Data Entry Reviews: Legit or Scam is a data entry website that is owned and operated by Michelle Jowett from Texas. The website is open to anyone worldwide and you must be at last 13 years of age or older to join this site This isn’t a typical data entry website, but instead, it is a website for you to type and solve captcha online. This website offers you 3 different membership plans you can choose from when joining the website. You have the free membership or starter membership, the premium membership, and the corporate membership. In order to be able to work on this site, you must select one of these membership plans to join.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to go to the website and create your account.l
  2. After you’ve registered on the site, you’ll need to select our membership package.
  3. The membership package will give you a number of Captcha credits in your account with a guarantee that you’ll earn a certain amount of money for solving the Captcha.
  4. The site has 1 free membership and 2 paying membership packages for you to select from.
  5. The free or starter membership includes:
    1. You will earn $0.1 for each Captcha code you solve.
    2. You are given 1500 Captcha credits in your account.
    3. You can earn free monthly bonus credits for your account
    4. You can solve an unlimited number of Captcha each day.
    5. They guarantee this membership is completely free.
    6. They say you can be paid out at any time and they offer instant payment to you.
  6. The Premium membership cost $150 to join and the plan includes:
    1. You will earn $0.2 for each Captcha code that you solve.
    2. They also offer you free monthly bonus credits.
    3. You are purchasing 2500 Captcha credits.
    4. They say you can solve an unlimited number of Captcha each day.
    5. Here they also say that the account is 100% free. This one seems a bit strange to me because they are asking you for $150 to purchase this account membership from them.
    6. You can receive a payout from the site at any time.
  7. The Corporate Membership plan will cost you $450 to join this plan. The plan includes:
    1. The plan guarantees that you’ll earn $0.3 for each Captcha that you solve on the site.
    2. Each month you can earn monthly bonuses.
    3. You are purchasing 5000 Captcha credits with this plan.
    4. You can type an unlimited number of Captcha each day.
    5. The membership is 100% free. Now here again how can this be a free membership when they are asking you to pay them $450?
    6. They also say that payment on this account is instant and you can request your payment at any time.

How To Earn Money?

  1. The website membership plans indicate that you can type an unlimited number of Captcha each day to earn money.
  2. However, this isn’t the case. The site will limit you to 250 Captcha each day.
  3. The free membership plan is offering you 1500 Captcha credit each month. It doesn’t say anywhere on the site that you are limited to this number of Captcha you solve each month. The plan is very misleading when it says that you have 1500 credits. Normally, if you have to buy credits from any company it is for a company wanting to purchase solved Captchas and not a person solving the Captcha for a company.
  4. This site is very unclear about the membership plans and if you need to pay each month for the plan or if the plan is a lifetime membership plan.
  5. The site is offering $0.1 to $0.3 for each Captcha solved. All the other Captcha sites only pay a person $0.0001 to solve a Captcha. This site is paying extremely high for each Captcha that is solved.
  6. They are claiming that you can cash out any time you want from the site. However, the site only pays out once a month. This is very misleading.
  7. Each one of the membership plans indicates the site in 100% free to join. Then why are they requiring you to pay a membership plan and buy your Captcha credits from them?


  1. You can cash out through your PayPal account, Payza, and Payoneer. However, on the home page of the site, they say this is the only site that will pay you with Bitcoins. So how do they really pay? They are very unclear how they actually pay you on this site.
  2. You’ll need to have $100 in your account before you can cash out. This is extremely high for a Captcha site. All other Captcha sites require you to have a minimum balance in your account, of $2 and not $100.
  3. When you go to cash out on the site they are requesting you to pay them $40 to cash out. This isn’t a free site at all and there is no need to pay a site for the money you’ve earned.


I don’t recommend working for this site at all. They are a shady company and have too many misleading statements on the home page of the site. Furthermore, a legitimate company would never require you to pay them 40 to cash out your earning. The site might offer you a higher rate of pay to solve the Captchas on the site, but in the end, you are paying a very large sum of money for their membership packages. This site looks like it is there to make money off of your money and not the other way around. If you want to join a data entry company and solve Captcha for them, there are plenty of them online that are legal and will actually pay you for your work. This company has way too many complaints on their social media pages and too many people have not been paid by them. Please stay away from this company and don’t join the site.

Paid to Watch Videos

Skylom Review: Legit or Scam

Skylom is an online site that allows you to watch videos and earn money. On the site, they will have different videos that range from 0 to 91 seconds for you to watch. At the end of the video, there are 4 categories that you must select from. If you choose the right category, you’ll earn 1 point. You’ll need to watch 400 videos a day to earn $1. This is an international site and anyone can join. Before the site was an invitation-only site, however, you can now join the site by using your Google account only. There doesn’t seem to be a way for you to join the site using your email address. The owner of this site also has a few other sites online. You can join Skyloom, Snuckls, and Baymack.

How Does it Work?

  1. You can go to the website and join with your Google account.
  2. There isn’t any verification email the company sends you.
  3. Once you join with your Google account you are taken directly to the site.
  4. There you’ll see a video displayed on your screen immediately.
  5. All you need to do is hit the play button in the middle of the video to start watching the video.
  6. At the bottom of the video, there is a timer that counts the seconds you’ll need to watch the video.
  7. At the end of the video, you’ll be given 4 different answers to categorize the video with.
  8. You’ll need to select the correct category in order to earn 1 point for watching this video.
  9. Once you’ve selected your answer there is a button that you’ll need to push in order to see the next video on your screen.
  10. The video runs from 0 to 91 seconds each.
  11. Each time you successfully watch a video and categorize the video you’ll earn points.

How To Earn?

  1. On this site, there are only two ways to earn money.
  2. You can earn money by watching videos or you can earn money by referring friends to the site.
  3. You can go to the FAQ section on the site and request your referral link.
  4. Each time a person signs up under your referral link, you’ll earn 10% of their redeemed coins in your account. This is for the lifetime of the person’s account.
  5. You can go to your profile on the site and join Snuckls.
  6. The Snuckls site is very similar to Skylom where you’ll watch different videos to earn enough point to spin for the jackpot. This is a game app that allows you to take your chance at playing slots. In order to win your spins, you’ll need to watch a certain number of videos and categorize these videos.
  7. Baymack is the third site you can join. This site is very similar to Skyloom and also Snuckls.
  8. You’ll be watching videos and categorizing the video.
  9. On this site, you’ll use your points that you’ve earned to enter into the drawings that are held on the site.
  10. In order to join Snuckls or Baymack, you’ll need to sign up with your Facebook account.

How Are You Paid?

  1. The site has a variety of gift cards you can choose from.
  2. Each gift card has a different amount of coins you’ll need in order to redeem the gift cards.
    1. For 120 coins you can redeem a Skrill gift card worth $0.1. You don’t need any referrals to request this gift card.
    2. You’ll need 150 coins to redeem a PayTM gift card worth ₹10. This gift card doesn’t require you to have any referrals in order to redeem.
    3. For a $1 Amazon gift card, you’ll need 400 points. If you want to redeem this gift card, you’ll need 3 referrals.
    4. They have a different Skrill gift card for $1 if you have 400 points and 3 referrals you can redeem this gift card.
    5. For a PayTM ₹100 gift card, you’ll need 610 coins and 3 referrals before you can redeem this gift card.
    6. For a $1 Amazon gift card and no referrals this will cost you 750 coins.


This is a legitimate site and the owner of this site has two other websites that you can join to watch videos. In the past, this website offered you a chance to earn money by playing the lottery. However, the site has been redone and now the only way to earn points from the site is watching the videos that are displayed on the site. You can also earn extra points in your account by inviting your friends to join the site. The site has a referral link that you can request. If you share your referral link and have at least 3 referrals in your account it makes it easier to cash out on the site. You won’t need to watch as many videos in order to redeem the gift cards. When you first start watching the videos they are around 80 seconds long. The longer you watch the videos, the more time you must invest in order to earn from the site. Some of the videos will require that you enter a captcha before you can select the category.

This is a passive income site and it will take time in order to earn enough points to request your gift card from the site. You’ll need to invest a good amount of time on this site watching videos and categorizing the videos that you watch.

traffic exhange

eBesucher Review: Legit or Scam

eBesucher is a traffic exchange network that offers you ways to earn money or exchange your effort for traffic to your website or blog The site has a surfbar that can be installed in your web browser. The bar allows you to earn points by surfing other websites in the traffic exchange. The exchange was set up to help website owners receive visits to their website. The surfbar works automatically in the background of your computer and all you need to do is keep the tab open each time you’re online to earn points that can easily be exchanged for cash or website visits to your own website or blog. The site was established in 2002 and is located in Germany. There are many languages on the site. So it is easy to change the language on the site. This site is opened worldwide and anyone can join.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to visit the site and create an account.
  2. There is a form for you to fill out and submit to the company when you register.
  3. The company will send you an email that you need to confirm.
  4. Once you’ve confirmed your email address it is easy to work on the site and open the surfbar in your internet browser.
  5. You’ll just need to click on the surfbar on your account and it open in your browser.
  6. Let the surfbar run in the background of your browser and go about your daily work online.
  7. The surfbar will start to surf the different sites for you. Each time the surfbar opens a website or views an ad in the background you will earn points from the site.

How Can You Earn More Points?

Optimize Your Surfbar:

  1. The number of websites that are available will depend on how many people that are using the surfbar and how many people have paid for advertising on the website.
  2. If a high volume of people is using the surfbar at the same time and the site doesn’t have enough advertisers on the site, then there aren’t enough paid advertisers to go around. Therefore, the surfbar can’t display the websites and you won’t earn from the surfbar being opened in the background.
  3. When this happens the site will display other content sites in your surfbar. The content sites won’t earn you any points at all.
  4. The content that is displayed in the surfbar will depend on your location, your internet connection, and the setting you’ve used when you configured the surfbar.
  5. The company is based in Germany and this is considered a highly targeted country. Therefore, if you live in Germany or a country that speak German there should always be sufficient traffic for your surfbar.
  6. You can earn more points each day if you optimize our surfbar to accept:
    1. The website that plays music in the background.
    2. Any website that displays pop-ups.
    3. Accept websites that display erotic content.

Screen Resolution:

  1. Your screen resolution will pay an important factor in how many websites that you can view.
  2. Some advertisers on the site will require a person have a minimum screen resolution in order to display their site.
  3. You’ll need to check your screen resolution and set the screen resolution to the correct setting in order to receive more website displayed in your browser.
  4. Just make sure the resolution on your computer is not set lower than 1280 x 720 pixels.


  1. The company will ensure or guarantee that the advertisers, promotional pages are displayed in a visible area on the users surfbar.
  2. The site will check the visibility of your surfbar settings.
  3. The company uses the HTML5 Visibility API to check the setting of each surfbar user on the site.
  4. If you have your browser window set to small and keep it this way, the downloaded pages for the advertisers aren’t visible on your screen. Therefore, the site doesn’t count the impressions.
  5. If you maximize your surfbar, you’ll earn more impressions from the site.

DNS Blacklist:

  1. The DNS Blacklist is a listing of all IP address who have been reported because of malware, viruses or bots.
  2. Check your IP address and make sure it isn’t listed on the DNS Blacklist.
  3. The site won’t display any websites or ads on IP address on the DNS Blacklist.

Connection Speed:

  1. The website requires that you have a certain connection speed for your internet connection.
  2. If you don’t have a stable internet connection, this can affect the number of websites or ads that are displayed in your browser.

Renewal of the IP Address:

  1. From time to time, you’ll need to go in and renew your IP address.
  2. Certain advertisers will block the IP address so that their website is only displayed once on your computer.
  3. If you renew the IP address, this will reset your browser, and more websites can be displayed again.

Click Campaigns:

  1. The site has different click campaigns that you can click on ads to earn points.
  2. You can find the click campaigns on the site. Just go to your dashboard and click on the tab.

Mail Exchange:

  1. You will be sent an email in an HTML format.
  2. Just click on the format to open up the images.
  3. Once you do this, you’ll earn a credit for opening the email.


  1. The site has a referral program. This is a 2-level referral program.
  2. The first level will earn you a lifetime bonus of 8%.
  3. The second level will earn you a lifetime bonus of 5%.


  1. You will need to earn enough points in your account to exchange for cash.
  2. The minimum payout on the site is 2€.
  3. The site sends out payments to your PayPal account.
  4. The payments normally arrive in your account within 7 days. Normally this is much faster and you should get your payment within a few days of requesting it.


This is a legitimate traffic exchange network that you can join to earn a passive income online. The site uses a surfbar to display different websites and ads on your browser. Just leave the surfbar running in the background to earn points for each website they display. You can also earn points on the site using the mail exchange or even the referral program. The site also has a PTC program where you can go and click on different ads to earn more points. The company was opened in 2002 and is based in Germany. Anyone can join the network and earn a passive income online. You can exchange the points you’ve accumulated for PayPal cash or start your own ad campaign on the site to drive more visitors to your website or blog.

Complete Tasks/Surveys

TimeBucks Review: Legit or Scam

TimeBucks is a get paid to (GPT) website that has been online since 2014. The UK International, LTD of Al Jazeera, Al Hamra own the website. You can find the company’s headquarters in Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. This is a great site and offers you so many opportunities to earn a passive income. Just keep in mind this is a GPT site where you can earn a passive income taking surveys, completing tasks and offers. The site has many fun tasks that you can earn money completing. If you like to take selfies or enter into a challenge, then this is a great place to join. You should have fun growing a beard or even drawing a person to earn money. This is an international site and anyone can join. Just keep in mind that your location could have limited offers. However, there are plenty of other offers to make up for this.

How Does This Work?

  1. Just create an account on the website and use your email address and password. Otherwise, sign up with your Facebook account. it is simple and there isn’t a verification process, you need to go through to join the site.
  2. The site has a few one time offers that you can complete immediately to start your earning process.
  3. Otherwise, check out all the great offers, the site has. This site is very organized and the offers walls are so unique. You can find all the offers on the site easily and they are categorized to help you out. You don’t normally see this type of organization on a GPT site.
  4. You can find some very unique offers on this site. I’ve never seen offers like this on any other GPT site in the past. Some of the offers are a lot of fun and people have a great time completing them.

How To Earn Money

  1. Watch Videos: The video offer wall has a variety of videos you can watch. The site tries hard to upload new videos that you can view all the time. Just keep checking the wall and you’ll find a variety of videos that you can watch and earn rewards from.
  2. Install Free Apps: On this offer wall, there is a variety of free apps that you can download and install on your mobile device. Each one of the offers will explain what is needed from you in order to earn the rewards. Like many free apps installs it may require you to keep the app on your device for a few days or up to a month. You may need to interact and use the app in order to earn from installing the app.
  3. Instagram: You can earn rewards for following people on Instagram. Just keep checking the wall for new offers.
  4. Complete Surveys: As everyone knows you must first qualify for a survey in order to complete the survey and earn the rewards. All surveys on any site are location-based and it will depend on your location if you can take the survey or not. If you live in a Tier 1 country, you’ll have more surveys offered to you than if you live in Tier 3 countries. Don’t worry, just keep checking, you’ll find a few surveys that you can take.
  5. VotePolls: Visit this offer wall and vote on some polls. Cast your vote and earn while having fun. Some of the polls are quite fun and you will have a good time voting on them.
  6. Referral Program: The site has a 5 tier referral program that you can earn from. This is excellent and you don’t find too many GPT sites that offer such a fantastic referral program.
  7. Take Photos: You can take different photos to earn money from the site. Just check the offer wall and see what is available. Most of the photos you’ll be taking are selfies. If you love to take selfies then this is the place for you to go.
  8. Offers: There are many different offers, you can complete. Just pay close attention to the offers that require a credit card. You’ll need to cancel the offer before the time expires, otherwise, they’ll charge your credit card.
  9. Mining Cryptocurrencies: If you are into mining cryptocurrency you can find this on the site. You’ll keep the mining tab open on your screen and allow the system to continue mining the coins. There isn’t much for you to do except open the tab each day and start mining.
  10. Free Money Tab: Each day you can roll and earn some free money from the site. Just hit the roll button and see how much you’ve earned. If you want to benefit from this option, just complete 10 tasks each day.

How Are You Paid:

  1. You’ll need a minimum balance of $10 in your account in order to be paid.
  2. The more time you spend on the site, the higher your earning potential will be.
  3. Every Thursday, the site pays people who have reached the threshold.
  4. If you didn’t reach the threshold this week, your earnings are carried over to the next week.
  5. The company will send you your payment to your PayPal account or your Payza account.


This is a legitimate website and also a lot of fun. What is nice about this site is all the possibilities it has for earning a passive income. Each of the offer walls that are on the site is nicely displayed and organized. You don’t normally find this on too many GPT sites. The site has so many unique ways to earn a passive income. Just keep in mind, it is up to you to invest your time. The more time you invest in working on the site, the higher your earning potential will be. Furthermore, what made me laugh was the offer wall for taking photos and growing a beard. I’ve never seen this on any other site before.

Complete Tasks/Surveys

Keep Rewarding Review: Legit or Scam

Keep Rewarding is a typical GPT site that allows you to take surveys, watching videos, completing offers, and referring people to the site. The site is an international site and anyone can join this site. You must be 13 years of age or older to join this site. Like all GPT sites, they offer you surveys from other sites that you can take. The website is partnered with CrowdFlower which is a legitimate site that pays you to complete different tasks. This is another way t earn money through the site. If you enjoy taking surveys, completing tasks, watching videos, or completing offers then this is a good site for you to join.

How Does This Work?

  1. You’ll need to register on the site before you can start earning money.
  2. This site will require you to enter your personal information in order to join.
  3. You can’t join with Facebook or even your Google account.
  4. When you register they require you to give them your name, choose a username, supply them with your PayPal ID.
  5. They also ask for your mailing address and if a person has referred you to the site.
  6. You must agree to the site’s terms and conditions and verify that the information you’ve given to them is correct.

How Does It Work?

  1. Before the site had an exclusive membership which has been discontinued a few years back. Now all members are the same on the site and they earn the same rewards.
  2. View Websites: The site has a long list of ads or websites that you can visit to earn rewards. Each site has a different requirement and you might end up watching a sideshow or needing to visit multiple pages on the site in order to receive your rewards. If you are looking at ads, you’ll need to view the ads for a certain amount of time before you’re paid.
  3. Watch Videos: It is possible to watch 1 to 2-minute videos on the site to earn half a point or up to 2 points for each video you watch. A few of the jobs in this section will require you to watch more than one video. If you decide to take these jobs, you can earn 3 to 5 points for watching multiple videos.
  4. Take Surveys: The surveys on this site are a bit different than any other survey site. In one way, the surveys look like n offer that you will need to complete by filling in your information.l Afterward, you’ll answer some survey questions. These types of surveys normally will earn you 50 points.
  5. Social Media: From time to time the site offers you a few points for sharing something on your social media pages. You can also earn points for following them on your social media accounts. Each one of the offers pays under 10 points.
  6. Complete Offers: Like all GPT sites the company has different offers you can complete. Just pay close attention to the offers that require you to give them your credit card. You’ll need to cancel these offers before the expiration date, otherwise, your credit card will be charged.
  7. Shopping: You can earn reward points for shopping with the site. This is similar o other rebates sites that offer you rebates for using their site. All you basically do is shop through the site to earn your cash back rewards.
  8. Referral Program: The site has a referral program that you can use. Just share your referral link and earn 10% of whatever your referral has earned for the life of their account.
  9. Rewardpot: Each time you complete an offer and earn 1 point or more, the site will add your name to the drawing and add 0.5 points to the pot. At the end of each day, the rewards points are split between 10 lucky members.
  10. Promo Codes: From time to time the site gives out promo codes that you can enter to redeem extra points. The points are scattered on Facebook, your newsfeeds or even on your mailing lists. Just keep an eye out for the codes and enter them on the site.
  11. Hidden Contests: From time to time the site will run a hidden contest. This makes the element of surprise fun when you trigger a hidden reward.
  12. KR Credit: This is a credit that you’ll earn on the site. The credits cannot be used to cash out, however, they can be used to purchase other items on the site such as PTC, PTSU or even advertisements.

How Are You Paid?

  1. You’ll need 500 points in your account in order to redeem a gift card or transfer the funds to your PayPal account.
  2. Each point you earn on the site is worth $0.01.
  3. Once you’ve reached the minimum threshold, you can go to the rewards page and redeem your rewards.
  4. It normally takes 24 to 48 hours for the rewards to be sent to you.


This is a legitimate site that allows you to earn points for completing surveys, watching videos, using promo codes, completing offers and much more. The site layout is a little strange and they do have a lot of ads all over the site that you’ll need to look at all the time. However, this is a fun site to join and they do have a lot of different ways for you to earn points on the site and redeem the points for a gift card or PayPal cash. The website has just added a new survey wall from Opinion Capital. Some of the other survey walls will credit you with one point if you’re disqualified from the survey. SaySoRewards is one of these sites that will donate you a point when you’re disqualified from their survey.

Beta Testers

UserCrowd Review – Legit or Scam

UserCrowd is a website that pays people for giving their feedback on different website and apps. The company rebranded not long ago and changed their name from UsabilityHub to UserCrowd. The new site is a testing site that anyone can join and give their feedback on website designs and apps. If you decide to join UserCrowd you’ll be to give feedback to the website developers on how easy or hard it is to use their websites or apps. Your basic job will be giving your personal feedback about the website design.

How Does It Work?

  1. If you’d like to be a user tester all you need to do is create an account on the site and join.
  2. There is only one way to join the site and that is using your email address.
  3. Once you join the site, you’ll need to agree to their terms and conditions.
  4. The site is opened worldwide and anyone can join the site.
  5. However, they are looking for a well-written feedback on the websites that you do the test. It is a good idea to have a basic understanding of the English language and grammar. This will help you to write up your answers.
  6. On the sign-up page, you must agree to a few terms and condition.
  7. If you become a tester they require you to give your best effort on each and every test that you take.
  8. You will need to provide the company with accurate information on your profile.
  9. You can only have one account on the site and agree to not create a second account.
  10. You must also agree to never copy or share any of the tests on this site.
  11. Once you agree to all these terms the company has you fill out your profile information.
  12. It appears that they have a listing for all countries and it is easy to find your county.
  13. They also ask you how many languages you speak, your age, and a few other basic questions.
  14. You’ll need to enter your phone number and the company will send you a verification code to your phone number.
  15. You’ll receive a 4 digit verification code that you must enter.
  16. The next step is to set your time zone and tell them if you want to set up push notification or email notifications.
  17. It is a good idea to set up push notifications. This way you can be notified immediately when a test is available for you to take.

How Do The Test Work?

  1. You won’t be recording your screen or even your voice with this company.
  2. The company can show you a website for a few seconds up to a minute.
  3. Then you will answer a few quick questions after seeing the site.
  4. They have other types of tests where they will show you different logo designs and you need to pick the one you like best. After, you’ll tell them why you like this one.
  5. There aren’t always tests available on the site. You can either keep the website opened in your browser or set up push notifications. It is best if you set up the push notifications in your browser.

How Are You Paid?

  1. Each time you complete one of the user tests you’ll earn $0.10 to $0.50 for the tests. Keep in mind the tests are simple and take less than 5 minutes of your time.
  2. You’ll earn credits for each test you take. The tests pay between 1 to 5 credits. The credits are converted to $0.10 for each credit you earn.
  3. You will need $10 in your account in order to cash out. This could take a few months to earn this amount of money depending on how many tests are available.
  4. You can only cash out using your PayPal account.
  5. You must give the company your PayPal ID in order to receive your payment.
  6. When you’re ready to cash out, you must request your payment from the site.
  7. The site will process your payment and pay you within 30 days.


This is a legitimate website that you can join to do small user tests and give your feedback for points. The tests are simple to take and don’t require too much time. It is best if you set up your push notifications on your browser so you’ll receive instant notification when a test is available. The site was rebranded not long ago from UsabilityHut to UserCrowd. Since the site was rebranded there appears to be more tests that you can take on the site. Just keep in mind you won’t earn an extreme amount of money from this site and it could take several months to reach the payout. Once you do reach the payout, the site will take up to a month to send you your payment. They must verify all the work you’ve done and look at your responses.

Beta Testers

Beta Family Reviews: Legit or Scam

Beta Family is a website that tests different apps on Android, iOS, and wearable devices. An app developer will use the site to have their app tested for bugs or errors before going live. As a beta tester, you’ll be testing the app and looking for any bugs in the app. At the end of the test, you report all the bugs you’ve found and also tell the app developer what you thought of their new app. In order to become a beta tester on this site, you’ll need an Android device, iOS device or a wearable device. Beta testing can be very interesting and you’ll find some interesting apps that you can keep and use on your mobile devices.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to go to the website and create an account.
  2. When signing up to the site it is necessary that you pay attention to the sign-up process. The sign-up page is used for companies or beta testers. Make sure you click on the right tab.
  3. You can sign up to the site using your Facebook account, Google account, or your email address and password.
  4. Once your account has been created and verified, you’ll need to add your Android, iOS or wearable device to your account.
  5. You’ll find this on your Profile tab.
  6. If you add an iOS device, you’ll need to add your UDID number.
  7. The company will send any iOS device registered an email. The email link must be opened in Safari on your iOS device.
  8. This will automatically send the data from your iOS device to the website and they’ll register your UDID number.
  9. The web app developers will need to add this number to the apps that are being tested before they send you the app.
  10. Complete your profile information. This will help the app developers to select you as a tester.

How Does The Testing Work?

  1. The website offers free beta tests and paid beta tests.
  2. As a brand new beta tester, it will be necessary for you to participate in some free beta testing of apps.
  3. You’ll need to check the site from time to time to see if there are any new tests you can take. The company doesn’t notify you by email.
  4. Checking the site will give you a better chance to be paid for one of the tests. Considering the selection process is rather difficult, the faster you can apply could increase your chances of being selected.
  5. Each beta test will be evaluated and graded. You’ll receive a score for the tests you’ve taken.
  6. When a paid beta test is posted on the site, each beta tester must apply for the test.
  7. The web app developer will select the testers from the applicants.
  8. There is always a limited place for beta testers and this is why your rating is so important.
  9. After completing a paid beta test the developer will rate your test and give you a score.
  10. Normally, if you do any beta testing on the site, the developer will give you a list of what needs to be tested.
  11. You’ll be looking for problems in the app, errors, and the different functions that aren’t working correctly.
  12. Keep track of the bugs and what you’ve found out when testing the app.
  13. At the end of the test, you’ll need to write up a report for the developer.
  14. In the report, you’ll give the developer a list of the bug and tell them what you thought about this app.
  15. A paid beta test on the site will be indicated by a $5 or a $10 in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. If you don’t see a dollar sign, the test is a free test.
  16. You are not obligated to take the free test, however, if you do take these tests it raises your score on the site and gives you a better opportunity to be picked for the paid test.

How Are You Paid?

  1. You are not paid for the free test you take. They are done to help improve your score so that you might get selected for the paid tests.
  2. Each paid test that the developer selects you for will either earn you $5 or $10 for the completed test.
  3. The payment will appear in your account after the test has been completed and the developer has evaluated all the tests.
  4. This can take up to 30 days to see the money in your account.
  5. You will need a balance of $50 in your account before you can request a payment from the company.
  6. You are not automatically paid when you reach $50 in your account, it is up to you to send the company a payment request.
  7. The company will take 30 days to process your payment request.
  8. The payments are sent out through PayPal.

My Thoughts About the Site:

  1. This is a nice site and they do offer some interesting tests for you to take.
  2. However, as a new beta tester, it will take quite a bit of time for you to build up your rating with the site. Therefore, you end up doing quite a few free tests for the company. It will take you several weeks up to a few months before you are selected to do your first paid test on the site.
  3. This can be very discouraging as a new beta tester. You are working for free for this company and it seems very unfair.
  4. I found a few of the app developers will take their time to give you credit for the tests you completed.
  5. Unless you keep track of the tests and your payment, you’ll miss a few of the payments that are owed to you. They will forget to give you credit or the app developer will not give you credit for the test.


This is a legitimate site and you are paid for testing different apps on Android, iOS and wearable devices. However, it is very difficult to be selected as a beta tester, therefore, you end up doing a multitude of free test to try and improve your score. If you’d like to become a beta test and test different apps, just keep in mind that there are a large number of testers already on this site. Each test that you do has a limited number of testers the developer will select. What I liked about this site was the different types of apps you can test. There were some nice apps that you can keep installed on your device and continue to use.