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Review Stream Review – Legit or Scam

Review Steam is a website that posts reviews of products and services. However, this site is a bit different because it only accepts consumer’s reviews. They are looking for your own personal experiences to post on the site. So if you are dissatisfied with a company in your area, write it up and submit it to Review Steam. The site loves to hear your personal opinions about anything and everything, no matter how large or small it could be.

How to Join the Site:

  1. In order to join the site, you must first write up your review.
  2. Go to the site and click on the icon to write your review.
  3. At this time you’ll be asked for your full name, location, and email address.
  4. This will create your account after you submit your first review to the company.

Writing a Review for Review Stream:

  1. You can write your own personal review and submit it to the site for approval and payment.
  2. The site also has different items listed that don’t have reviews. However, if you chose one of these items to write about, you’d better have used this. The site won’t accept a review from anyone who hasn’t tested and used this product.
  3. There is no minimum word count on the site. Normally a good review should be 350 to 500 words long if you expect the sell your review at top dollar.

How Does the Company Pay for Your Reviews?

  1. When you write the review and submit the review to the company, the amount is shown on your screen. This is the price the company will pay you on this date for submitting your review. However, the price can change from day to day and you’ll not always be paid the same price for each review.
  2. You have a second option when selling your review to the company. If the company doesn’t feel like your review is worth top dollar, you can sell the company your review at a bulk rate. Normally, this is 1/5 of the original price for your review.

How Does this Work?

  1. After submitting your review to the company, you’ll receive an email. The email indicates that you’ve submitted a review.
  2. You’ll need to go to your dashboard to find your review.
  3. On your dashboard, you’ll see how many reviews are waiting for approval from the company.
  4. The reviews all have a date stamp on them when the company will read them, approve them or reject them.
  5. On the date that the company has put on your review, you’ll need to check your dashboard again. You’ll find out the status of your review.
  6. If the company has accepted your review, they’ll indicate how much they are willing to pay you for this review.
  7. You’ll have to accept this or decline this. If you accept the payment, the company pays you and your review is added to the site.
  8. Otherwise, if a review is rejected, the company will give you the reason why. They’ll also give you a few suggestions on how to rewrite your review and submit it again.

How to Earn Money on the Site:

  1. You earn money from writing reviews for the company. You’ll either be paid at full price or bulk rate for each review.
  2. The site has a bonus points program for your reviews. For each like you receive on a review, you’re credited $0.10 in your account.
  3. The third way to earn on the site is by answering a question. Each question you successfully answer on the site earns you $0.20.

How Does the Company Pay You?

  1. First off the company pays you through PayPal, however, the rest is a bit complicated.
  2. In order to be paid for your reviews, you’ll need to understand their payment calculations. It states if you sold your first review at full price ($10.00), you’ll need to have a balance in your account of $100 to be paid for your reviews.
  3. However, if you sold your first review at a bulk rate ($2.50) then you’ll only need $22.50 in your account to be paid. This is based on 10 reviews sold to the company.
  4. The company will pay you $5 to your account when you’ve received a total of 50 likes on your reviews. This is paid separately and is not part of the review payment.
  5. The company will pay you $5 when you’ve successfully answered 25 questions on the site. You may request this payment when you’ve reached the minimum payment for answering a question.


This is a legitimate website that will pay you to write reviews. The reviews are your own personal experiences with a product or service. The site has two different ways they will actually pay for your reviews. First, they will pay you a set price and second, they’ll buy your review at a bulk rate. The site has two other ways that you can earn money. One is for answering questions on the site and the other is for the number of likes you receive on your reviews.

My Personal Thoughts About the Company:

  1. The website is poorly designed and complicated to navigate around.
  2. It is difficult to find out where to write a review on the site.
  3. They have no online registration, and the only way to register is to write your first review.
  4. The first review I submitted to the company was accepted and paid. However, the company doesn’t often pay you full price for the review. Most reviews are purchased at the bulk rate. All the reviews I’ve submitted to the site have been purchased under their bulk rate deal.
  5. What I didn’t like about the company were the excuses they used to reject some of the reviews I’d written. They used my location, where I live, and told me that I should be writing reviews about here and not for other products and services.
  6. When you answer questions on the site, they don’t have any type of rules or state how to answer them. After spending your time finding and answering questions you’re given a warning. This means that they’ve rejected your answer, deleted it, and removed the payment from your account.
  7. No matter if you’ve answered only a question with a Yes or No answer they’ll find a way to delete your answer and deduct the money. They claim the answer was beneficial to the question.
  8. You’ll find one person on the site that answers any and all question. Therefore, if you try to answer the question a second time, your answer is deleted and the payment is deducted from your account.
  9. The site is hard to find the rules, they are written poorly, and the explanation of how they pay is totally complicated and not written clearly at all. Therefore, you have no idea if you need to have 10 paid reviews at the full price or you can have 10 paid revises at the bulk rate. No matter what, they require you to have 10 paid reviews before they’ll pay you for the reviews.



5 thoughts on “Review Stream Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. I joined this site many years ago, and I did not know they still exist. I wrote a few reviews, and if I am not mistaken, most or all of them are paid at bulk rate. I did not manage to cash out any from the site, as after a while, I was busy with something else and I was not really interested in the site too. I just checked out the site, they have redesigned their website since I last visited, but I agree with you, it isn’t easier to navigate too. It is good to know it is a legit company. I will check it out and see if my account is still there.

    Thank you for mentioning this site. I am happy to see an old site still around after so many years.


  2. If anyone is reading this DO NOT JOIN. They refuse to remove people’s personal photos from the website and it’s harder and harder to get a review accepted. You were warned. I used to be a top reviewer there.


    1. I worked on this site for a few months. It seems they are very picky now what they approve and what they reject. No matter what review you write now they seem to ask you to write something from your own region or where you live. I personally don’t have time to deal with this and have stopped caring about writing there anymore. I can understand your frustration.


  3. My experience is that they doesn’t pay. They will do many things so that they can delay payment or just don’t pay you. You might think they’re paying high for a review but you will usually get bulk rate and if you use the same amount of time or post your reviews say, on a revenue sharing or other sites, you might just get paid faster and maybe earn more over time.

    Remember they say you can write about anything? That’s bullshit! And they do delete any comment, useful or not and then later accused your writings of not being engaging enough (that will happen later)

    Constant rejection is a norm and soon you will see your ranking dropped. And realized that you get paid lesser for reviews, making you write more but still rejecting most of them. It becomes a viscous cycle.

    They expect you to submit a Real person photo (not cartoon or non-human) of yourself and you can never remove that photo even if you write in to them. It’s their property now, so are your rejected reviews. They keep all of them and some have reported them publishing their rejected reviews without their consent nor paying them! Really dishonest of them!

    The system is never fair and they doesn’t have respect for the writers – often using blaming and abusive words on them if they contact them.

    I don’t know about you but I feel more respected and is earning more with posting on blogging and revenue sharing sites, instead of trying my luck to get a single review accepted by Reviewstream.


    1. You are not the only person who has had an issue recently with this company. Many people have written for them for several years and all of a sudden they have changed all their policies and no longer want to pay people for the work they’ve done. I can understand this, I wrote for them in the past and ended up stopping because of the way things are on the site now.


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