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The Forum Wheel Review – Legit or Scam

The Forum Wheel is a paid forum posting site that hires people worldwide to create forum posts for money. According to the website, you can earn money by simply posting in online communities. Forum owners will hire people to boost their forum activity and post new content on their forums. As a forum contributor, it is easy to find online communities through the site that will pay you for your contribution. Each day you’ll be required to join different forums and add new comments or topic to the forum. You’ll be paid by how much you contribute to each forum. If you like joining forums, adding new content, and interacting with existing forum members, then this is a great opportunity for you.

How Does it Work?

  1. You can create an account with the site for free.
  2. After creating your account, you’ll receive an email.
  3. Follow the link in the email to activate your account.
  4. After activating your account, you’re required to create a second account on the site using the exact same information that you used to register. You’ll be creating an account on The Gateway.
  5. Your account on The Forum Wheel and The Gateway needs to be linked together in order to complete the second step when registering for the site.
  6. After creating your account, you must subscribe to The Gateway. This will link the two accounts together. If you fail to subscribe to The Gateway, your 10 tests posts won’t be submitted for approval.
  7. One your account has been created and activated on The Gateway; you’ll be required to create 10 forum posts on this forum.
  8. Once you’ve completed the 10 posts on the forum they are automatically submitted to the forum moderators to evaluate.
  9. The forum moderators will check your posts for grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  10. After the review, you’ll receive an email. The email will explain if you’ve been accepted to the site or rejected.
  11. You’ll only have one chance to pass the test. The site won’t allow you to register another account and try again.
  12. If you pass the test, you’ll be given access to the paid forum posting section on the site.
  13. This is where you’ll be able to register with other forums and be paid to submit content on these forums.
  14. The site doesn’t have a minimum age requirement to join the site.
  15. There are also no restrictions to your location. It appears that the site accepts all international writers as long as you can pass the test.

How To Create An Account on The Gateway:

  1. After creating your account on The Forum Wheel, you’ll need to click on The Forum Tab on your dashboard.
  2. Locate The Gateway Forum. You’ll find The Gateway at the top of the list. The Gateway will be highlighted in bold text to make it easier to spot.
  3. Click on the green plus sign next to the name.
  4. A drop-down menu box will appear. You’ll be required to enter the username and email address you’ve used to register on the site.
  5. After filling in the information click on the submit button.
  6. This will link your two accounts together and give you an active account on The Gateway.
  7. You can now create your 10 posts to submit to the company for approval.

How Are You Rated On the Site?

  1. The first rating that you receive on the site is based on the 10 posts you’ve made.
  2. This rating will give you access to different forums you can post in.
  3. You’ll be required to sign up to different forums.
  4. After signing up, you can either reply to an existing thread or create a new thread.
  5. You’ll be required to create a new thread in the appropriate category on the forum.
  6. Once you’ve created 5 comments, they can be a new thread or a relay to an existing thread, the forum owner will be asked to grade your work.
  7. The forum owner will rate you on a 1 to 5 scale.
  8. The lowest rating on the site is a 1.0. This means that the owner of the forum thought that you did the worst job possible when commenting on his forum.
  9. The owner of the forum must supply you with a reason as to why they gave you the rating they did.
  10. The rating that you receive from the forum owners will determine your rating on the site and how much you’ll make for each comment you leave on a forum.
  11. If you’ve received a bad rating from a forum owner, this can reflect your overall rating on the site.
  12. You can improve your rating on this forum, by following the instructions the forum owner has given. Furthermore, you can take his comment and improve on the quality of your comments that are left on their forum.
  13. Forum owners will grade you on the content that you supply. It is better to leave a 3 to 4 line comment on each forum. This way you’ll receive a decent rating from the forum owner.
  14. Each forum owner will rate you on your content, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Pay close attention when commenting on each forum. This is important for you to reach a higher level on the site and earn more money for each comment that is left on the forums.
  15. If you improve the quality of comments left on each forum, the forum owner’s can change your rating.
  16. Furthermore, the rating you have on the site will determine how many forums you can post in. Therefore, it is necessary to try and obtain the highest rating possible on the site so you can post on more forums and earn a higher rate of pay.

How Are Your Points Determined?

  1. Each comment you leave on a forum will earn you 1 point.
  2. The site will calculate your points based on how many comments you leave on each forum.
  3. In each forum, you’ll have a certain number of comments you can leave each day.
  4. If you leave all your comments at once, you’ll receive a lower point value for your comments.
  5. Forum owners want the comments spread out over time. That means that you should leave no more than 3 comments on the forum at a time. You can go back to the same forum a few hours later and leave another 3 comments. You can continue to do this during the day until the maximum number of comments has been made on a single forum.

How Much Are Points Worth?

  1. The value of your points is determined by the level you’ve achieved on the site.
  2. The Level 1 will only receive 1 point for each comment left on a forum.
  3. You’ll earn $0.05 for each point that you receive.
  4. If you achieve a higher level on the site, your points will increase for each comment you make.
  5. The Level 5 comments will receive 2.5 points for each comment they leave on the site. You’ll be paid $0.13 for each comment as a Level 5 contributor.

The Referral Program:

  1. The Forum Wheel has a referral program.
  2. Any active member on the site can join the referral program.
  3. Each person that signs up to the site as your referral, you’ll earn an extra 20% bonus in your account.
  4. You’re paid 20% based on the points your referral earns on the site. This is good for the lifetime of their account.
  5. The more referrals you have on your account, the higher your earnings will be.
  6. You can advertise The forum Wheel on your own website, on other online forums, on your social media accounts, use business cards or even flyers. Make sure that you add your referral link so that people can sign up using your referral link. This way you’ll earn credit for the work they do.

How Do You Get Paid?

  1. You’ll need to accumulate enough points in your account to convert to $5.
  2. Once you’ve reached $5 in your account you can request payment.
  3. The site pays you using PayPal. Therefore, it is necessary that you have an active PayPal account to work on this site.
  4. The company needs to verify your account and will pay you after it has completed the verification process.
  5. You’ll receive payment in your PayPal account within 24 to 48 hours after requesting payment from the site.


This is a legitimate site that pays you to post on forums. You’ll earn $0.05 for each point you earn on a forum. Your ratings, your pay, and money you earn are determined by the level you’ve achieved on the site. The higher your level on the site will earn you a higher rate of pay. Each point earns you $0.05. Therefore, if you’ve achieved a Level 5 on the site, you’ll earn 2.5 points for each comment you leave. This will convert to $0.13 for 2.5 points.

This is a legitimate way to earn a passive income online. However, there isn’t enough work for you to earn a full-time income posting on forums. Each forum has a specific number of comments you can leave each day. Furthermore, you can only unlock certain forums based on your level on the site. Anyone who has achieves a Level 5 on the site will have access to all the forums. However, if you have a lower level on the site, there will be a limited number of forums you can post on.

Remember this work isn’t for everyone. It can be time-consuming and you’ll be dealing with the forum owners and how they rate you. At times there are some forum owners who demand that you write long comments before they will give you a decent rating. While other forum owners will only require you to write 25 to 50 words before giving you a decent rating. You’ll need to find out what forums give you the highest rating for the number of words you must write on their forums. This will ensure that you receive a high rating on the site and can comment on more forums to earn a higher rate of pay.




6 thoughts on “The Forum Wheel Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. Ah crap!
    I didn’t know that postloop has been shut down and I kept writing. I have just made 17 long posts on postloop and all the posts I just created were more than 5 paragraph each. I spend a week to write all unique material and did lots of research about my contents. What should I do now? Can I copy all my contents out of postloop and paste somewhere like Theforumwheel etc?


  2. I have been working on this site for a number of years. Over the years many of the rules have changed which makes it harder to earn money. The site has always paid me and I still enjoy working there.


  3. Forum posting is a unique way to earn money online. It doesn’t pay so well and it takes a lot of time to earn money. I know this site is legitimate because I worked here before and I was paid for what I did. it just took a long time to earn the money.


  4. I tried this site when it first opened several years back. I wasn’t impressed with the work and how the site ran. I gave up on forum posting and went into affiliate marketing instead.


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