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Paid Forum Posting Review – Legit or Scam

Paid Forum Posting is a website that offers SEO Article writing services, standard articles, forum or blog posting, proofreading and editing, resume services, social media management, and virtual assistance services. The original company was established in 2005 and recently is under new ownership and management. The new owners of the company are now located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company hires writers worldwide and it is necessary that each writer takes a performance test to ensure they have the necessary qualification to meet the new, higher standards of the company.

How Does it Work?

  1. If you’d like to write for this company, you must first read the rules about the company before applying.
  2. The company accepts only writers that are 18-years of age or older. There is no exception to this rule.
  3. You’ll need to create an account on the site. The website only allows you to have one account.
  4. The company requires you to create a username for their site that you’ve never used on any other online account or registration.
  5. After the company changed hands, they now allow the writer to reapply to the site. However, if you’d like a second chance, you’ll need to notify the admin of the site. They don’t want you to create a new account but use your existing account. The site admin will update your writer’s status before you can take the test a second time.
  6. Once your account has been established, you’ll need to visit the Applicant Posting Area. There you’re required to make 7 unique posts on their forum. This can be a combination of creating a new thread or leaving a comment on an existing thread.
  7. All posts made in this area must be 25-words or longer in order to qualify for the test.
  8. You only are allowed to make 7 posts in this area. Once you’ve finished the 7th post in the testing area, you’re required to go to a thread called “Hit My 7th” and let the company know that you’ve made your 7 posts. At this time, you’ll need to stop posting in this area. If you continue to post in this forum, your application will automatically be rejected.
  9. The company recommends that you apply to this site using a computer or laptop. They claim that people who apply for this position using a smartphone or table have a higher rate of spelling errors and other mistakes in their test posts.
  10. The site’s admin will review your 7 posts and notify you by PM if you’re accepted or rejected to the site. At times a writer is required to make a few extra posts on the testing forum. If you’re not asked to make additional posts, the admin warns you that adding extra content to this area will disqualify you from the acceptance process.

Application Forum Posting Rules:

  1. When creating your 7 posts, you’ll need to follow the forum rules.
  2. You’re not allowed to add any links to your posts. Don’t try and advertise on this forum and get other members to join your referral program or become an affiliate.
  3. Keep the language appropriately, that means you can’t use any foul language when posting on this forum.
  4. Each post made on this forum needs to be in proper English. The company won’t allow you to use abbreviations or test language that you’d use when sending out a text message. They also frown on the excessive use of emotions on your test posts.
  5. The topics that you create can’t be about illegal activities, terrorism, sexual content or drugs.
  6. Don’t copy and paste content in the testing area. All posts that contain plagiarism will automatically disqualify you.
  7. When creating or commenting on the existing thread, you’ll need to be respectful to other site applicants or the PFP staff.

How Does The Company Hire Writers?

  1. Once your 7 posts have been completed, the admin staff will review your writing skills.
  2. Your application is judged on how well you follow the instructions the site has given you before posting on the forum.
  3. You’re judged on your grammar, spelling, punctuation and proper sentence structure.
  4. When writing your posts, make sure they are informative, stay on topic, and add information to the discussion. Don’t post a simple response that says “I agree”. Each response you make must be 25-words or longer.
  5. Proofread all your content before submitting, you are judged on how well you can proofread your responses before submitting them to the forum.
  6. The company will review all applicants post during the week. If you post on the weekend this could take several days for the staff to review your content. Furthermore, the staff doesn’t work on holidays.
  7. If you’ve been accepted, the company sends you an email with a link. You must follow the link and let the company know that you’ve accepted their terms before you are allowed to enter the paid forum posting area.

How Does the Paid Forum Posting Area Work?

  1. In this area, you’ll find all the jobs listed.
  2. You are free to pick a job as long as it is not full.
  3. Accepting a job is easy. All you’ll need to do is enter your request to take one of the positions available.
  4. Once you’ve accepted the job, you’ll have several hours to start the job.
  5. On the job thread, you’ll need to enter your username that you’ve registered under.
  6. Each forum posting job will have two numbers in the job description. The numbers indicate how many new topics and how many comments you must make to fulfill the job requirements. You’ll see a number such as 5/25. This indicates that you must create 5 new topics and comment on 25 existing topics.
  7. Each job has a deadline for you to complete the job. You are not allowed to complete the job before the deadline. That means, that you’ll need to spread your content out over the time period.
  8. The site only allows you to make 3 posts per day in each forum you’re working on.
  9. After posting on the forum, you’re required to go back to the job thread and update your status. This lets the site know your progress so they can keep an eye on the job.
  10. You’ll also need to create a personal thread on the site. The personal thread will help you track all of your jobs and submit your work for payment.
  11. If you’ve completed your work on the forum and there are still other positions available, you can request to work on this forum again.
  12. As a new writer on the site, you’re given a site status of a Trainee. As a trainee, you are limited to the number of jobs you can work on. The site will evaluate your work during your training period. If you’ve completed your training period successfully on the site, your status will change to a writer. As a writer, you’ll earn a higher pay rate for posting on the forums and you’ll be allowed to accept more jobs to work on.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. Each post you make on a forum has a set amount of money you’ll earn.
  2. On your personal job post, you’ll keep track of the number of new topics and comments you’ve made. When you’ve completed your work, you’ll update this post.
  3. This thread is to help you keep track of your work and when you request payment from the company.
  4. You’ll need to use your personal job post in order to request payment. You’ll be submitting your payment request to the site in the form of a PM.
  5. The site has a strict format for you to use and you must follow this format in order to be paid.
  6. Once you’ve submitted your payment request, this will take 24 to 48 hours to process. The site must verify your work before you’re paid.
  7. Once your work has been verified the company sends your earning to your PayPal account.

What People Say About this Site:

  1. The site is very hard to be approved as a writer. You are given only one change to pass the entrance test. The admin of the site doesn’t like giving you a second chance to apply for the job.
  2. The company has now lowered the payment a trainee receives for posting on forums. You’ll need to accept the lower pay rate until your account has been upgraded to a writer.
  3. When you first start working on the site the job board is very confusing. You have no idea what the numbers mean or even how to apply for the work.
  4. It is difficult to keep track of your work. You are always having to update the job board with your completed work daily and update your personal log.
  5. You are the one who keeps track of how many posts you make each day. The site doesn’t have an automated system that counts the number of posts you make.
  6. Many good writers try to apply for this job; however, not so many are accepted.


This is a legitimate company that hires freelance writers to write forum posts. The company has other types of jobs you can apply for. However, these jobs are not available to new writers. You must be an established writer on the site before you can actually make decent money working for this company. Now that the new owners have taken over the site, there are more jobs you can work on. However, the new owners are still following the same configuration of the site as before. The site doesn’t have an automated system that counts the number of posts you make on the site.

This is a decent company to work for once you understand how the site works. The major drawback of this site is the number of posts you can make each day and how long the jobs take to complete. Some jobs are easier to complete and finish, while other jobs will last several weeks. You’ll need to work on these jobs longer before you can get paid for your work. If you accept one of the other writing jobs on the site, you could spend a great deal of time researching the information that is necessary to write the article. The site allows the client to request 3 rewrites of your work. If the client rejects all of your rewrites, you won’t be paid for your work. This job won’t earn you a great deal of money, however, it is a good job if you’re looking for a passive income.




4 thoughts on “Paid Forum Posting Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. I just could not go away from your site before saying how I enjoyed the information that you supplied to a person as a guest on your site. I’m going to be back continuously to investigate and cross-check new posts. Keep up the good work it is so helpful.


  2. Yes, this is a legitimate company if you can accept their terms. The work for me is a joke and you have to create multiple accounts on a single forum in order to do the job. Each day you post on these forums and basically end up talking to yourself. A lot of the work is basic and doesn’t require much intelligence to do the job. At times you feel so stupid when you comment on a post because you are basically commenting on a post you created in a different name. I find this type of work meaningless and not very productive. However, there are a lot of people who enjoy role-playing and pretending they are different people online. This is the perfect job for people like this. I’d rather create my own website and promote products and services. You can earn so much more than posting on forums for a few cents.


    1. I did try forum posting at one time. You are correct in what you’ve said. It isn’t as easy as you think. Furthermore, it can be time-consuming and it requires you to post as multiple people. This can be rather difficult.


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