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Skylom Review: Legit or Scam

Skylom is an online site that allows you to watch videos and earn money. On the site, they will have different videos that range from 0 to 91 seconds for you to watch. At the end of the video, there are 4 categories that you must select from. If you choose the right category, you’ll earn 1 point. You’ll need to watch 400 videos a day to earn $1. This is an international site and anyone can join. Before the site was an invitation-only site, however, you can now join the site by using your Google account only. There doesn’t seem to be a way for you to join the site using your email address. The owner of this site also has a few other sites online. You can join Skyloom, Snuckls, and Baymack.

How Does it Work?

  1. You can go to the website and join with your Google account.
  2. There isn’t any verification email the company sends you.
  3. Once you join with your Google account you are taken directly to the site.
  4. There you’ll see a video displayed on your screen immediately.
  5. All you need to do is hit the play button in the middle of the video to start watching the video.
  6. At the bottom of the video, there is a timer that counts the seconds you’ll need to watch the video.
  7. At the end of the video, you’ll be given 4 different answers to categorize the video with.
  8. You’ll need to select the correct category in order to earn 1 point for watching this video.
  9. Once you’ve selected your answer there is a button that you’ll need to push in order to see the next video on your screen.
  10. The video runs from 0 to 91 seconds each.
  11. Each time you successfully watch a video and categorize the video you’ll earn points.

How To Earn?

  1. On this site, there are only two ways to earn money.
  2. You can earn money by watching videos or you can earn money by referring friends to the site.
  3. You can go to the FAQ section on the site and request your referral link.
  4. Each time a person signs up under your referral link, you’ll earn 10% of their redeemed coins in your account. This is for the lifetime of the person’s account.
  5. You can go to your profile on the site and join Snuckls.
  6. The Snuckls site is very similar to Skylom where you’ll watch different videos to earn enough point to spin for the jackpot. This is a game app that allows you to take your chance at playing slots. In order to win your spins, you’ll need to watch a certain number of videos and categorize these videos.
  7. Baymack is the third site you can join. This site is very similar to Skyloom and also Snuckls.
  8. You’ll be watching videos and categorizing the video.
  9. On this site, you’ll use your points that you’ve earned to enter into the drawings that are held on the site.
  10. In order to join Snuckls or Baymack, you’ll need to sign up with your Facebook account.

How Are You Paid?

  1. The site has a variety of gift cards you can choose from.
  2. Each gift card has a different amount of coins you’ll need in order to redeem the gift cards.
    1. For 120 coins you can redeem a Skrill gift card worth $0.1. You don’t need any referrals to request this gift card.
    2. You’ll need 150 coins to redeem a PayTM gift card worth ₹10. This gift card doesn’t require you to have any referrals in order to redeem.
    3. For a $1 Amazon gift card, you’ll need 400 points. If you want to redeem this gift card, you’ll need 3 referrals.
    4. They have a different Skrill gift card for $1 if you have 400 points and 3 referrals you can redeem this gift card.
    5. For a PayTM ₹100 gift card, you’ll need 610 coins and 3 referrals before you can redeem this gift card.
    6. For a $1 Amazon gift card and no referrals this will cost you 750 coins.


This is a legitimate site and the owner of this site has two other websites that you can join to watch videos. In the past, this website offered you a chance to earn money by playing the lottery. However, the site has been redone and now the only way to earn points from the site is watching the videos that are displayed on the site. You can also earn extra points in your account by inviting your friends to join the site. The site has a referral link that you can request. If you share your referral link and have at least 3 referrals in your account it makes it easier to cash out on the site. You won’t need to watch as many videos in order to redeem the gift cards. When you first start watching the videos they are around 80 seconds long. The longer you watch the videos, the more time you must invest in order to earn from the site. Some of the videos will require that you enter a captcha before you can select the category.

This is a passive income site and it will take time in order to earn enough points to request your gift card from the site. You’ll need to invest a good amount of time on this site watching videos and categorizing the videos that you watch.

Paid to Watch Videos

Spotcrowd Review – Legit or Scam

The company Spotcrowd randomizes security videos from around the world. The company hires people worldwide to watch videos of stores and shoppers. Your task is to try and find a shoplifter. Once you find the shoplifter in the market, you’ll tag the person and report back to the company. The more you use the site, the more shoplifters you tag, the higher your earnings and bonuses will be. The company was founded in 2014 and is located in New York.

The company developed a machine learning technology that they use in the retail industry to identify shoplifters. The markets they work with send them to live video streams to the site, the software programs engage with the video stream to detect facial features. The video streams are in real time and you can watch people as they shop in different markets around the world. The company’s objective is to help retail stores identify, catch, and stop shoplifters.

How to Join:

  1. Anyone worldwide that is 13 years of age or older can join Spotcrowd.
  2. Currently, the company is selecting members to join the Spotters based on your application and when you registered on the site.
  3. Once you’ve been selected the company offers you training and tips to help you spot shoplifters. This way your time on the site is better spent as a Spotter.

What Is Needed to Work for the Company?

  1. All you need is a high-speed internet connection that you can watch video streaming online.
  2. Once you log into the site you’ll have access to video feeds of stores worldwide.

How To Earn:

  1. Log onto the site and start watching the live video streams from your computer.
  2. Watch the people in the market and if you see a person acting suspicious, then follow them around the store.
  3. If you can catch them in the act of shoplifting, you’ll need to tag this person.
  4. The company will verify if this person actually shoplifted from the market or not.
  5. If the person you identified actually stole from the market, you’ll earn $5 for identifying him.
  6. Furthermore, the more shoplifters you identify each week helps you to unlock new levels and a higher pay for identifying shoplifters.
  7. Each week the company gives out bonuses for the person or persons who’ve identified the most shoplifters.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. The company pays at the end of each month.
  2. Whatever money is accumulated in your account is sent to your PayPal account.
  3. You’ll need a PayPal account in order to work for this company.


This is a legitimate company and pays people to sit and watch video surveillance live feeds from markets. Your job will be to spot and tag shoplifters. The company was founded in 2014 and has launched their Beta program online in 2017. Currently the company has people signed up for the job of a Spotter and will hire you on a first come first serve basis. You can work the hours you please, and for how long you wish. You’ll be using your computer attached to a high-speed internet connection to identify people stealing from markets around the world. This is an excellent way to earn a passive income online and in your spare time. The more shoplifters you spot each week can increase your earnings and you’ll have the chance to earn bonuses from the company.

Before filling in your application the company has posted a video for you to watch. The video will explain in details what the company is about, your job, and how you’ll earn money online. I would recommend watching the video and making sure this is a job you’d like to do before filing your application.