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Beta Testing Review: Legit or Scam

Erli Bird is a beta testing international website that tests products, apps, and websites. The tests are broken up into focus groups, and there are a limited number of participants in each group.

Many companies release early-stage products and require quality feedback during the launch stage. As a beta tester for Erli Bird, your objective is to test the product and give quality feedback concerning the product.

Updated January 24, 2019 – the website has changed their name from Eril Bird to Beta Testing. The new name is Beta Testing. The site URL address was changed.

How to Become a Beta Tester:

  1. Join the website by entering your email address.
  2. Fill in your password and log into the site.
  3. Go to the dashboard and update your information. In order to qualify for focus groups, members are selected by the information they provide to the company.

How the Tests Work:

  1. You’re required to complete a profile for the focus group you’d like to join.
  2. If you qualify for the focus group, the company sends you an invitation by email.
  3. Each focus group has a time specification and a max number of participants that can work on the test. Tests can last from 30 minutes up to several weeks.
  4. When joining the focus group, you chose the way you’re paid. They have a cash payment, karma points, or you can donate your rewards. The Karma is unique and offers you the change to gain karma points. These points can be used to join other focus groups, even if they’re full.
  5. You’re required to check the status of the focus group and verify the group is still open and not closed before joining.
  6. If you’ve joined the focus group you have a time limitation to give your feedback. You will have an hour or up to several hours to perform the test and give your feedback to the company.
  7. If you supply high-quality feedback for the test, then you’re paid for your efforts. The awards are rewarded several days after the test is completed.
  8. After joining the focus group you’re required to complete every task the product owner has specified. Afterward, you’ll need to answer all the questions that were defined by the product owner.
  9. After exploring the product and you’re ready to start supplying the feedback, there is an “Add Feedback” button that you’ll use.
  10. The product owner reviews your feedback. If they have any questions concerning your feedback, you’ll receive an email. You’re responsible to respond to the feedback and answer any follow-up question from the product owner.

Payment Information:

  1. The company has 3 forms of payment. You’re paid by PayPal, you can choose to receive a karma point, which can later be applied to join higher paying focus groups, or you can donate your earnings.
  2. To be paid you’ll need to fill out your payment information. This includes your street address, city, state, zip code, mobile phone number, and your PayPal email address. Please note the company will send an SMS to your phone to verify your mobile phone number.
  3. The company pays $0 to $25 for each beta test. If the beta test doesn’t pay, you’ll need to select karma as your form of payment. When you’ve earned 6 karma points you can use these points to join a higher paying focus group. Even if the group is closed you’ll be allowed to join and be paid for your test.
  4. You can request payment at any time. However, if you withdraw $15 or less, you’ll be charged a 4% fee.

About the Site:

  1. Erli Bird was created on 01-April- 2012.
  2. The company was founded by Mike Siegler, and the company’s headquarters is located in Saint Charles, IL.


Erli Bird is a legitimate website to work for. The site pays the beta testers after the focus group has finished. The company and the product owner decide on which beta testers will be paid. Beta testers are paid based on the quality of the feedback and how well they followed the directions for the test.

Erli Bird has many well-established beta testers that have worked for the company for years. If you’re just signing up to become a beta tester, this might take time. That’s why it’s important to fill out your information so that you will be notified when a test is available for you.

As a new beta tester, it’s important to do the best job possible, follow the instructions and give quality feedback. This way you’ll start to establish your testing skills with the company and be invited to more tests.




6 thoughts on “Beta Testing Review: Legit or Scam”

  1. Thanks for this kinded information,
    I don’t really have much about this feedback stuff not done it before but i really want want to be good at it .
    I have been lots of this survey invitations and i dont want to mess up my chances; please what do i do?


    1. When taking surveys or supplying feedback the best policy is, to tell the truth. Companies need the truth about you and the products. They use this information for advertising or to improve their services.


  2. Interesting!! I like the informative review and I think I’ll try the site. This could be an excellent site to work on and earn money.


  3. I am interested in testing sites, and wish I would be able to earn from performing testing at home. As a programmer, I used to do lots of software and website testing and I enjoy doing testing too. I hope I will be able to apply and get some testing jobs. Thank you for sharing this good opportunity. ^_^


      1. I will try to look for and apply for tester jobs which I can work from home. I hope you will review more similar sites in future, as I really like to know your opinions on certain sites. I really appreciate your sincere reviews. Thanks!


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