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Automated Income Systems Review – Legit or Scam

Automated Income System was registered on April 26, 2017, to John Valley. The company claims that you can basically earn $1,300 each day by using their stupid simple, done for your system. The company offers you a chance to earn money online by selling affiliate memberships to anyone who is interested in earning money. When you become an affiliate and purchase one of the membership packages, you’ll have access to virtual traffic, leads, and a great business opportunity in affiliate marketing.

How Does it Work?

  1. When you first land on the website, you’re asked for your email address and password. You also have the opportunity to register on the site using your Facebook account. I wouldn’t recommend this approach and it is better to supply the company with an email address and password. You’ll need to supply this information before you’re redirected to the site.
  2. You’re required to invest in a membership package in order to earn a commission on the site. However, they do have a free membership package that you can try. There are limits to the number of commissions you’ll earn as a free member.
  3. The company pushes you into purchasing one of the following membership packages. They claim that you’ll earn higher commission rates from your investment. If you decide to opt-in for a starter package, the company will continue to try and sell you other membership packages. They are always trying to upsell you on the package you’ve purchased. Membership packages available to you:
    1. Starter – $97
    2. Silver – $297
    3. Gold $597
    4. Platinum – $997
    5. Diamond – $1497

How Do You Earn?

  1. Once you join the site and become an affiliate marketer for the company, you’ll earn a commission based on the membership package you’ve sold to a person.
  2. If you decide to not invest in the company, you can still earn a commission on all the direct sponsorships that join you. However, there is a cap on your commission and you’ll not earn as high of a commission rate if you don’t invest.
  3. The commission rates are based on your affiliate status with the company:
    1. Free affiliate members only earn $25 for each affiliate they recruit that invests in one of the membership packages. If you recruit a new affiliate and they decide to join as a free member, then you’ll not earn a commission on your recruitment.
    2. Starter affiliates earn $50 for each new affiliate that they recruit. You’ll only earn this commission if the person purchases one of the membership packages. The commission rate is fixed and it doesn’t matter which membership package the person purchases.
    3. Silver affiliates will earn $50 on each affiliate they recruit that purchases a starter package with the company. Furthermore, if your recruitment purchases a Silver, Gold, Platinum or even Diamond membership, you’ll earn a $200 commission.
    4. Gold affiliates earn a $50 commission for each person they recruit that buys a starter package. Furthermore, if the person decides to invest in a Silver membership, you’re paid $200. You’ll also earn $500 if the person purchases a Gold membership and $900 if they decide to purchase a Platinum or Diamond membership.
    5. Platinum affiliates earn $50 on all new recruitments that purchase the starter package. If your recruitment decides to purchase the Silver package, you’ll earn $200. However, if they purchase the Gold package, you’re paid $500, and the platinum and diamond package earns you $900.
    6. The Diamond affiliate earns $50 for each new recruitment that buys a starter package, $200  if they purchase a silver membership, $500 if they purchase a gold membership, $900 for a platinum membership, and $1300 for a diamond membership.

Affiliate Program Residual Commissions:

  1. The company has a uni-level compensation plan that allows you to earn a commission on the 2nd level only.
  2. However, only platinum and diamond members can earn this commission.
  3. A platinum affiliate can earn a 25% commission on all second level recruitments.
  4. A diamond affiliate will earn a 50% commission on all of his second level recruitments.

A Few Facts to Consider Before Paying to Join this Company:

  1. The company is an MLM company and the only way you can earn with such a company is to invest first. However, this MLM Company does offer you a free membership, but the commissions paid to you are very low.
  2. The company is always trying to get you to invest more money to earn a higher commission rate.
  3. Memberships such as the ones offered on here are hard to sell and convince people to invest in.
  4. If you take a look at the commissions the company offer, it is impossible for them to pay this out for an extended period of time. As a Diamond member, you’ll earn a $1300 commission if a person purchases a diamond membership. Furthermore, if this person recruits a new member that purchases either a platinum or diamond membership, you’ll earn a 50% commission. The commission you earn is $650 and the commission your recruitment earns is $1300. When you combine these two amounts the company is paying both of you $1950 on a membership package they are selling for $1497. This means that the company is losing $453 on the diamond package alone. The company says that all diamond members will earn a 50% commission on all second level sales.
  5. When you actually look at the commission rates the company pays out to affiliate members, the company is barely making money. Furthermore, add in the residual commission and the company is actually losing money.
  6. No matter how much you invest, how hard you work, you’ll still not earn a very profitable income with this company.
  7. Many MLM companies who use this type of commission payouts normally end up closing down within a year.
  8. The owner of this company has opened and closed several other MLM sites in the past. He makes as much money as he can and skips out and closes down the site.
  9. These types of sites are only registered for a year. The owners understand that the number of complaints, bad reviews, and the problems they incur will force them to close the sites down and start over.


This is an MLM company that isn’t selling any products or services. You’ll need to invest in a membership plan in order to make money by selling affiliate memberships to others. The company makes this look very attractive and promises to drive virtual traffic to the website you set up. However, in the end, it is virtually impossible to try and convince people to invest in such a plan.

These types of companies are only interested in upselling you more products and earning from your investments. Not many people will join a Diamond membership from the start. They will be hounded and sent thousands of emails promoting the benefits of upgrading their memberships with the promise of making more money in the end.

There are so many affiliate programs online that actually pay you to promote their products. It is difficult enough to make a sale for a legitimate product online, let alone make a sale for a membership plan that won’t actually benefit the person in the end.

I personally don’t recommend that you invest in this company and give them any money at all. If you’d like to see how this works, you think you can sell this affiliate program, and want to test this site, I’d suggest that you sign up for the free membership. You’ll find out how it works and can earn a small commission for selling these affiliate memberships. Otherwise, stay away from this program and keep your money.

I’m sure many people have seen this advertised online. How many of you have joined this company and paid for one of the membership packages? Were you able to talk others into investing in this program and actually earn a commission for your efforts? Looking forward to reading what you have to say in the comments below.


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2 thoughts on “Automated Income Systems Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. Great Review that was fair and balanced plus you gave a lot of inside info showing you did your homework. Excellent!! Will send people here who are looking at this program. Thanks again!!! Ivan “The Value Creator”


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