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Lulu Review – Legit or Scam

Lulu is a self-publishing company that offers writers, teachers, photographers and nonprofit agencies as a way to publish their book and sells them around the world. At Lulu, it is easy to sell your books on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Nobel, iBooks, and Scribd. The company offers writers xpress printing, an e-commerce solution, author service, bulk discounts, free publishing, distribution, and teaches you how to publish your books. This is a great opportunity for anyone who is looking for a way to publish a book without all the expense and overhead that is involved.

How Does it Work?

  1. When using the service you’ll be responsible to determine your own book’s format and design particulars. This means that you’ll need to know about choosing a trim size, what paper stock to use, and the different aspects of publishing a book.
  2. The first step is to upload your files and get started with the publishing process. This process requires you to know about book design and how to set up a file for production and printing. In this process, you’ll be able to edit your files and set them up in your book format. Keep in mind that this is one of the hardest processes for a new self-publisher to complete. Many times a first-time publisher will fail to meet the traditional standards of a book publisher. You’ll basically need the knowledge and know-how that is associated with designing a book for the first time.
  3. When publishing a book, you’ll need to design your book cover. If you’re a graphic designer this step is easy. If you can’t design a great book cover, then it is best to have a professional design this for you.

Copyright and Publisher Information:

  1. If you decide to use Lulu’s self-publishing services, you’re both the publisher and copyright holder of your book. Lulu only supplies you with the publishing tools to do this yourself.
  2. When creating your book online, you’ll need to create a copyright page for your book. On this page, you’ll list yourself as the copyright holder and also the publisher of the book. Furthermore, you’ll have the choice to list as your distributor. This isn’t an obligation and you are free to choose if you want to add the company or not.
  3. Lulu has a free ISBN that you can use. If you choose to use the ISBN, the company will register your pertinent information with the bibliographic services.
  4. If you want your ISBN registered with the United States of America Library of Congress or any other copyright officer, you’ll need to do this yourself.
  5. If you purchase your own ISBN, you’ll be responsible for entering the bibliographic information that is required to associate your book with this number. Furthermore, it is important to use the same information for registering your ISBN on the copyright pages of your book.

Choosing the Right Product Line For Your Book:

  1. When printing and ordering your book it will take 3 to 5 days to fill your order. The company works on a Monday to Friday schedule.
  2. You have 4 different color product lines to choose for when printing your book. This is important if you are using color images in your book.
  3. The Standard Paperback printing is for the US markets only. This is the lowest cost and affordable way to print black & white images, graphs, line drawings, tables, and small graphics. However, this option is not suitable to print full-page color or photo quality images.
  4. The Premium Paperback option is used for bookstore-quality books that you wish to sell. If you have full-page images, graphics, or other types of high-quality images, then this is the best option to choose for your printing needs.
  5. The Professional Hardcover option gives you both linen and case wrap with a dust jacket format. Your dust cover will be printed on 80# photo quality paper.
  6. The Photo books and Calendars option will give you the professional look for all your images. The company prints your images on 80# paper for all perfect bound and 100# for any hardcover photo books. Furthermore, the company uses 100# stock to print your calendars.

What Others Are Saying About

  1. The sales team from the company will call you multiple times a day trying to sell you a premium package. Once you purchase this package there are multiple hidden costs that were never explained to you in the beginning. You’ll end up spending more money to publish your book because of these costs.
  2. After signing up for a premium package with the company, paying for the service, the company refuses to answer your emails and will hang up on you when you call.
  3. The company will suspend your account for no reason at all. If you’ve earned royalties on your book they will refuse to pay you. Furthermore, they will claim that you’ve infringed upon a copyright of another book that isn’t in your account.
  4. The company allows Google Book search to display 60 pages of your book online for free. If you are writing a technical book and there aren’t a large number of pages in your book, you’re basically giving this book away for free.
  5. If you contact the company to discuss publishing your book, you’ll be harassed with hundreds of phone calls. Even if you block the number, the company will use a different number to call you from or they will ask another person to call you.
  6. The company doesn’t pay out royalties to you. There are many hidden clauses in their contact and when you agree to their terms of service, you are agreeing to forfeit your royalty payments.
  7. Many people have requested a full refund because of the hidden costs and the company calling them to ask for more money. In the end, the company won’t refund the money you’ve paid them. You’ll be lucky to receive half of your initial payment back.


On the outside, Lulu looks like a fantastic way for authors to self-publish their books. The company seems legit and there are many positive comments and reviews about the services it offers. However, when you start digging deeper into the company, you’ll find many unhappy customers who were harassed; their accounts suspended and they never received a dime for their book sales.

There are many self-publishing companies online today. It isn’t hard to find a legitimate company who is upfront with you, pays you your royalties, helps you to promote your books, and works closely with you during your publication process. Before signing up and investing in, I’d suggest checking out a few other self-publishing companies first. This company has a very low rating and customer satisfaction. It is hard to call this company a SCAM because they are offering you a service, they provide this service, and also will pay you royalties when one of your books sells. Unfortunately, this company has too many hidden clauses and costs to make it a cost-effective way to self-publish one of your books.


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BookBaby Review – Legit or Scam

BookBaby is an Oregon based company who opened their doors in 2011. The company is a team of authors, artists’ poets, and bloggers who’ve come together to help authors and artists self-publish their books and optical discs. They have a large distribution network they use to distribute eBooks and optical discs for independent artists. This is an excellent service especially for authors who don’t want to sell to large publishing companies. Furthermore, the company has a complete service to manufacture and distribute optical discs for any independent artist, filmmaker or business in the United States. BookBaby is the sister company to CD Baby which is one of the original independent distributors of music. The company was founded and started in a garage back in 1998.

How Does it Work?

  1. You can go to the website and create an account.
  2. After your account has been created, it is beneficial to read the FAQ sections to see how the site works.
  3. This helps you to upload, format, and create your book online.
  4. The company has 3 different packages they offer you, free, standard and premium.
  5. You’ll need to select the package that benefits you.
  6. Upload your PDF file or MS Word document to the site and start creating your book or eBook.

Why Should You Choose BookBaby Over a Different Publishing Company?

  1. Many large distribution networks don’t charge an upfront fee, however, they also don’t help you create the eBook or offer you design support or layout tools to use. Where BookBaby has all this available to you and they are there to offer you support and help you each step of the way.
  2. The experts at BookBaby know how to convert your digital document so it can easily be read across all digital devices.
  3. Before your book is published, the company sends you the finished ePub formatting. This gives you the opportunity to see how your eBook will look on the different mobile device. No other company does this.
  4. You’ll have the perfect opportunity to reach a worldwide network of people who’ll be interested in purchasing your eBook. Furthermore, you’ll also have access to the millions of people who use Amazon.
  5. After you’ve given your approval for your book to be published, the company can have it ready and online in just a matter of days.
  6. The company pays each author on Monday as long as you’ve reached the minimum threshold for sales.
  7. You’ll keep 100% of the profits from all the online retailers that sell your book. The company doesn’t keep any of your profits.
  8. You’ll also retain 100% ownership of your books and all of your rights to the book.
  9. If a book sells on BookBaby’s online store the “BookShop”, you’ll earn 85% of the sales from each book sold.

How Much Does it Cost?

  1. Like all companies, a person chooses to work with; it will all depend on how much of the pre-publication work you can do on your own. This determines the actual cost you’ll need to pay.
  2. The company has 3 different packages you can choose from. The free package, the standard package, and the premium package.
  3. The free package includes:
    1. Distribution to Apple iBooks, Barnes & Nole, Kobo, Gardners, eSentral, PagePusher, Scribd, Amazon, PagePusher, Copia, and Baker & Taylor.
    2. On the website that details, promotes, and distributes your links to all of BookBaby’s retail partners.
    3. You’ll earn 85% of the royalties after the retail partner’s discount.
    4. The company offers you a $100 discount coupon off the price of custom-printed books. You’ll have a minimum that must be fulfilled before the discount can be applied.
    5. You’ll be able to use BookPromo toolkit to help expose your eBook and entice reviews.
    6. The company also offers free email customer support in the free package.
  4. The Standard packages cost $99. You’ll receive all the benefit of the free package plus:
    1. ePub file conversion and formatting from various source files that include PDF, text, MS Word, HTML, Pages, Quark, and InDesign.
    2. The 14-point checklist to verify your files.
    3. A post-conversion quality checks to make sure your eBook is readable on all e-reader devices.
    4. Phone and email support.
    5. The company will convert up to 5 graphic elements.
    6. Before your book is distributed it will be checked for ePub formatting. You’ll receive an ePub proof to check.
    7. Your eBook will go through a quality check to make sure it is readable on all major e-reader devices.
  5. The Premium Packages cost $249. You’ll not have to do any work publishing your eBook. BookBaby will handle the file conversion, proof, checking, and formatting for you. You’ll also receive other benefits for this price.
    1. The company won’t take a 15% commission on the sales of your books. That means you’re paid 100% on all net sales.
    2. You’ll receive a $200 discount coupon that can be used on your custom-print-books. However, in order to use this discount, you must meet the required number of books you need to be printed.
    3. You’ll receive a digital PDF that you can be used to help sell your books.
    4. You’ll also receive a $30 coupon that can be applied to your eBook cover design.

How Does BookBaby Pay You?

  1. You’ll need a minimum of $10 in your account in order to be paid.
  2. The company processes and pays you each Monday.
  3. If you have a US bank account, you can request a direct deposit to your account. Otherwise, the company can send you a check or pay you through PayPal.
  4. On any new eBook that goes online for sale, it normally takes 45 to 60 days after the end of the first fiscal month to see the sales in your account. This can vary from store to store and how fast they report the sales of your book to BookBaby.
  5. You’ll not need to request a payment from the company. As long as you have at least $10 in your account, the payments are sent out automatically by the company.

Does BookBaby Supply an ISBN?

  1. BookBaby will supply you an ISBN for a fee of $18.
  2. The ISBN will be associated with BookBaby and indicate that BookBaby is the publisher of your book.
  3. You will still retain all your copyrights and subsidiary rights of your book.

What Are People Saying About This Company?

  1. People are having a lot of issues working with this company. They are having problems when they try to print out there books and end up wasting a lot of time working with this company.
  2. A few people paid a high price to have on-demand printing. Once their books went on sale on Amazon, the company didn’t do on-demand printing and Amazon ended up taking the book off the site.
  3. The company takes forever to pay out your royalties.
  4. When you pay to have your manuscript corrected, the company doesn’t make the corrections and your manuscript is still full of errors.
  5. At times the company won’t print the on-demand book that you’ve approved. Instead, they will print books that haven’t been approved.
  6. The company uses to help distribute your book; however, they have discontinued this service. Therefore, you’ll need to do this on your own now. The price you pay the company should include this service.
  7. Your ISBN number isn’t free and you need to pay $18. Even if you pay the fee, the company isn’t helpful and willing to make the changes you’ve asked for.


This is a legitimate publishing company that anyone can use to publish and distribute their books or optical disks. The company has three different payment options to select from and each week they pay you for your royalties. However, there are many complaints about the service you receive from this company, the lack of help, and how long it takes to add your book sales to your account. Many people are disappointed with BookBaby and don’t recommend this company to first-time publishers.

Before paying the company any money for their services, I’d sign up for the free account and see how it works. If you’re not satisfied with the services, you’ve not lost any money. There are plenty of other publishing companies online that do a top-notch service and are there to assist and help first-time self-publishers.


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Blurb Review – Legit or Scam

Blurb is a self-publishing company that was created by Eileen Gittens, in 2006. The company was created to help authors and photographers self-publish and sell their books. Blurb has a unique feature that sets them apart from the rest of the self-publishing companies online today. They use a downloadable book design and creating software called BookSmart that can easily be installed on any PC. As a self-publisher, you’re in control of the design, layout, images, and the look and feel of your book. You’ll design your book in the comforts of your own home. After you’re satisfied with the book, upload it to the site, and start printing out copies to sell online or in books stores.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to sign up for the site and create your account.
  2. Afterward, download and install the software on your PC.
  3. You can now upload a word document or PDF file to the site.
  4. Using the software, you decide on the trim size of your book. There are many layout choices to select from.
  5. The book cover, title, chapter pages, and copyright are already formatted and ready to use.
  6. You can easily customize your book in one of the themed templates on the software.
  7. You will need your own ISBN number that you can add to the copyright page of the book in order to sell your books worldwide. Furthermore, you can use the ISBN number on the back cover of each book, along with your own logo.
  8. The software allows you to create eBooks that you can easily sell on your website or even offer for free.

What Does Blurb Have to Offer?

  1. Blurb hands over the publication of the books to the author. They can easily download and install the software on their computer for free.
  2. The software that Blurb gives away is the heart and sole of the company and they continue to improve the software. The company designed this software to make it as easy as possible for anyone to use and publish a book.
  3. The company can print one of the best self-published glossy and polished books on the market.
  4. Blurb adds your book to their online bookstore, but they won’t help you distribute your books to other stores or online.
  5. They offer the author many tutorials to help them publish their books and teach them how to make the best quality self-published book.
  6. They offer you free book creation and layout tools to use when creating your book for publication.
  7. There is a desktop publishing took call BookWright or an online took called Bookify to use when creating your books.
  8. Furthermore, you can use Adobe InDesign plug-in and Adobe Lightroom integration on your Pc.
  9. You’ll have access to the free sharing and marketing tools so you can easily post previews of your books on a website, blog, Facebook or other social media accounts.
  10. They offer everyone free webinars, workshops, forums, and tutorials to use when creating and publishing your books.
  11. You’ll retain 100% of the profits when you use the different options to sell and distribute your books to over 39,000 online bookstores.

What Doesn’t Blurb Have?

  1. When publishing with Blurb’s, you’ll need to obtain your own ISBN number for your books. Some self-publishing companies offer this in their service, but Blurb doesn’t.
  2. The company doesn’t offer third-party distribution of your books. Some publishing companies will help the author sell their books at resellers such as Amazon or even Ingrams. However, you’ll need to contact these companies yourself if you’d like to use them to sell your books.
  3. They don’t have a full author solution service to help people self-publish their books.
  4. The company doesn’t have a databook registration service for you to use. Therefore, you’ll need to do this on your own.

What Do Self-Publishers Have to Say About Blurb?

  1.  Blurb has received many requests on their forum to improve their self-publishing services to make it easier to upload the highest quality images more efficiently and quickly.
  2. Many people think the company should be working toward making their product more flexible.
  3. Others want the company to take an interest in the author’s and make distributing their books worldwide easier through the company.
  4. The company mainly focuses on photographic and artistic production. They need to be more like Lulu has an author’s solutions for DIY self-publishing.
  5. The company has one of the best internal book layouts there are.
  6. People love the low cost of the book and the company prints a highly polished book to sell on the market.
  7. The company is lacking in helping a person actually publish and sell their books online. Without an ISBN number, it isn’t possible to sell your books anywhere. The company is mainly focusing on a person self-publishing a book for their family and friends and not for resale in the worldwide market.
  8. If an author wants a logo-free option when printing out their books, the cost per book unit is higher. The company should basically charge you a set fee to have your books printed logo free.
  9. In order to use the services, the author must have their own ISBN number that is registered in their name. Otherwise, the author needs his own publishing imprint that they’ve purchased from Nielsens Book Data.
  10. If you pay for a logo-free book and the page count of your paperback book is low, it isn’t financially viable to use the pay exact model for the logo free option to print your books. Even if you don’t add in the shipping and taxes, the profits you receive on the printing cost don’t leave any room for a retail discount.

Cost of Printing:

  1. The cost to print your books depends on the layout you’ve chosen. The company offers a small square, standard portrait, standard landscape, large square, and large landscape.
  2. Depending on what size you select a soft cover books starts off at $14.99 to $21.99, however, you can’t print the large square or even the large landscape in soft cover books.
  3. A printed book with a dust jacket and hardcover starts off at $28.99 and go up from there. The large landscape books cost $58.99 to print.
  4. The company has many options to choose from and the prices vary depending on what you want.
  5. If you order 10 to 19 books, you’ll receive a 10% discount on your printing costs.
  6. Furthermore, they offer other discounts on orders over 50 books, you’ll receive a 25% discount.

Blurb’s Affiliate Program:

  1. You can easily join the affiliate program the company has to offer. Just advertise Blurb’s on your website or blog and earn money when people signup and use the company’s service.
  2. You’ll earn a 15% commission for all new customers’ orders.
  3. The company pays your $1 or each book that sells in their online store.
  4. When another website or blog owners join the affiliate program under your affiliate link, you’ll earn $10.
  5. Each time a person clicks on your affiliate link, it installs a 120-day cookie tracker on your website. This ensures that you’ll earn a commission when the person signs up within the next 120 days.
  6. The company sends out a newsletter with special promotional codes, different promotions, and codes you can use on your website to help earn money as an affiliate.
  7. To join the affiliate program, you’ll need to register with the company. Just fill out your online information and submit your request. The company will review your website and get back to you with their answer.
  8. If you’re already an affiliate for ShareASale this won’t be hard to become an affiliate for Blurb. It seems that the two sites have the same affiliate association and if you join one, you can join the other one too.


This is a legitimate publishing company that any author or photographer can use to create their own self-published books to sell. However, the company doesn’t offer an ISBN number and it is up to you to have your own. Also, Blurb’s doesn’t help distribute your books once published. The company will only add your published books to their online store. The rest is up to you and you’ll need to distribute and promote your own books online and offline if you’d like to make any money selling your published works. However, the company has many online tools for you to use. The tools help to distribute your books to over 39,000 online stores

My Thoughts About Blurb:

  1. The company offers you publishing software to download, install, and create your own books on your PC. They are always improving and updating the software package to make it easier for you to use.
  2. However, if you’re interested in selling your books to make money, you’ll need to invest in your own ISBN number. Many self-publishing companies offer an ISBN number for each author that uses their service.
  3. The overall printing cost seems a bit high to me. You will have a hard time selling your books for any type of profit. However, the printing service of Blurb’s is unbeatable when it comes to quality and look. You’ll have one of the nicest printed books if you use this company. They are truly a professional when it comes to printing books.
  4. There are many self-publishing services online. This will depend on you and what you want. If you are looking to sell your books and make a profit, then it might be best to try another service or check out the prices of another publishing company before printing an order from this company.
  5. I think this company should do a bit more for their clients. Helping to distribute their books online to increase their sales would actually benefit the company in the long run.
  6. The company doesn’t offer other types of printing services such as DVD’s or even music CDs. This leaves some artists looking for a different publishing company to print their films and music.


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CreateSpace Review – Legit or Scam

CreateSpace is the online publishing company for Amazon. The company was created in 2007 after it had acquired two other companies, CustomFlix Labs, and Booksurge. The company CustomFlix Labs was established in 2002 to help independent filmmakers distribute their films using the on-demand DVD production platform. The company Booksurge was opened in 2000 by a group of authors to help writer self-publish their own books. In 2005 Amazon acquired both companies and decided that they should be merged into one in 2007. That was when Amazon changed the name to CreateSpace. The company is for DVD, books and music artists who want to self-publish their work. The company offers an on-demand publishing service to help you out.

How Does It Work?

  1. When you decide to use CreateSpace to self-publish one of your books, you’ll be using the publishing software on the site.
  2. The company doesn’t do any editing or corrections in your book. You must hire your own proofreader to make all your corrections before you submit the book for approval.
  3. The website helps you publish your book with a step-by-step guide.
  4. Before you print your book, you’ll need to use the previewer to see how it looks.
  5. If you find any text is outside the security margins, this can be fixed before you publish the book.
  6. You can also correct issues with the margins and blend.
  7. Furthermore, you can check on all your graphics and make sure they are correct before you print your book.
  8. You’ll need to use the site’s proofing tool to make sure your book is correct. If you proof you book online there is no need to pay for a proof copy of your book.
  9. Once this is completed, you’ll need to pay to order a proof copy of your book.
  10. It’s important to correct all the issues in your book before you print the book. This saves you a lot of time and money in the end.
  11. As of March 15, 2018, CreateSpace is no longer offering paid author services. They are closing down their author service department.

What You Might Notice After Your Book is Printed:

  1. Your books printed cover will look different than the image that you’ve uploaded to the site. This is a problem or issue with computer screens and the printing process. The colors on the printed book can look muted if you select a mated cover for your book. However, if you select a glossy cover the image looks more like the one you’ve uploaded.
  2. The company doesn’t offer to print your book in hardcover. If you want your book available in paperback or hardcover, you’ll need to use another company.
  3. Your uploaded file for the book can’t exceed 400mb. Normally this won’t be an issue if your book is printed on a word document and is mostly text. However, if you have a lot of illustrations in your book, you’ll need to reduce the size to fit the threshold of the site allows.
  4. The company doesn’t have a quality control when printing your books. At times you might find that a book will arrive with the spine and edges of the book off.
  5. If you upload an update for your Kindle book, the company will also take down your print and paperback version of your book. When this happens your book ranking fall and it is hard to regain your sales on the book. Furthermore, this will reset the algorithm and this does even further damage to your sales.
  6. Basically, you are going to need to spend a lot of time self-promoting your published book if you want to earn money by selling your book on Amazon. This can take a lot of time and energy to do this.

What The Company Offers You:

  1. You will receive a free ISBN for each book you publish.
  2. The company has multiple trim sizes to choose from.
  3. You can have your book printed on cream or white paper.
  4. The cover of your book can either be glossy or matte.
  5. As long as you use the self-publishing software, it is free to publish your book.
  6. The company can adjust the cover on your book to fit their format. If the text on the spine of the books is too wide they will adjust this too.
  7. The company only offers to sell your books on, Amazon Canada, and Amazon Europe. You will miss a large market and they don’t offer to sell the book anywhere else. Therefore, you’ll be limited to how many books you can sell online through Amazon.

What Are Your Printing Costs?

  1. When the company sells one of your books they recover the printing cost upfront.
  2. The company charges:
    1. $0.012 per printed page in black and white.
    2. $0.07 per printed page in color.
    3. $0.85 per printed cover.

What Does the Company Do After Publication?

  1. Basically, the company lists your book on Amazon US, Amazon Canada, and Amazon Europe. If you’d like to sell your book worldwide on Amazon this one won’t happen.
  2. The company does have expanded distribution of your book. They offer your book for sale online and offline at bookstores like Barnes & Nobel, certified resellers and Ingram.

What Are Your Royalty Payments?

  1. Book Royalties: When one of your books sells on Amazon it is printed and shipped out. The book can sell on Amazon, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon France, Amazon Spain, and Amazon Italy, Normally your books aren’t distributed to all the Amazon stores worldwide. This service is basically for Amazon US, Canada, and Amazon Europe. The royalty payment is calculated as follows: the books sale price minus the per book charges, per page charges and the 40% revenue share that Amazon takes for its services and selling your book.
  2. CDs and DVD Royalties: When one of your CDs or DVDs sells the company will create your item to send out to the customer. However, this will cost you $4.95 for the unit, plus the company takes a 45% revenue share on each sale you make. This is deducted from the total sales cost and your royalty payment is the rest.
  3. Amazon Instant Video Royalties: You can request Amazon to add your video title to Amazon Instant Video. However, Amazon will have the final say-so if this is added or not. You can earn a 50% royalty commission on the purchase of one of your videos. This price will be calculated after sales taxes, shipping charges or any refunds, rebates or promotional codes and credit. If your video title sold for $14.99, you’d earn $7.49 on the sale. However, if a person rents one of your titles and it cost $3.99 to rent, you’d earn $1.99 on the rental cost.

How Are You Paid?

  1. You will be paid on a monthly basis for each book you sell. The royalty payment is directly deposited into your bank account.
  2. When creating your account you need to supply this information in order to receive your royalty payments each month.
  3. The company pays you every 30 days.


Using CreateSpace to self-publish your books is an excellent idea if you don’t have a lot of money to have them printed otherwise. Your books will be listed on Amazon US, Europe, and Canada. After all the charges and the commission, Amazon takes from each sale of your book, you’ll earn roughly 60% royalty fees when it is all said and done. The company has a way for you to proofread, edit and publish your books online. The platform has a step-by-step guide to help you through the process. Therefore, it is easy to publish your books online free of cost. However, once the books are published it is up to you to do all the promotions of the books in order to sell them and earn your royalty commission.

Looking forward to hearing about how you’ve self-published your first book. I’m curious about how it went for you. Please tell me all about it in the comments below.


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Abuzz Press Review – Legit or Scam

Abuzz Press is a publishing company that has published over 6,000 books electronically. The company has been in business since 1998 and is a division of, Inc. The company helps authors print their manuscripts electronically and also distributes the books for them. Currently, the company is only working with US citizens and all International authors should contact if you’d like to send in your manuscript for consideration.

How Does it Work?

  1. The company takes all the financial risks after your manuscript has been accepted.
  2. Abuzz Press will pay the design costs for the cover, interior formatting, ISBN, barcode, printer setup, and print proof. Furthermore, the company also formats and prints the book as an eBook for electronic distribution.
  3. The first hardcopy of your book is sent to you for approval.
  4. The company prints the book in hard copy or eBook publication.
  5. Once the book is on the market, the company sends you all the information you’ll need to promote your book.
  6. Since the company takes all the financial risks in publishing your book, you must agree to give the company exclusive publishing rights for 3 years.
  7. If you prefer to pay all your own fees, then you’ll need to contact

What The Company Offers Authors:

  1. The company will professionally format and convert your manuscript for print and eBook publication.
  2. The company has its own designers that will work with you to design your book cover.
  3. Each book is assigned an ISBN and barcode.
  4. The book is published as a paperback.
  5. Furthermore, the company personally formats and converts your manuscript into an eBook.
  6. When the book is ready for distribution, the company distributes the book for you.
  7. The book is listed with Ingram, which is the world’s largest book distributor.

How Do They Promote Your Book?

  1. Once the print edition has been approved, the company lists your book on Ingram. This is the world’s leading book distributors.
  2. The book will be listed on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books Million, Chapters and other online bookstores that have an Ingram account.
  3. People will be able to pick up Ingram feeds and easily find your book.
  4. What is fantastic is that most bookstores use Ingram’s databases and can order your book for the market at any time.
  5. All eBook editions will be posted or listed on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, and Kobo.

What Does the Company Do After Publication?

  1. The company handles all the customer service for you. Furthermore, they take care of the technical support, processing of credit cards, and handles mail order. The company also takes care of all the sales taxes and paying these after each book is sold.
  2. Your book will be listed on the site’s online bookstore located on Furthermore, the eBook will be listed on this site also.
  3. Each account is password protected and you can log into your account at any time to check the progress of your sales.
  4. Once you’ve reached $40 in royalties, the company will send out a check once a month.

What Are Your Obligations?

  1. If you decide to use this service, you can submit your completed manuscript to the company. This should be the finished copy of the manuscript that has been edited. The company doesn’t provide editing services for your book.
  2. Your manuscript must not violate any Unites States laws. Therefore, you’re legally responsible for the content of your book.
  3. You must give Abuzz Press exclusive right to your book for 3 years. Afterward, if you decide to stay with the company, you’ll be directed to to make your contract. You may cancel this contract at any time.
  4. You agree to accept royalties of 40% for each sale of your book. This is the company’s net profit on book sales. Furthermore, your royalties for eBook will be $30.
  5. You’ll need to agree to not publish another book that competes with this book during the term of your contract.
  6. You have the opportunity to make any corrections or changes before the final book is published. You have one opportunity to make the changes. If you decide to make further changes to your file, you’ll be charged a flat fee of $98 if the book hasn’t gone to the printers. However, if the book has been sent to the printer, you’ll be charged $199 to make your changes. On eBook, it is a $90 flat fee for making the changes. If your changes are complex this price can be more.

Why Should You Consider Abuzz Press?

  1. The company can have your book to press and printed in less than a month. Some traditional publishing companies take a year or more to publish your book.
  2. The company pays a higher royalty fee to you.
  3. Your royalty fees are paid to you on a monthly basis, as long as your account has $40 or more.
  4. The company offers you a higher discount rate when you purchase copies of your book.
  5. Abuzz Press will help promote your book, where traditional publishers will make you promote the book and pay for your own promotions.
  6. Abuzz Press contract is only for 3 years, where traditional publishers contract last for years or until they have determined the book is out of print.
  7. If you use a self-publishing service, you’re required to pay all costs upfront. But, with Abuzz Press you’re not required to spend your own money to publish your books. All the company asks is a 3-year exclusive contract from you.


This is a legitimate company and has been in business since 1998. However, they only work with a US citizen and not all the manuscripts that are submitted to the company are published. The company pays one of the higher royalty fees on the market today. Furthermore, when you use their service, you don’t have any out of pocket expenses. The company will do all the work for you and not publish your book until it has been approved. Afterward, the company helps to promote and sell your book and royalty checks are mailed out once a month.