GPT Scam Websites Review – Legit or Scam

Updated August 20, 2018 – The Website is Closed is GPT (get paid to) websites that pay you to complete tasks online. Each task you successfully complete will earn you $10. Furthermore, when you sign up with the company they will deposit $25 into your account as a sign-up bonus. The company has several different types of tasks for you to do each day. SalaryWeekly claims that they help professionals collect data by offering a smart source of earning money for completing small tasks.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to register with the site. They require you to create a username and password.
  2. In the registration form, they ask for your home address and full name.
  3. If you don’t supply this information, they still allow you to register on the site.
  4. After the registration, you’ll be directed to your dashboard. The site gives you a $25 sign up bonus. You’ll see this amount when you open up the page.
  5. On the page is a unique link to your account. The link is the success for you to make money on the site.
  6. You are instructed to share this link on Facebook, forums, blog sites, in private messages, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.
  7. Each time a person clicks on your link and visits the site, you’ll earn $10.

How Does the Site Pay?

  1. Each time a person clicks on your link, you’ll earn $10.
  2. You’ll need to earn $300 in your account before you can cash out.
  3. The site will pay you by PayPal, Western Union, or a bank transfer.

What You Need to Know About the Site:

  1. Once your account reaches $300 and you request payment, the site redirects you to a captcha test.
  2. You are required to fill in the captcha. When you do, you’re redirected to yet another site that has you fill in forms or take surveys.
  3. After completing all these forms and surveys, you now have to complete an offer. These offers cost money and you’re required to pay for the offer. Otherwise, the site claims you can’t be paid.
  4. The offers on the site are time-consuming and the site still won’t pay you the money.
  5. The site is an affiliate with all these offer sites. Each time you complete a survey, fill in a form or pay for an offer, the site earns a commission from you.
  6. The site also gathers all your personal data and sells it off to other third-party sites. These sites use the information to send you offers and spam to your email address.
  7. Furthermore, if you supplied the site with your bank information, they sell this to hackers. The hackers will steal your identity and hack all of your online accounts.
  8. The information about the website owner is hidden and you have no idea who owns or even runs this site.
  9. The website claims they pay you to drive traffic to other websites that belong to their advertisers. When in fact the site has no advertising on it at all.
  10. The only advertisers on the site are the ones they direct you to when you try to receive your payment.
  11. The site is claiming they will pay you by PayPal, Western Union or a bank transfer. However, this isn’t the case, the site has locked the payment request and the only way they’ll pay you is by check. You can’t change the payment method.
  12. The site has no terms and conditions which is very strange. Furthermore, they don’t even have a privacy policy page. That means the site can do as they please with your personal information.
  13. All the links on the website don’t work. You can’t contact the company because their support page doesn’t exist.


The site is a complete SCAM and will never pay you for joining. You are basically helping them earn money using the referral link they supply to you. Others join the site and spread the word. When it comes time to be paid, you’re forced to pay for offers and fill in time-consuming forms and surveys. The site is earning money from the affiliate links they direct you to when you try to cash out.

Furthermore, your personal information isn’t protected on this site. They have no privacy policy and this gives them the right to turn around and sell your information to third party sites that will spam your email account. The site isn’t upfront with what they have to offer or even their mode of payment. They claim you can be paid by several different modes of payment, when in fact the only way to be paid is by check. This can easily be explained that the check was mailed out and they have no idea why you haven’t received it yet. The site is a total SCAM and it isn’t wise to join this site and give them any information about you.



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