Cracked Review – Legit or Scam

Cracked is a site that has become famous over the years. The site only uses freelance writers to supply them with the material that is posted there. Many of the articles are very long lists and things that are funny or you had no idea about. This is an excellent site and they love to articles on the site.

How Does It Work?

  1. If you want to write for Cracked, you’ll need to sign up for the writers’ forum.
  2. Write a pitch that you’d like considered. Post your pitch in the workshop as you’re working on it. All articles on the site need to be 2000 words. This includes quotes and sources.
  3. Once you’re ready to make a pitch to the site about your idea, follow the pitch format. This is very important if you want your pitch considered.
  4. Post your pitch in the pitch section on the forum for consideration.
  5. The editorial team will review the pitches and decide if your pitch is the right fit for the site.
  6. If the pitch gets considered, the editors will decide when it is ready for an editorial meeting. All this is based on your formatting, research, and insights.
  7. During the editorial meeting, the article will be discussed. At this time the team will decide if this article would work for the site, needs some changes, or isn’t a good fit.
  8. If the article will work for the site but needs changes the editorial team will tell you what they needed changing. Otherwise, if the article won’t fit, it will be moved back to the workshop and they will tell you why they aren’t using the article on the site.

How To Write a Pitch:

  1. If you are writing a fact-based pitch, it has a certain format that must be followed. This type of pitch relies on surprise and mind blowing information you’ve discovered.
  2. Start the pitch with a mind-blowing title that will make us notice your pitch.
  3. You will need at least 6 entries to back up your articles, all with reliable sources.
  4. You’ll need the title to each entry on the pitch and 3 to 5 sentences that tell about this in your own words. You won’t be writing the paragraph, but a summary in your own words telling us why we should care about this.
  5. After each entry list your source for this fact. We want to know if you’ve found a reliable source to back up this fact.
  6. Also, include a quote from the source that backs up your facts.
  7. Another type of pitch you can write is an observational pitch. This type of pitch is based on an observation that you’ve made about the world, movie, culture, video games, or music.
  8. In an observation pitch, you don’t always need sources. However, this will depend on what you are stating and it might be necessary that you supply a source to back up your observation.
  9. You will need to state your observation and give us a 3 to 5 sentences to back up this observation and why we’d be interested in it.
  10. A nicely formatted pitch is under 1600 words which are easy to read and digest.
  11. Sources on your pitch can’t include Wikipedia or any information you’ve found on a blog. These must have a reliable source of information to be considered for the site.

What Can You Write?

  1. Original, Cracked style articles that focus on being creative, funny, and clever. These articles are normally 2000 words and they state facts or funny events.
  2. Quick fixes are short content that can be formatted in any style you wish. Furthermore, these types of articles are shorter and are designed to be read in a minute or less.
  3. You can write a quick fix about current events, video reviews, comics, pop culture and more. The articles need to be good, short, and very smart.
  4. The site always looks for bite-sized comedy. These are images that anyone can share on social media. Normally the site publishes these in a set.

How Much Does it Pay?

  1. Full-length featured articles, earn $100 for the first 4 articles that are published on the site.
  2. You’ll move up in the ranks after publishing 4 featured articles on the site.  After this,  the pay jumps to $200 for the article.
  3. The ten most popular articles each month earn a $50 bonus.
  4. The new short, quick fix articles pay $50.


This is a legitimate website that pays people to write for them. All the articles on the site were written by people just like you. If you’d like to try writing for the site, it’s necessary to register at their forum. You’ll join the workshop and make your pitch. The pitch always starts in the workshop so other writers and the editors on the site can see your ideas. If your idea is of interest, you are asked to write up your pitch. During this time you need to follow the pitch format to be accepted. The site decides on what they’ll publish by the pitch you submit. If you love to write about comedy, bizarre events, or shocking facts, this is the perfect site to write for.





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