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Zillion Design Review – Legit or Scam

Updated January 2019 – MycroBurst has changed their name to Zillion Design. The same company owns the website and the information on the site is the same. 

Zillion Design is a logo design company that lets designers signup with the company. Currently, the company says they have over 40,000 designers currently registered on the site. If you’re a company looking for a new logo design this is a great place to start. All logo designers will review your contest and submit their logo entry. It is up to you to select the winning design from the ones you’ve reviewed. Normally each contest has 100 entries to select from. As a logo designer, this is a great way for you to establish yourself as a designer. Furthermore, if your design is chosen from all the entries, you’d be paid for your design.

How to Register As a Designer:

  1. If you’d like to register on the site it is simple. Just fill in your information under Account Details on your dashboard My Account tab.
  2. All the information on your account must be filled in. Furthermore, it needs to be accurate and complete before you’re allowed to participate in any of the contests.
  3. You’ll need to send the company a copy of your ID. The company will accept your driver’s license, passport, or a national identity card.
  4. You’ll need to send a photos copy of one of these forms of ID to an email address listed on your dashboard.
  5. The information supplied on the account must match the ID verification that you’ve emailed to the company.
  6. Any designer under the age of 18 must have a copy of their parent or legal guardian’s ID in order to register with the company and be able to work.
  7. There aren’t any registration fees to pay to join the site. Anyone can register on the site for free and send in their ID to become a designer.

How Does the Site Work?

  1. As a creative designer, you’ll find different contest listed on the site.
  2. The client has created a design contest for a new logo.
  3. The contest consists of a description, creative brief, and the money that they will pay for the winning design.
  4. You’ll be competing against different logo designers on the site. Therefore, if you’d like to win the contest and be paid for your design it is necessary to pay close attention to the creative brief and the comments on the contest.

What is a Creative Brief?

  1. After the registration is completed you are now free to browse the site and read the creative briefs for each contest.
  2. The person who has created the contest will supply you with the creative brief to follow.
  3. The creative brief will help you understand what the client is looking for in a design.
  4. Besides reading and understand the creative brief, it is necessary to read all the comments the client has left for you about the contest.

When Do You Submit Your Design?

  1. It is best to submit your design as soon as it has been finished.
  2. At times the client will close a contest early and start their selection process.
  3. After you’ve submitted your design it is possible to make any last minute changes.
  4. You are allowed to submit as many drafts of your design as you want.

Can You Communicate With the Client?

  1. During a design contest, it is possible to send the client a private message asking them questions or having them explain what they’ve written in their creative brief.
  2. If you’d like to ask the client a question, it is possible to post your question directly to the contest page. This way other designers can see what you’re asking.
  3. If you don’t want anyone reading your question, then it is best to send the person a private message.

How to Submit Your Design:

  1. Once your design has been completed, you’ll need to visit the contest page.
  2. Click on the tab marked Submit a Design.
  3. Enter the description of the design you’re submitting.
  4. Select the design from your computer and click on the upload tab.
  5. Your design should include any information about the licensed images that were used in your design.
  6. Afterward, agree with the designer guideline.
  7. Once you’ve finished just click on the submit my entry tab to upload your design to the site.

What Are The Web Design Requirements?

  1. The maximum width of any image must not exceed 1000px.
  2. Avoid using more than 2 or 3 fonts and the fonts you use must be web friendly.
  3. The template resolution needs to be 72 DPI.
  4. Keep the different layer of your template in separate folders.
  5. Each layer folder should have a unique name.
  6. Don’t add any effect on the text.
  7. The ideal background size is 1500px.
  8. Don’t add filters or watermarks on the images.
  9. Use adjustable layers options on your images for brightness and contrast.
  10. Only use images from iStockPhotos unless the client has instructed you to use other images.
  11. Don’t use clipart images in your design.
  12. With each design you submit, you must inform the client if you’ve used a stock image and not one of your own.
  13. Only use bleeds in your design if the client request bleeds. Otherwise, send a private message to the client and ask if this one is fine.

How Are You Paid?

  1. If your design was chosen as the winner of the contest it will take 2 to 3 business days to process your payment after the final files are sent.
  2. Your files must pass through the quality check source department before the files are sent to the contest holder.
  3. The contest holder can invoke any design changes after they receive the final files. The client has 48 hours to invoke these changes.
  4. Any payment that is finalized before the 10th of the month is paid on the 14th.
  5. Projects that were finalized on the 11th to the 20th of the month will be sent out on the 24th of the month.
  6. All projects finalized from the 21st to the 30th of the month will be processed and paid on the 4th of the following month.


This is a legitimate company to work for and be paid for your logo designs. However, you will need to take into consideration that this company hold contests for all designers registered on the site. Each person has an equal opportunity to enter a contest and submit their design. You’ll be competing with 100 or more designers in each contest. If you are the lucky winner of the contest and your design was chosen, you’ll be paid for the design. Otherwise, you won’t earn anything from the design you’ve submitted. This is a very competitive site and many people are competing for just one reward. Therefore, it is hard to know if you’ll earn anything on this site or not. You’ll need to be a fantastic designer, create the best logos, and in the end, the client is the one who makes the decision.

The name on the review was changed January 2019 from MycroBurst to Zillion Design.




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