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Lionbridge Smart Crowd Team Review – Legit or Scam

Lionbridge is a company based in the USA that hires people from around the world to work for them. The company is especially interested in people who are bilingual.  The company uses innovative cloud technology to provide integrated solutions to businesses. The services provided by the company help marketers to successfully support and sell their products in the global market.

How to Join:

  1. The company accepts anyone who wants to work for them. They are especially interested in hiring anyone who is bilingual. Just go to the website and join the company.
  2. Before having access to the tasks on the site, you must complete a proficiency test. This determines what jobs you can take. The higher your score, the more job opportunities you have.
  3. The company doesn’t charge any fees to join and work.
  4. When joining the company, you’re asked to complete some basic profiles questions. This helps the company understand your demographic location, level of education, language skills, and education.
  5. You’ll need to complete a few placement evaluation tests. You’re free to take as many as you like. The tests provide the company with information about your talents and skill level.
  6. Once you’ve completed your evaluation tests, the company sends out emails when a job in your skill level is available.

Benefits of Working for Lionbridge:

  1. You can easily earn money by completing small tasks on the site.
  2. The company doesn’t have a schedule for you to work. Therefore, you can work at your leisure.
  3. When you work for the company, you’re connected to a global community of people just like you.

How to Earn:

  1. Before you can start working on the site, you must complete proficiency tests to determine your job skills.
  2. You may select a job listing on your job level. The job level is determined by the percent of correct answer you have on the test.
  3. The jobs in your level have a pay rate associated with the task.
  4. You chose the job you’re interested in and complete the work.
  5. Once the completed job is finished, your payment will appear in your account.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. The company offers competitive rates and pays its freelancers once a month.

What Type of Work Do They Have?

Data Services:

  1. Collect data from online forms, call centers, and internet feeds. You may be required to collect the data, analyze it, and put it into the correct format.
  2. Enhance the value of the data collected. This requires you to collect unstructured data from multiple sources and languages. Afterward, you’ll be required to turn the data collected into usable data to facilitate the process.
  3. Content research and data collection to speed up data acquisition and reduce your cost of goods sold.
  4. Capture data streaming and turn the data into usable data that benefits companies. The data captured will be entered into a spreadsheet or other online databases for the company to use quickly and easily.
  5. Evaluate data sets, remove duplicate data entries and cross check for valid data.
  6. Add metadata tags and XML-publishing tags to the company’s internal resources.

Global Testing

  1. The company does different device testing, software, app, and service testing for companies. This way when they launch a new mobile device it performs like it should.
  2. A company needs to have products tested for user-friendliness and ensure the user has the best experience possible.
  3. Testing a new device, app or software for performance, data integrity, and security.

Language Services

  1. Translate and interpretation services that will translate your documents and interpenetrate the meaning. Your documents are professional translated so they are easy to read in another language.
  2. As a translation specialist, you’ll be supplying companies with culturally-nuanced translations documents and website text.


This is an excellent company to work for. They are legitimate and pay the people who work for them once a month. If you have a talent for data collection, translating from one language to another, or testing apps, software, websites and products, you should register with the company.

You’re required to take evaluations tests to determine your knowledge and skill levels before starting to work. For each type of job the company offers, there’s a different evaluation test to take. The higher you score on these tests, the more opportunities you’ll have. Furthermore, if you have a high score on the test, you may select jobs with a higher pay rate.




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