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Article Sale Review – Legit or Scam

Article Sales is a website that any freelance writer can join. The site was designed to help freelancers sell the articles they’ve written. It’s easy to join the site and there aren’t any fees for joining or posting your article to sell.

How to Join:

  1. Create an account and fill in your profile information. Complete your profile and add an image. This helps potential buyers know who you are.
  2. It’s important when you register for the site that you use your PayPal emails ID. The site uses this email address to send your money to.
  3. Active your account. You’ll receive an email to activate your account. Follow the link or copy and paste the link into your browser.

How Does it Work:

  1. As a seller, you’ll upload your articles to the site.
  2. Log into the site and go to the homepage.
  3. To upload an article, click on “Post an Article”.
  4. Upload or copy and paste your text on the space provided.
  5. Give your article a title.
  6. Select the right category for your article. This is important because buyers will browse certain categories looking for the articles they need.
  7. Once your done entering the information for the article, you’ll need to post it on the site. Hit “Post It” and your article will appear in your account and on the homepage for sale.
  8. Your free account has a profile and feedback page. This allows you to track your articles and receive feedback from the client. Furthermore, this builds your online profile with the site and gives you a better opportunity to sell your articles.

What Does Article Sales Do?

  1. The site is a free platform for writers. It gives writers a chance to showcase and sell the articles they’ve written.
  2. The site knows that freelancers work hard on their articles, so when an article is sold, Article Sales passes the complete payment on to you.
  3. Article Sales takes care of collecting the money, sending your article to the client, removing the article from the site, and sending you the payment.
  4. Article Sales earns money from the site by the advertisements. This pays for the site to stay online so freelancers’ have a marketplace to sell their articles.
  5. Articles Sales is available around the clock and helps promote your articles.
  6. The site takes care of the initial payment from the client and sends the payment directly to your PayPal account.
  7. Each freelancer has a profile page to fill in their information and track the articles on the site. This makes it easy for anyone to advertise their articles for sale. You can advertise all your articles using one URL. This helps drive potential buyers to your article.
  8. Each seller has a feedback page that the buyer can leave a comment. This helps build your profile and allows you to sell more articles.

How to Sell Your Articles:

  1. Anyone visiting Article Sales will see all the available articles for sale displayed on the home page.
  2. You can promote your articles on your social media account.
  3. Furthermore, when you go to your article page on the site, you’ll find a button code next to each article. Simply copy and paste this code on your social media sites or other sites you wish to advertise on.
  4. You can use the button code to add your articles to DigitalPoint and add a background color to your article.
  5. You also can use the button code to advertise your articles on different forums, Google+, and Twitter. The site makes it easy to self-promote your articles.

Can People Steal My Articles?

  1. On the homepage of the sites, the articles are listed for sale.
  2. When a person clicks on your article, they’ll only see is a snippet. This prevents anyone from stealing your article.

Will My Articles Sell?

  1. This is up to the buyer. We can only promote your articles on the site and the rest is up to you.
  2. If you have an article that is in high demand, more than likely it will sell.
  3. Furthermore, if you’ve sold other articles on the site, it is important to have the buyer read your feedback page and leave a comment.
  4. If you promote your articles, have a good reputation, have written a top quality article, then yes it is possible to make money on the site.
  5. If you believe we’re not doing all we can to promote your article, you’re free to delete the article of the site and move it to another site.


Article Sales is a legitimate company and hosts articles on the site for freelancers to sell. The company earns money from their own advertising on the site. Therefore, they don’t take a commission for selling your articles. Each article you sell on the site is paid directly into your PayPal account. The buyer pays the site for the article, the site sends the article to the buyer and then forwards the payment off to you.

Just keep in mind the site doesn’t pay you directly. A person needs to purchase your article before you’re paid. Therefore, this can take time to sell your articles on the site. Many freelancers now use this site to sell their articles. You’ll have a lot of competition on the site. However, this is a good way to sell some of the articles that you’ve written and not sold.




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