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Skylom Review: Legit or Scam

Skylom is an online site that allows you to watch videos and earn money. On the site, they will have different videos that range from 0 to 91 seconds for you to watch. At the end of the video, there are 4 categories that you must select from. If you choose the right category, you’ll earn 1 point. You’ll need to watch 400 videos a day to earn $1. This is an international site and anyone can join. Before the site was an invitation-only site, however, you can now join the site by using your Google account only. There doesn’t seem to be a way for you to join the site using your email address. The owner of this site also has a few other sites online. You can join Skyloom, Snuckls, and Baymack.

How Does it Work?

  1. You can go to the website and join with your Google account.
  2. There isn’t any verification email the company sends you.
  3. Once you join with your Google account you are taken directly to the site.
  4. There you’ll see a video displayed on your screen immediately.
  5. All you need to do is hit the play button in the middle of the video to start watching the video.
  6. At the bottom of the video, there is a timer that counts the seconds you’ll need to watch the video.
  7. At the end of the video, you’ll be given 4 different answers to categorize the video with.
  8. You’ll need to select the correct category in order to earn 1 point for watching this video.
  9. Once you’ve selected your answer there is a button that you’ll need to push in order to see the next video on your screen.
  10. The video runs from 0 to 91 seconds each.
  11. Each time you successfully watch a video and categorize the video you’ll earn points.

How To Earn?

  1. On this site, there are only two ways to earn money.
  2. You can earn money by watching videos or you can earn money by referring friends to the site.
  3. You can go to the FAQ section on the site and request your referral link.
  4. Each time a person signs up under your referral link, you’ll earn 10% of their redeemed coins in your account. This is for the lifetime of the person’s account.
  5. You can go to your profile on the site and join Snuckls.
  6. The Snuckls site is very similar to Skylom where you’ll watch different videos to earn enough point to spin for the jackpot. This is a game app that allows you to take your chance at playing slots. In order to win your spins, you’ll need to watch a certain number of videos and categorize these videos.
  7. Baymack is the third site you can join. This site is very similar to Skyloom and also Snuckls.
  8. You’ll be watching videos and categorizing the video.
  9. On this site, you’ll use your points that you’ve earned to enter into the drawings that are held on the site.
  10. In order to join Snuckls or Baymack, you’ll need to sign up with your Facebook account.

How Are You Paid?

  1. The site has a variety of gift cards you can choose from.
  2. Each gift card has a different amount of coins you’ll need in order to redeem the gift cards.
    1. For 120 coins you can redeem a Skrill gift card worth $0.1. You don’t need any referrals to request this gift card.
    2. You’ll need 150 coins to redeem a PayTM gift card worth ₹10. This gift card doesn’t require you to have any referrals in order to redeem.
    3. For a $1 Amazon gift card, you’ll need 400 points. If you want to redeem this gift card, you’ll need 3 referrals.
    4. They have a different Skrill gift card for $1 if you have 400 points and 3 referrals you can redeem this gift card.
    5. For a PayTM ₹100 gift card, you’ll need 610 coins and 3 referrals before you can redeem this gift card.
    6. For a $1 Amazon gift card and no referrals this will cost you 750 coins.


This is a legitimate site and the owner of this site has two other websites that you can join to watch videos. In the past, this website offered you a chance to earn money by playing the lottery. However, the site has been redone and now the only way to earn points from the site is watching the videos that are displayed on the site. You can also earn extra points in your account by inviting your friends to join the site. The site has a referral link that you can request. If you share your referral link and have at least 3 referrals in your account it makes it easier to cash out on the site. You won’t need to watch as many videos in order to redeem the gift cards. When you first start watching the videos they are around 80 seconds long. The longer you watch the videos, the more time you must invest in order to earn from the site. Some of the videos will require that you enter a captcha before you can select the category.

This is a passive income site and it will take time in order to earn enough points to request your gift card from the site. You’ll need to invest a good amount of time on this site watching videos and categorizing the videos that you watch.

Complete Tasks/Surveys

PrizeRebel Review: Legit or Scam

PrizeRebel is an online survey site that offers, surveys and other ways to earn rewards and gift cards. The site is a typical get paid to (GPT) site that allows you to earn points completing different tasks, offers, or winning some prizes from the lucky numbers and weekly drawings. This is an easy site to earn points on and the design of the website is easy to use. Unfortunately, this isn’t an international site and only people living in the United States can join. The offers they have are for US citizen only.

How Does It Work?

  1. You must be 18 years of age or older to join the site. If you are between the ages of 13 to 18 you can join the site if your parent’s give their consent.
  2. You can join the site using your Facebook account or by entering your name, email address and password.
  3. After signing up to the site and logging in a bonus offer screen will appear.
  4. You have a chance to earn immediate points on the site for answering yes or no to the following offers. There are 5 different offers, you can join in or skip and continue on to the site.
  5. When working on the website it is best to access the site using your Chrome or Firefox web browsers.
  6. If you have an ad blocker this will need to be disabled in order to work on the site.
  7. Next, you’ll earn some points by filling in your profile and completing a few tasks along the way. This is like a sign-up bonus from the site.

How To Earn Points:

  1. Like all survey sites online these days they offer you more than just surveys to earn points.
  2. If you want to earn more points on the website it is necessary to disable your ad blocker. The ad blocker will stop you from using most parts of the website that allows you to earn points.
  3. The site uses points as their rewards system.
  4. Click on the Earn link on the site to start earning points for:
    1. Liking PrizeReble on Facebook.
    2. Registering with FabKids.
    3. You can choose to register with Zully.
    4. Join another survey site iPoll.
    5. Sign up with Allstate to get a free quote on your car insurance.
  5. This is only some of the offers they have on the site to earn points. The offers that you’re given will be based on your profile that was filled out when you joined the site.
  6. Like all surveys, you must qualify before you can complete the survey. Of course, surveys will earn you more points than the different offers. This might take a few tries to qualify for a survey.
  7. If you like watching videos it is possible to earn some points. However, this is a slower way of earning points on the site.
  8. The site has microtasks for you to complete. This is very similar to Amazon’s Mechanical Tucks. Some tasks will take longer to complete, therefore the amount of time spent doesn’t reflect the number of points you’ll earn.
  9. Earn points each day completing the daily challenges. A timer is set and you have a certain time frame to complete the challenge. Once the challenge is completed, you’re awarded the points and a badge for completing the challenges. The badges don’t really count for anything. It is just a nice way to keep track of what you’ve done on the site.
  10. If you sign up for free offers, you’ll need to keep track of these offers and cancel your subscription before the offer expires. Otherwise, there can be charges on your credit card. Most offers will require you to add a credit card.
  11. You can download different games or media players to try. Each one has a set amount of points that are rewarded to complete this task.

Referral Program:

  1. The company has a great referral program. When you invite a friend to join the site, you will earn an extra 20% bonus based on the points they have earned.
  2. If you’re a bronze or silver level member the referral points are 20%.
  3. Gold members will earn a 25% bonus.
  4. The Platinum members earn a 30% bonus.
  5. The bonuses you earn are for the life of the person’s account. As long as the person you referred to the site stays active, you will continue to earn points on the site.

How To Move Up Levels:

  1. When you reach 1000 points on the site, you can move from the bronze level to the silver level.
  2. You will need 4000 points on the site to move up to the gold level. The reason I say 4000 points is because the first 1000 points you earned to move to the silver level won’t count toward the gold level. You’ll actually need to earn 3000 points more which is a total of 4000 points in your account.
  3. You’ll need to earn another 7000 points in order to move up to the Platinum level.
  4. To reach the Diamond level it will mean that you need to earn 12,000 points to reach this level.
  5. Each level you open up and advance too has their benefits. There are other ways to earn and some higher paying offers for you to complete.

How Are You Paid?

  1. Every 100 points the site is converted to $1.00.
  2. For 200 points you can redeem a $2 Amazon gift card.
  3. For 500 points you can exchange for $5 from PayPal.
  4. They have other gift cards from Best Buy, Whole Foods, Forever 21, HEB and Amazon. You’ll need to check the rewards page to see if there have been other gift cards added.
  5. It normally takes 24 hours to receive your rewards from the site.


This is a legitimate survey site that offers other ways to earn points. You can complete offers, watch videos, download games or other apps, and refer friends to join the site. It is easy to gain points on the site and you’ll just need 200 points in order to redeem a gift card. Just keep in mind that when you join a survey site, you won’t qualify for every survey you take. Therefore, it will be necessary to try and earn points on the site by visiting the different offers wall.


Earn Money Apps, Lottery

Lucktstic App Review – Legit or Scam

Lucktastic is an app that is available on The Google Play Store or on The App Store. You’ll need to live in the United States in order to download the app and participate in the scratch-off games that are offered by the site. This is a great Lottery type scratch and wins app that you can use each day to win cash and prizes. Furthermore, the app offers you different opportunities to enter the daily sweepstakes and much more. If you love the game of chance this is an excellent app to download and use on your mobile device.

How Does It Work?

  1. Download the App from The Google Play Store or The App Store.
  2. Install the app on your mobile device.
  3. You’ll need to register with the company in order to participate in the daily scratch-off tickets.
  4. Each person must add their legitimate zip code in order to be verified by the company.
  5. Only people living in the United States can download and install this app on their mobile device.
  6. Check your State of residence. There are some states that prohibit people from participating in these types of games.
  7. Once you’re registered it is advised to turn on the daily push notification. This gives you notification of the daily limited cards you can play each day.

How To Earn Money:

  1. Each day you have the change to scratch different lottery cards to win cash or prizes.
  2. The app is simple to use. Each day when you open the app, it directs you the daily scratch-off ticket for you to scratch and wins gift cards, prizes, or even cash.
  3. Click on the ticket to open it up and read the directions about how to verify your ticket.
  4. The directions will tell you if you’ve won or not.
  5. The t8ickets are easy to play. Your first step is to scratch off the bonus foil on the left-hand side of the ticket.
  6. Under the foil, a symbol is displayed that you’ll need to match.
  7. Move to the right side of your screen and scratch off the foil.
  8. You’ll need to match 3 of the symbols in order to win.
  9. Earn extra token for logging into the app each day.
  10. You can play Monopoly, Pirate Shipwreck and Lucky Stars that will earn you tokens on the app.

What Can You Win?

  1. The site offers $1,000,000 in cash to a lucky winner on the site. Enter the Lucktastic Millionaire Contest to win the million dollars.
  2. Each day you have the opportunity to win an Amazon Gift Card.
  3. Win money playing free lottery scratch cards.
  4. Entered in the apps different contest to win prizes, cash, and even trips.
  5. Increase your entries to the different contest with your Scratch & Win cards or by performing web searches.

How Are You Paid?

  1. You’ll need to earn $5.99 to $9.99 in order to redeem a gift card.
  2. If you request a check, you’ll need a $10 balance in your account before requesting this card.
  3. If you’d like a Visa Gift Card, you’ll need to earn $100 before redeeming this card.
  4. Soon you have the option to select between an American Express Gift Card, Walmart Gift Card, or even a Best Buy Gift Card.


This is a legitimate app and they do send out gift cards and check to the few lucky winners. This is basically a fun app to play and like any game of chance, it is a hit and miss games where you could be lucky and win a gift card or money. You’ll never know unless you take the chance to play the game. This isn’t an app that you can earn money on each day working at home. However, it is a fun app that you can use in your spare time to play scratch-off games and test your luck. Many people are playing this app and seem to only have one issue right now. The app does display a lot of ads on the app and the number of games offered each day has decreased