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SleekPost Review – Legit or Scam

SleekPost is a content marketplace where freelancers can sell the content they write. As a writer, you can post your content on the site, set your own prices, and work with buyers directly. This is the perfect opportunity for writers to be paid for the content they write.

How to Join:

  1. Create an account on the site.
  2. Fill in your profile information so a buyer can see your qualifications.
  3. Access your dashboard to monitor your articles, page views, and sales.

How the Site Works?

  1. It is easy to post your articles on the site. After completing your profile information, the automatic posting system guides you through the process of submitting your content to the site.
  2. The site doesn’t charge you any platform fees.
  3. You’re free to post content on the site anytime. There are no limitations or demands made of the writer. They are free to write as often or as little ass they want.
  4. You set your own prices for your work. If the content doesn’t sell on the site, you are free to edit, adjust the prices or remove the content.

How To Submit Content:

  1. The site has an automotive posting system that guides you through the process of submitting content to your dashboard. You’ll see the content posted on the site and can monitor this on your dashboard.

How Do They Pay?

  1. The client selects the content and pays the site. Once the content payment is verified it is deposited into your PayPal account. You’re paid directly for each piece of content sold on the site.
  2. There is no cash out limitation to reach, before being paid from the site.

How Do They Protect The Content?

  1. Other writers don’t have access to your content and can’t see it on the site.
  2. Furthermore, a buyer can only read the content. There is no way for him to copy and paste the content from the site.
  3. If anyone copies your content from the site, the site will enforce the anti-privacy and copyright laws. They will go after the person who has stolen your content.

Will The Content Sell?

  1. Like any content selling site, there is no guarantee that your content will sell.
  2. We work hard to find buyers for the content on our site.
  3. You’ll need to post fantastic articles to attract buyers so that your articles will sell.


This is a legitimate site that freelance writers can use to sell their content. However, this is a content selling site and there is no guarantee that your content will sell. Therefore, it is up to you to post the best content possible on the site. This will attract specific buyers, they will purchase your content, and you’ll be paid for your work. The site doesn’t set the selling price for the content sold. Each freelancer sets their own selling price for the content they’ve written.




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