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eBesucher Review: Legit or Scam

eBesucher is a traffic exchange network that offers you ways to earn money or exchange your effort for traffic to your website or blog The site has a surfbar that can be installed in your web browser. The bar allows you to earn points by surfing other websites in the traffic exchange. The exchange was set up to help website owners receive visits to their website. The surfbar works automatically in the background of your computer and all you need to do is keep the tab open each time you’re online to earn points that can easily be exchanged for cash or website visits to your own website or blog. The site was established in 2002 and is located in Germany. There are many languages on the site. So it is easy to change the language on the site. This site is opened worldwide and anyone can join.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to visit the site and create an account.
  2. There is a form for you to fill out and submit to the company when you register.
  3. The company will send you an email that you need to confirm.
  4. Once you’ve confirmed your email address it is easy to work on the site and open the surfbar in your internet browser.
  5. You’ll just need to click on the surfbar on your account and it open in your browser.
  6. Let the surfbar run in the background of your browser and go about your daily work online.
  7. The surfbar will start to surf the different sites for you. Each time the surfbar opens a website or views an ad in the background you will earn points from the site.

How Can You Earn More Points?

Optimize Your Surfbar:

  1. The number of websites that are available will depend on how many people that are using the surfbar and how many people have paid for advertising on the website.
  2. If a high volume of people is using the surfbar at the same time and the site doesn’t have enough advertisers on the site, then there aren’t enough paid advertisers to go around. Therefore, the surfbar can’t display the websites and you won’t earn from the surfbar being opened in the background.
  3. When this happens the site will display other content sites in your surfbar. The content sites won’t earn you any points at all.
  4. The content that is displayed in the surfbar will depend on your location, your internet connection, and the setting you’ve used when you configured the surfbar.
  5. The company is based in Germany and this is considered a highly targeted country. Therefore, if you live in Germany or a country that speak German there should always be sufficient traffic for your surfbar.
  6. You can earn more points each day if you optimize our surfbar to accept:
    1. The website that plays music in the background.
    2. Any website that displays pop-ups.
    3. Accept websites that display erotic content.

Screen Resolution:

  1. Your screen resolution will pay an important factor in how many websites that you can view.
  2. Some advertisers on the site will require a person have a minimum screen resolution in order to display their site.
  3. You’ll need to check your screen resolution and set the screen resolution to the correct setting in order to receive more website displayed in your browser.
  4. Just make sure the resolution on your computer is not set lower than 1280 x 720 pixels.


  1. The company will ensure or guarantee that the advertisers, promotional pages are displayed in a visible area on the users surfbar.
  2. The site will check the visibility of your surfbar settings.
  3. The company uses the HTML5 Visibility API to check the setting of each surfbar user on the site.
  4. If you have your browser window set to small and keep it this way, the downloaded pages for the advertisers aren’t visible on your screen. Therefore, the site doesn’t count the impressions.
  5. If you maximize your surfbar, you’ll earn more impressions from the site.

DNS Blacklist:

  1. The DNS Blacklist is a listing of all IP address who have been reported because of malware, viruses or bots.
  2. Check your IP address and make sure it isn’t listed on the DNS Blacklist.
  3. The site won’t display any websites or ads on IP address on the DNS Blacklist.

Connection Speed:

  1. The website requires that you have a certain connection speed for your internet connection.
  2. If you don’t have a stable internet connection, this can affect the number of websites or ads that are displayed in your browser.

Renewal of the IP Address:

  1. From time to time, you’ll need to go in and renew your IP address.
  2. Certain advertisers will block the IP address so that their website is only displayed once on your computer.
  3. If you renew the IP address, this will reset your browser, and more websites can be displayed again.

Click Campaigns:

  1. The site has different click campaigns that you can click on ads to earn points.
  2. You can find the click campaigns on the site. Just go to your dashboard and click on the tab.

Mail Exchange:

  1. You will be sent an email in an HTML format.
  2. Just click on the format to open up the images.
  3. Once you do this, you’ll earn credit for opening the email.


  1. The site has a referral program. This is a 2-level referral program.
  2. The first level will earn you a lifetime bonus of 8%.
  3. The second level will earn you a lifetime bonus of 5%.


  1. You will need to earn enough points in your account to exchange for cash.
  2. The minimum payout on the site is 2€.
  3. The site sends out payments to your PayPal account.
  4. The payments normally arrive in your account within 7 days. Normally this is much faster and you should get your payment within a few days of requesting it.


This is a legitimate traffic exchange network that you can join to earn a passive income online. The site uses a surfbar to display different websites and ads on your browser. Just leave the surfbar running in the background to earn points for each website they display. You can also earn points on the site using the mail exchange or even the referral program. The site also has a PTC program where you can go and click on different ads to earn more points. The company was opened in 2002 and is based in Germany. Anyone can join the network and earn a passive income online. You can exchange the points you’ve accumulated for PayPal cash or start your own ad campaign on the site to drive more visitors to your website or blog.




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