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Virtual Vivasayam Review – Legit or Scam

Virtual Vivasayam is a virtual farming site that is located in India. The company helps local farmers fund their crops, finds investors, sells the crops and updates investors about the farmer’s progress and the crop yield. As an investor, you can choose the crops or farm you’d like to invest in. You can invest monthly, yearly, or for an extended period of time. The company has long-term investment for 3 or 5 years. Each investor will receive a return on their investment once the crop is sold.

How Does It Work?

  1. You’ll need to register with the company before you can invest any money.
  2. After registration, you can decide on how much money you’d like to invest and how long you’d like to invest your money.
  3. There are several different investment plans for you to select from. You can select a monthly or yearly plan to invest in.
  4. Otherwise, choose a long-term investment for 3 to 5 years.
  5. The money you invest will be for cultivating crops, fruits, vegetables, AMF infrastructure, DACC, and NMPC.
  6. As an investor, you are helping to give jobs to the people that will help their families and society.
  7. The farmers benefit from your investment because they can now use their farmland effectively, have higher yield crops, and take advantage of the proven agriculture model. This gives each farmer a higher return on the sales of their crops and pays back the investors.

What Does the Direct Agriculture Control Center (DACC) Do?

  1. The DACC ensures that each farmer enrolls in the plan and becomes a partner. As a partner. the DACC will help each farmer take advantage of the soil and irrigation of their land.
  2. Youngsters are educated about agriculture science, marketing, management, and automation.
  3. The DACC will manage and monitor the labor, soil moisture, crop growth, climate, manure supply, crop health, and water supply. This helps farmers produce a successful and healthy crop.
  4. In each district, a DACC agent will be there to help farmers and the agriculture of the region.

What Does the Natural Manure Production Center (NMPC) Do?

  1. The MNPC takes care of delivering all the natural manure and fertilizer to the farmer’s fields that are associated with the DACC.
  2. Your investment in this project is used for manufacturing manure and creating jobs for the people.
  3. You’ll earn on your investment because NMPC generates revenue by selling off their products to local farmers who are part of the AMF. Furthermore, they export the manure they produce to other countries.
  4. The company also has installed Bio Gas methane energy in many local villages.
  5. The company will implement a production center in 10 different villages in their district.

What is the AMF?

  1. This office monitors the labor on each farm, monitors the market, climate, the health of each crop, soil temperature, the moisture of the soil, the manure supply and the water supply.
  2. As an investor, you’ll enjoy the benefits from the returns on your investment. The amount you invest in the AMF is tax exempt.
  3. The farm will utilize your investment t for agriculture. This helps the farmers stay away from bank loans and the mounting interest rates. Therefore, when the crops are sold at the market the farmers have money to reinvest in their farms and pay back their lenders.

How Long Has This Company Been Opened?

  1. This is a relatively new project in India and was started in 2016 to help find funds for farmers.
  2. This is a crowdsourcing company and is always looking for new investors who are willing to invest in local farmers.
  3. The company monitors all the farmers, investments, and gives live video feed to any investor so they can watch the progress of the crops.
  4. This is a relatively new concept for India and has worked well in the Philippines.


This is a legitimate company that crowdsources farmers in India to help them farm their lands and produce crops. Like any crowdsourcing company, you take the risk with your investment. However, the company is here to watch over your investment to make sure that the farmers are following the strict guidelines laid down by the company. Furthermore, when the farmer’s crops come in the company oversees the sales of these crops and pays back the investors for their investment. If something happens to the crop during the growing season, the company will help to crowdsource the farm for a second growing season so that the investors will be paid back for their initial investment.

Just keep in mind when investing in this project you take the risk of losing your investment if the crop fails. The company is here to watch over the farms, monitor each farm, and take care of your investment. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to invest money in farming and doesn’t want to do the work.





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