Crafty Morning Review – Legit or Scam

Crafty Morning is a blog site that pays a freelancer for writing article on crafts and recipes. This is an excellent site to write for and the owner of the site has done a lot of work on her site. She is always looking for people who love to cook, bake or create crafts. I’d recommend taking a look at the blog site before submitting an article to her.

How to Write for Crafty Morning:

  1. Once you’ve written your article, you’ll submit it directly to the site using the email address.
  2. Submit the articles to

What She is Looking For:

  1. I don’t find a required word count for the site.
  2. She needs recipes with the ingredients and directions written in your own words. She won’t accept anything that is copied and pasted from another site.
  3. She also wants craft articles. These will need the material list and the direction for the craft. Furthermore, the same is true for crafts, all directions must be written in your own words.

Photo Requirements:

  1. The site only wants top quality photos.
  2. One of the photos must be vertical.
  3. She is looking for photos that show creativity with your background and props.
  4. Images should be bright, colorful, clean, top notch, clear and crisp.
  5. No dark images, dark backgrounds, or out of focused images.
  6. When you submit the photo, you agree to sell these directly to Craft Morning. You’ll not be allowed to use or sell your images to anyone else online.
  7. If you need help with the images, visit to edit your images.

How Does the Site Pay:

  1. You will earn $10 to $20 for your craft or recipe article.
  2. The site pays you by PayPal.
  3. If you’d like a gift card of your choice, please let them know. They can send you a gift card for your payment.


This is an excellent blog site to write for. The owner of the site pays freelancers for writing craft or recipes for her site. However, she is really strict with the image requirement. If you’d like to have your work posted on her site, please follow her requirement for the image.

Updated May 2, 2019. The site is no longer accepting submissions. 





1 thought on “Crafty Morning Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. Thank you for sharing this site. I have just checked out the site, and it looks great. As a mom to young kids, I am learning to be crafty though I might be originally crafty, I enjoy doing crafts for and with my kids. I’ll see if I can write articles there, and thank you for mentioning about the photo requirements, though taking photos is not my expertise, I might need to improve my skill if I would try on this site. Thanks again for sharing this opportunity!


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