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CashFiesta Review: Legit or Scam

CashFiesta is a GPT (get paid to) that the members can earn points for completing tasks. You’ll have the opportunity to earn points for displaying ads, signing up for special offers, referring friends, and watching videos. The site is an international site and anyone can join and earn from there. CashFiesta has been online since 2000 and is one of the older GPT sites online. The site has a toolbar that you’ll need to download and open in your browser. You’ll have the option to keep the toolbar running or to turn it off. The company pays you a certain amount of hours each month for running this toolbar in the background.

How Does it work?

  1. You can create an account as long as you are 16 years of age or older.
  2. The company is international so anyone can join.
  3. There can only be one account for the household.
  4. You’ll need to download and install a program in your browser. The toolbar is called the Fiesta bar.
  5. The toolbar can be placed at the top or bottom of your screen. When you’re online you can activate the toolbar to earn money.
  6. It is easy to understand when the toolbar is activated. You’ll see a small figure on the toolbar walking back and forth. This means it is active and recording the time you’re using it online.
  7. You must activate cookies in order to use the toolbar on your screen.
  8. The site also has special offers that you can complete. Simply sign into the site and visit the Special Offers Page to select the offer you’d like to join.
  9. The points are credited to your account after the advertiser verifies that you’ve completed this offer.
  10. The Fiestabar will display ads on your screen. When the dollar sign on the side of your screen is green the Fiesta bar is working. If there are no ads to display the Fiestabar will go into sleep mode. When an ad displays on your screen, you’ll need to wake up the Fiestabar by passing your mouse pointer over the bar. This will wake up the Fiestabar so you can earn money for viewing the ad.
  11. The site has a referral program that you’ll earn money for each direct referral that signs up under you. If one of your direct referrals invites a friend, you’ll be credited a percentage of his referral known as an indirect referral.
  12. The site has an 8 tier referral system. You’ll earn 15% from your direct referrals, 7% for the second level, 5% for the third level, and the rest of the levels you’ll earn 3% from your indirect referrals.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. You’ll need to request your payment between the 1st and the 15th of each month.
  2. Your unpaid earning must exceed your preferred payment threshold.
  3. Any unpaid balance in your account is carried over to the following month.
  4. After the payment request period ends, the company takes 2 to 3 days to verify all payment request.
  5. Payment requests are then processed and paid.
  6. If you request a check, it normally takes a week for the check to arrive for anyone living in the United States. However, all international checks take 2 to 3 weeks for you to receive payment.
  7. If you request payment by PayPal, the payment is instant and you’ll receive the money the same day.

What You Need to Know About the Company:

  1. This is one of the oldest online scams on the internet to date. The company was opened in 2000 and has been operating ever since.
  2. Many people complain that this company has never paid for them. One person joined the company when it first opened and has still never been paid for his work.
  3. The company collect data and displays ads through their Fiestabar that you’ll download and install on your computer. If you leave the computer open and the bar running, you’ll earn money. However, once your account reaches a certain amount of money, you’ll receive a notification from the company. They will claim that you are misusing the toolbar and therefore, you’ve lost all your credits, referrals, and offers from the site.
  4. Other people receive notifications that they continue to click on the toolbar in order to make the little man walk on the bottom of the screen. According to the company, this is in direct violation of their terms of service agreement and therefore, the people lose all their earnings in their account.
  5. No one knows exactly what type of software the site is having you download. This could be malware or phishing software that you’re installing on your computer.
  6. It is very unbelievable that a company can pay everyone $1 an hour for installing and using their software online. If this was the case and the company had 1 million people using their software, where would they find $1 million dollars an hour to pay them?
  7. The site is very careful to pay a small percentage of its members each month. However, the majority of members using this site are never paid. The few accounts that are paid make the site look legitimate and attract new users to join. If this site didn’t pay a few users each month, then it would never have been able to stay in business and operate for the last 18 years.


CashFiesta has been in business for the last 18 years and has scammed more than 90% of the people who’ve worked on their site. The site is very clever in how they operate and do business. A small handful of people are paid each month to keep the appearance that the site is legitimate and paying. However, the majority of people on the site are denied their payment and told they have broken the terms of service agreement with the company. The money accumulated in their account is removed; they lose all their referrals, referral bonuses and money they earned for completing offers. While other members request payment from the site and it never arrives. The company will claim they’ve mailed out their check and it isn’t their fault it has never arrived. Even if you want to be paid by PayPal there is a reason they can’t transfer your payment to your account. Many people joined the site when it first opened. They are still waiting today to receive the money from this company. I personally wouldn’t recommend that you work for this company and expect to be paid. It more than likely will never happen.


GPT Scam Websites Review: Legit or Scam

Updated August 20, 2018 – The Website is Closed

DollarPlaine is a GPT (get paid to) website that offers people money for completing tasks online. Furthermore, when you register with the site, you’ll receive a $25 sign up bonus. The site offers you easy tasks to complete each day. Each time you complete a task, you’ll earn $10 for your work. This is a great way to earn a passive income online and the site promises you that you can earn $50 to $100 daily.

How Does it Work?

  1. To start working on the site, click on the registration button.
  2. Create your username and password.
  3. The site will redirect you to another page and asks for your email address, home address, and your name.
  4. After you submit the registration form to the site, the site opens up to your dashboard. You’ll see that you have already earned $25 from the company. This is your sign up bonus the company gives you once your registration is complete.
  5. On your dashboard, there is a link. This is your referral link and according to the company, the link that will make you money.
  6. You’re requested to use this link and share it on your Facebook account, Twitter, Google+, blog sites, forums, and online chat rooms.
  7. You are told the link you’re sharing will direct people to the site’s advertisers. Each time a person clicks on this link and opens the page, you’re rewarded $10.

Site Information:

  1. The site hides or masks the owner’s name.
  2. According to the information provided the business is registered in Panama using a PO Box as the business address.
  3. The site has been online since April 2017.
  4. The site server location is in the United States.
  5. Before the company registered under this name, they used several business names previously. It appears that each name used was registered for less than 6 months.
  6. Currently, I’ve identified 44 websites registered with the same company with exactly the same information. Many of the sites are closed now; however, a few are still online and operating.

How Do They Pay?

  1. You’ll need to have $300 in your account in order to cash out.
  2. The company will send payment by PayPal, bank transfer, Western Union, or check.
  3. When you try to select your mode of payment it is locked. You can only request your payment my check.

Things You Need to Know About the Site:

  1. The site owner is masking ID so nobody knows who really owns this website.
  2. There are 44 websites that have been registered by this person. Each one has the same address in Panama, phone number and hidden information displayed on the site.
  3. The site will register a few websites that promote the same exact product. When they start receiving bad publicity online, the site is immediately closed, the name is changed, and it opens up the next week.
  4. A few sites only lasted 2 weeks before the owner closed them down and changed the name on the site.
  5. There are no tasks on the site to do. You’re basically promoting this website for the owner on all your social media account.
  6. The site links are broken except for registration, payment request, and log in.
  7. You can’t contact the site owner. Even if you try to use the phone number listed on the registration, you’ll end up with an answering service where you’re required to leave a message.
  8. If you start complaining about how long it is taking to receive your payment, the site suggests that you upgrade your account to speed up the process.
  9. When you upgrade your account, you can’t use the money from your earning. You must pay the site with a credit card or PayPal.
  10. Even if you spend the money to upgrade your account, the site will tell you that you haven’t completed any offers to be paid.
  11. You are now forced to fill out forms, surveys or complete an offer.
  12. Normally you have to do all three. Each offer on the site takes you to an Adult Website that you must join. Even if you don’t want to join the website, you feel pressured into joining it so you’ll be paid.
  13. The owner of the site collects all your information and sells it off to other third party websites. Afterward, your inbox starts filling up with tons of spam messages.
  14. Furthermore, if you supply the company with your personal banking information, your information is sold to hackers. The hackers will use this information to hack your online account and steal your identity.
  15. The offers you are redirected to our affiliate accounts of the owner\s. Each time you fill out a form, take a survey or even subscribe to one of the offers, the owner is paid for your actions.
  16. If you decide to skip the information on signup it won’t matter. The site will still allow you to join.
  17. If you decide to not share your referral link, each day your account balance will increase. This is a fake reading and trying to entice you into cashing out on the site.
  18. The faster the site can increase your earning, the faster they can make money off of you. Each person will be redirected to the surveys, forms and offers to complete with the promise of being paid when they are finished. However, when you finish with the first set of offers, the site claims you need to do one more before they can process your payment. This is a never-ending cycle where the site will always request you to complete one more offer.
  19. If you look at the home page of the site, you’ll see where they are claiming that they’ve paid out more than they have earned. No site will stay in business long if they are losing money like this


This is a total SCAM and there is no way that any site can give every new member $25 for joining the site. The tasks you will complete on the site are only one. You will be spreading around the referral link and trying to entice other people to click on this link. Each time a new person signs up to the site, the owner will run the same scam on this person.

No legitimate website will close down and change their name every few weeks. It isn’t possible to stay in business this way. The site owner has hidden his identity and claims the business is located in Panama. Furthermore, I have found 44 sites that all look the same once you register. Some of the home pages supply more information than other. Normally the site is very basic and there is nothing at all on the home page. You can’t even find a privacy statement, FAQ, or even a term of service agreement for this site.

The owner of this site has the liberty to collect your personal data and sell it off to anyone he pleases. The owner started running this SCAM in 2016 and is still running it today. Each time the site receive too many complaints or bad publicity, the owner closes down the site, changes the name, modifies the home pages and is back in business in a few days.


GPT Scam Websites Review: Legit or Scam

Updated August 20, 2018 – The Website is Closed is a site that pays you to complete tasks each day. The different tasks are easy to complete and don’t take much time. Furthermore, for each task that you complete the company pays you $10. When you register with the company, they’ll give you a $25 bonus. Furthermore, the company has a referral program that pays you to refer your friends and family to the site. This is an excellent GPT (get paid to) site that helps you earn a passive income online.

How Does It Work?

  1. To start earning money from the site you’ll need to select a new username and password.
  2. Afterward, the company requires some information from you to finish your registration.
  3. You’ll need to enter “your home address, and your full legal name” so the company can pay you by check.
  4. Once you finish registering with the company, you’re redirected to your account page.
  5. The company has deposited $25 in your account. This is your free sign up bonus from the company.
  6. The company gives you a unique referral link that you can use to invite people to join the site.
  7. In order to earn money from the site, it is suggested that you share this link on your Facebook account, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, blog sites, forums, and different chat rooms.
  8. Each time a person clicks on your referral link, you’ll earn $10.
  9. The company explains that your unique link will direct people to the site’s advertisers. You’re paid for each person who visits the advertiser’s page.

About the Site:

  1. The site was opened in April of 2017.
  2. The owner hides his information and nobody knows who he is.
  3. The owner claims the business is located in Panama and he uses a PO Box for his registration.
  4. The company phone number is in Panama.
  5. The website is located on a server in the United States.
  6. The original website was opened up under the name of Every two weeks or so the owner changed the name of the site. This site has been registered under the following names:

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. You’ll earn $10 each time a person clicks on your referral links and opens the site.
  2. Once your account reaches $300 you can request payment from the company.
  3. The company will pay you through PayPal, bank transfer, Western Union or a check.
  4. The only real mode of payment is through a check. It isn’t possible to choose another payment mode from the site. They have it locked on the check and won’t allow you to select anything else.

What You Need to Know About this Company:

  1. The owner of the business has had multiple websites that offer the same work. He changes the name of the sites often. Each time scam reports start appearing online, the owner will change the name of the site and move on.
  2. It isn’t possible to know who the owner of the site is. He hides his online information and claims the site is registered in Panama. He even supplies you with a phone number that goes to an answering service and nobody will answer the phone or call you back.
  3. When you try to cash out on the site, you’re redirected to a page that asks you a few questions and you must select an option to take a survey or watch a video.
  4. No matter what you select it will direct you to a page to fill in forms and surveys. The surveys are very time-consuming. After completing the forms and submitting them to the site, you are redirected again to another website.
  5. This website is an Adult website that you must subscribe to in order to be paid. The subscription is expensive and you have no choice but to join the site if you want to be paid.
  6. The owner of the site is collecting your data and information. Afterward, he sells this off to third party websites that will send spam to your inbox.
  7. If you’ve added your home address or banking information, the information will be sold off to hackers. The hackers will steal your identity and hack all your online accounts.
  8. The owner of the site makes money from the affiliate links that he forces you to review. He earns money for each form or survey you complete. Furthermore, if you subscribe to any of the sites, he is earning a commission when you do.
  9. None of the links on the website work except for the login, register, or payment submission links.
  10. The site doesn’t have a privacy agreement or even terms and condition. Therefore, the owner is free to sell your information to anyone he pleases.


This is a total SCAM and you should stay away from this site. You’ll never earn money from the site and you’ll be wasting your time. This is a high-risk site that will take your personal information and sell it off to a third-party website for a high profit. Furthermore, the owner of the site has many affiliate links to Adult Websites that he forces you to join with the promise of payment for your work. The site will never pay you and will only profit from you. You are helping the site find new members and adding money to the owner’s pocket each time you subscribe and pay for one of the offers, fill in a form, or take a survey. I wouldn’t recommend this site to anyone. If you are currently working on this site, I’d recommend that you stop now.


GPT Scam Websites Review – Legit or Scam

Updated August 20, 2018 – The Website is Closed is GPT (get paid to) websites that pay you to complete tasks online. Each task you successfully complete will earn you $10. Furthermore, when you sign up with the company they will deposit $25 into your account as a sign-up bonus. The company has several different types of tasks for you to do each day. SalaryWeekly claims that they help professionals collect data by offering a smart source of earning money for completing small tasks.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to register with the site. They require you to create a username and password.
  2. In the registration form, they ask for your home address and full name.
  3. If you don’t supply this information, they still allow you to register on the site.
  4. After the registration, you’ll be directed to your dashboard. The site gives you a $25 sign up bonus. You’ll see this amount when you open up the page.
  5. On the page is a unique link to your account. The link is the success for you to make money on the site.
  6. You are instructed to share this link on Facebook, forums, blog sites, in private messages, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.
  7. Each time a person clicks on your link and visits the site, you’ll earn $10.

How Does the Site Pay?

  1. Each time a person clicks on your link, you’ll earn $10.
  2. You’ll need to earn $300 in your account before you can cash out.
  3. The site will pay you by PayPal, Western Union, or a bank transfer.

What You Need to Know About the Site:

  1. Once your account reaches $300 and you request payment, the site redirects you to a captcha test.
  2. You are required to fill in the captcha. When you do, you’re redirected to yet another site that has you fill in forms or take surveys.
  3. After completing all these forms and surveys, you now have to complete an offer. These offers cost money and you’re required to pay for the offer. Otherwise, the site claims you can’t be paid.
  4. The offers on the site are time-consuming and the site still won’t pay you the money.
  5. The site is an affiliate with all these offer sites. Each time you complete a survey, fill in a form or pay for an offer, the site earns a commission from you.
  6. The site also gathers all your personal data and sells it off to other third-party sites. These sites use the information to send you offers and spam to your email address.
  7. Furthermore, if you supplied the site with your bank information, they sell this to hackers. The hackers will steal your identity and hack all of your online accounts.
  8. The information about the website owner is hidden and you have no idea who owns or even runs this site.
  9. The website claims they pay you to drive traffic to other websites that belong to their advertisers. When in fact the site has no advertising on it at all.
  10. The only advertisers on the site are the ones they direct you to when you try to receive your payment.
  11. The site is claiming they will pay you by PayPal, Western Union or a bank transfer. However, this isn’t the case, the site has locked the payment request and the only way they’ll pay you is by check. You can’t change the payment method.
  12. The site has no terms and conditions which is very strange. Furthermore, they don’t even have a privacy policy page. That means the site can do as they please with your personal information.
  13. All the links on the website don’t work. You can’t contact the company because their support page doesn’t exist.


The site is a complete SCAM and will never pay you for joining. You are basically helping them earn money using the referral link they supply to you. Others join the site and spread the word. When it comes time to be paid, you’re forced to pay for offers and fill in time-consuming forms and surveys. The site is earning money from the affiliate links they direct you to when you try to cash out.

Furthermore, your personal information isn’t protected on this site. They have no privacy policy and this gives them the right to turn around and sell your information to third party sites that will spam your email account. The site isn’t upfront with what they have to offer or even their mode of payment. They claim you can be paid by several different modes of payment, when in fact the only way to be paid is by check. This can easily be explained that the check was mailed out and they have no idea why you haven’t received it yet. The site is a total SCAM and it isn’t wise to join this site and give them any information about you.


GPT Scam Websites Review – Legit or Scam

Updated August 20, 2018 – The Website Has Been Removed: is a website that will pay you to perform tasks online. When registering with the company they offer you a $25 sign up bonus. This will be deposited into your account once your registration is finished. You’ll have the opportunity to earn $5 to $10 for every task you complete on the site.

How Does it Work?

  1. Before you can work on the site you must complete the registration.
  2. The registration is simple, just type in your username and a password.
  3. Upon complexities of your registration, the company deposits $25 to your account.
  4. On your dashboard, you’ll find a unique link for your account. The site claims this is the key to your success.
  5. You’ll need to share this link on your social media accounts, forums, and other online communities for making money online.
  6. The company suggests that you add your link to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, chat rooms, blogs, and forums.
  7. When you share your unique link online, a person clicks on your link and is directed to an advertiser’s website. That is what the company wants you to believe. They are paying you each time a person clicks on your link.

How Do They Pay?

  1. Once your account reaches $300 you can request your money.
  2. The company has several ways they will pay:
    1. PayPal
    2. Check
    3. Western Union,
    4. Money Gram
    5. Bank Transfer

About The Site:

  1. The website was registered in April 2017.
  2. The owner is masking his identity and there is no way to know who owns this site.
  3. The company is registered in Panama using a PO Box.
  4. The website is located in the United States.
  5. The website was originally registered in 2016 under the name of
  6. The website appears to change names every 6 months or so. Before the site was registered under the following names:

What You Need To Know:

  1. The company has no advertising, means of making money, or any other tasks to perform except sharing this one link.
  2. If you happen to reach the threshold of $300 and want to cash out, you’re redirected to a page that asks you to complete a task.
  3. The tasks consist of clicking on a link that asks “Who were you in your past life? Afterward, they give you an answer stating “9-week old baby has the most incredible head of hair!”
  4. You are now instructed to enter your mobile phone number to subscribe, take a quick survey, and watch why this baby is famous.
  5. When you click on a survey so you can withdraw your funds, you’re redirected to a website about hanging around with ladies wearing almost nothing at all.
  6. Each survey the site asks you to take costs money. You must pay to subscribe to all these offers before they’ll allow you to cash out. The offers are expensive and you’ll end up spending several hundred dollars out of your pocket.
  7. After subscribing to all these different sex sites, the company still doesn’t pay you the money you’ve earned.
  8. The site is paid for each time you subscribe to one of the sites in the survey.
  9. Furthermore, the company is gathering your information to sell it to different third-party website owners who will use this information to send you tons of spam to your email account.
  10. Furthermore, some of the information that you’ve supplied the company will be sold off to hackers who use your bank account number, home address and name to steal your identity or hack your account.


The site is a SCAM and has changed their name every few months to continue running the scam online. The owner is only interested in gathering your information and selling it online to third party sites that will spam your email account. Furthermore, the information he gathers about your bank account and other personal information is sold to hackers. They will take this information to steal your identity online and hack your account. The site also earns a hefty commission each time a person signs up and pays for an offer. In the end, nobody is paid and the owner will move on, change the name, and open another site the next week.


GPT Scam Websites

DollarTrue Review – Legit or Scam

DollarTrue is a website that will pay you to complete simple tasks online. You’ll have a chance to gain extra income by sharing your referral link on Facebook and other social media account. For each person who uses your referral link and joins the site, you’ll earn $10. As a bonus for signing up with the site, they deposit $25 in your account to start with. The site offers other ways to earn money by completing tasks and offers.

How Does It Work?

  1. You’ll need to create an account on the site and supply them with your email address.
  2. When signing up you’ll create a username and password.
  3. Furthermore, the company is asking for your home address
  4. You’ll also be asked to give your full name so they can pay you by check.
  5. Once you’ve finished your registration, you’ll be able to view your dashboard.
  6. You’ll find the company has credited your account with a $25 sign up bonus.
  7. You can now visit the task page and start earning $10 for each task you complete.
  8. One of the tasks on the page is to share your referral link on social media. Each time a person clicks on your link, you’ll earn $10. The money is automatically credited to your account and can be seen on your dashboard.

How Does It Pay?

  1. The company pays you $10 for each task you successfully complete.
  2. You can request your money once your account has $300.
  3. The company will send your payment by bank transfer, Western Union, or PayPal.

What You Should Know About This Company:

  1. The very first suspicious activity I found on the site was during the sign-up process. It clearly stated at the top of the screen they would pay you through a bank transfer, Western Union, or PayPal. Then why is the company asking for my full name to send me a check? They aren’t offering payment by check so there is no need to supply this information.
  2. You can’t find any details about the website, the owner, or where the company is located and operating from.
  3. The details supplied on the WHOIS website lookup is the same details supplied for several other sites that have the same format and earning potentials.
  4. One of the tasks you’ll perform is adding your referral link to Facebook. The site is offering you $10 for each click you receive on your link. This is an extremely high amount of money considering most companies will only pay you $1 for 25 to 50 clicks.
  5. Once your account earns $300 and you want to redeem your money, the site will ask you to upgrade your account.
  6. They won’t deduct the money for the upgrade out of your earnings. Instead, you must send them the money to upgrade your account.
  7. Once you’ve upgraded your account and are ready to cash out, the site now asks you to complete an offer. However, this offer isn’t free to complete and you must pay for the offer. You can’t use your earning to pay for the offer and must send the money directly to the company to complete this offer.
  8. Even after you upgrade your account, pay to complete an offer, the site still won’t pay you for the work you’ve done. Instead, they will tell you that you must complete another offer to be paid. Again you’ll end up sending money to the site to pay for the offer so you can complete it and be paid.
  9. No legal site will ask you to send them money to complete an offer. On any earning site, the offers are free to join.
  10. Why would you need to upgrade your account and pay for the upgrade when you’ve earned money on the site? No legitimate site will force you to upgrade your account to receive your money.
  11. The site is collecting your personal information to sell to third-party companies who pay for this information.
  12. The site is asking for your personal bank information, claiming they will transfer your funds to your bank account. This type of information is valuable to hackers and is very dangerous to you.
  13. The payment process is over a month. If you start complaining about how long it takes the company to pay, they offer you a quick solution. They want you to upgrade your account to speed up the payment process.
  14. None of the links on the website work, except for the registration link. You can’t read the FAQ to find out more information about the site.


The website is a complete SCAM and offers people a simple way to earn money online. The glamour this site has to offer people is an easy way to earn money. Many people are looking for a way to earn a large sum of cash each day. This site has the beauty and glamour people are searching for. Many people enjoy watching their earning increase daily so they continue to work on the site. Unfortunately, by the time people realize that this is a scam; many people have already clicked on their link and joined the site.

The owner of the website is only interested in collecting as many email addresses and account information as possible. He will gather this information and sell it to third-party sites that are willing to pay top dollar for what he has to offer. The owner of the website is only interested in your email address, password, and banking information. He doesn’t care about anything else. Many people ask themselves how this could have happened, how was my account hacked? It is easy because they were a victim of a scam and now their account is hacked and someone has stolen their identity.