Online Scams Review 2019: Legit or Scam is a website that will pay you to read different news stories online. The site is offering 90% of the money they earn to you for going online and reading different news stories. The site has an affiliate program you can join to spread the word and get others to join the site. The affiliate programs will pay you $50 for each person who signs up under your account and you’ll earn an additional 15% of their earnings from the site. Each time you read a news article online the site is paying you $3 to $10 for each article that has been read. You can read up to 30 articles per day to earn money from the site.

How Does It Work?

  1. You will need to register with the site and fill in your email address, name and create a password.
  2. The site does not verify your email address but instead takes you to your dashboard.
  3. After you enter your email address and password the site takes you directly to the new link page.
  4. Here they list different news articles you can read to earn money.
  5. You are paid $7 for every news article you read on the site.
  6. The site lists 15 different news articles that you can read.
  7. Just click on the link on the link
  8. The link will redirect you to another page on the site that all you need to do is answer a question and confirm our answer.
  9. The news article will not open and there isn’t an article for you to read.
  10. On the page, it is filled with information about your referral link and spreading the word to earn $50 for each person you refer to the site.

About The Company:

  1. The owner of the website has masked his identity and his location.
  2. The About Page does not list any contact information or even how long the company has been in business.
  3. When you read about the company all they tell you is the site was created to unite Mass Media and readers together.
  4. You will find out that you can read up to 30 articles each day and earn $210 for reading these articles.
  5. The company claims that you can earn $3000 a month if you read the news articles and invite your friends to join the site.

How Are You Paid?

  1. You will need to earn $800 in your account before you can request your payment.
  2. After you’ve reached the threshold, you are required to fill out your PayPal information to be paid.
  3. The site is paying you through PayPal and Payza.

The Truth About This Company:

  1. You can register with a bogus email address because the company does not care and they don’t check if you have registered with a valid email or not.
  2. The news articles listed on the site don’t exist.
  3. The links will redirect you to another page on the site where it asks you to solve an equation and submit our answer.
  4. The owner of the site has multiple sites listed online that all deal with reading news articles and being paid for your time.
  5. The site owner is collecting your email address and password to sell off to 3rd party sites who need to build up their email listings.
  6. Once you give this company your information, you are pushed to advertise the site and ask others to join.
  7. The minimum threshold to cash out on the site is $800.
  8. No legitimate site can pay anyone $50 + 15% commission for referrals.
  9. Nobody pays anyone $7 to read a news article online. There are many large media companies online that people visit on a daily basis. These companies don’t need to pay someone to read the news stories they have posted on the site.
  10. This type of scam has been around for years.
  11. The website is re-branded with a new name every 6 months or so when people finally realize they are being scammed and the owner of the site has sold off their email address.
  12. The websites are shut down overnight and the next day a new one is opened with a new site design ad new name.
  13. There are many of these sites currently online.
  14. You can find these sites under a variety of different names such as,,, and
  15. The site uses fake testimonials to get people to join the site.
  16. You can find these people on Fiverr and the owner of the site is willing to pay these people $5 to create a testimonial for them.
  17. Each one of these sites is hosted for a year and during this time the site can change names multiple times.
  18. The site does not have a privacy policy or even a Terms and Conditions page.
  19. When a person reached the minimum payout that is required to cash out, their account is blocked so they can’t be paid.


This is a total SCAM site that you need to avoid at all costs. If you have registered with this site or any others like it, you’ll need to think about changing your email address and password for all your online sites. The company sells off your information to other scam artists or 3rd party sites who buy mailing lists. Furthermore, there are no legitimate websites online that can afford to pay a person $50 for a referral. If a site sounds too good to be true, it normally is. Sites like this pop up online each day and stay around for a few months before they are closed down and re-branded. Any legitimate site has the owner’s information and a privacy policy agreement. If you don’t see a privacy policy agreement on the site, it is a warning that your information you give to the site isn’t safe and the owner of the site will use this information to make money.


1 thought on “ Review 2019: Legit or Scam”

  1. It’s real scam. You will read until you are tired. You never get to the end. It starts all over again as soon as you get to the point when you think you are about to collect your money. You never get to a point where you collect your money. Scam scam scam. Run and dont waste your time or data


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