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AdHy.pe Review – Legit or Scam

AdHy.pe is a website that pays you to share short URLs. You are free to shorten multiple links on the site and share them online using your social media accounts, website or even on your own blog sites. The site will take any link you add and shorten it to redirect visitors to their advertising before they can view the page they were looking for. This site will allow people to shorten links to adult sites as long as you label each link as an adult site link.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to register with the site and fill in your information.
  2. The site will send you an email to confirm your email address.
  3. Click on the link in the email to confirm your account.
  4. You can now sign into your account and start using the site to shorten your URL links.
  5. Once the link is shortened, you can use it in your own website, on any social media accounts or even on your blog posts.
  6. When a person clicks on your link, they are redirected to a page of advertisement.
  7. The people much either enter a captcha or click on the box indicating they are not a robot.
  8. Once this happens, they’ll see another box indicating that their link is ready to open. This box must be clicked on in order to redirect the person to the webpage they were looking for.
  9. A new window is opened and the webpage is displayed. However, the advertising window isn’t closed and will stay open. They must go back and close this window.
  10. You have the option of tagging your links as adult content links. If you are using adult content links they must be tagged on the site.
  11. The site has several different tools you can use to shorten your links.
  12. The Mass Shrinker will allow you to enter up to 20 URLs at once to shrink the links.
  13. The Link Protector is used to protect your links from bots. This will shorten up to 20 links at a time and will add a captcha to your links. You can create individual links or create the links all under one list.
  14. The JS Page Script will allow a visitor to click a link on your website or blog. The visitor will be shown an advertisement before the page is displayed.
  15. The API tool is for software developers. This allows the developer to create short links and embed them into their programs or applications.
  16. You are allowed multiple views from the same link. The site allows 2 views per link. Furthermore, each redirection from the same site visitor will earn you money. You can have 10 redirects from each visitor.
  17. The site doesn’t have a countdown timer for a person to wait on. Instead, they will need to click on the captcha in order to be redirected to the web page.
  18. You can share your URL shortener with other companies such as Bit.ly to hide the fact that it is an AdHy.pe link. This will help to increase your chances to earn money on the site.
  19. The website uses the basic views and earning model to display your statistics and earning on your dashboard.

Rules of the Site:

  1. The website has several rules that you must understand if you want to create an account and earn money from their services.
  2. Like all link shortening sites, you can’t advertise your links on any PTC websites.
  3. It is forbidden to use bots, generated traffic, or scripts to earn from this site.
  4. You can’t send any traffic from a VPS dedicated server.
  5. You can’t entice or offer any incentivizes to people to click on your links. This includes asking or begging people to click on your links.
  6. You can’t work with others and promise that you’ll click on their links if they click on yours.
  7. You can’t open the links in a popup or pop-under window on your site.
  8. The only legitimate way for a link to be opened is with a mouse click on the link.
  9. Like all advertising networks, you must follow the rules on the site or your account will be banned. It is important to read the site’s terms and conditions to understand what is allowed and not allowed when sharing your links.

How Can You Earn Money?

  1. The company has a sliding payment for each country that clicks on your links. The pay rate for 1000 clicks varies for each country:
    1. Canada – $8.25
    2. United States – $10.40
    3. United Kingdom – $7.25
    4. Australia – $8.42
    5. France – $4.12
    6. Sweden – $3.99
    7. Germany – $ 4.80
    8. Saudi Arabia – $4.77
    9. Denmark – $3.99
    10. Norway – $5.12
    11. Israel – $2.51
    12. Qatar – $9.00
    13. Other countries listed on the site will pay up to $3.00 for 1000 clicks.

How Does the Site Pay?

  1. You must have a minimum of $5 in your account to request payment from the site.
  2. The website only processes payment requests on the 7th and 22nd of each month.
  3. You can request your payment through PayPal or Payza.

Referral Program:

  1. This company doesn’t offer a referral program and this is one of the major drawbacks. Many people don’t want to sign up with the company because they’ll earn less money without a referral program.


This is a legitimate company that will pay for each click on a shortened link that you share on your social media accounts, website, or blog site. The company only has two forms of payment and will only send out payments twice a month. There isn’t a referral program which doesn’t make the site as attractive as other sites similar to this one. The payment rates are compatible with other sites like this. They do have a decent CPM rate that they pay for each 1000 site visits. If you’d like to give this site a try it is possible to earn money. However, there are better sites like this online and it might pay off to check out a few other sites before joining this one.





2 thoughts on “AdHy.pe Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. The fees they are offering are decent. I’m just not sure how well this will work with Google and if they will give me a poor ranking if I redirect my links to ads before they can be opened. what is your thoughts about earning money this way.


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