermore, a legitimate GPT or PTC doesn’t make a person have 40 referrals in their account to be paid. Each time a person requests payment from the site they are told that the balance in their account or the number of referrals they have isn’t sufficient to be paid.

Stay Away From This Site!

There are plenty of legitimate sites online today that will pay you for clicking on ads, watching videos or filling out surveys. There is no need to waste your time on sites like this. No GPT or PTC site has ever paid out the amount of money these sites claim they’ve paid out. Furthermore, owning and hosting 3000 cloned sites online isn’t normal for any business unless they are scamming people out of money.

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