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BitCoin Code Review – Legit or Scam

BitCoin Code is a software program that uses a robot to trade BitCoins. You’ll not need to invest any money to use the software and trade BitCoins on the market. The program does this all for you and there isn’t anything for you to do. The creator of this software is Steve McKay. He used to work for a software development company on Wall Street. While working for this company he created this software to help people earn money trading BitCoins.

Who is Steve McKay?

  1. Steve claims that he is a software developer who has created a fantastic new software robot that will help you earn money on autopilot. The software uses a robot to help you make money with BitCoin investments.
  2. A great software developer is always featured on Forbes, however, Steven isn’t a known software creator and nobody knows who he is.
  3. You’ll see Photoshop images of Steve featured on the cover of Forbes Magazine, however, when you try to find the cover for the magazine, it doesn’t exist.
  4. When you check further online to find out who Steve really is, you’ll find a stolen identity and a fake picture of this man.
  5. Steve doesn’t have a social media presence online. You’d think a person with this type of talents would be well known in the social media community. Unfortunately, nobody has ever heard of him before or even met him in person. The man doesn’t exist.

What Does Steven Have to Offer?

  1. Steve is offering the first 25 people his software for free. He is calming this is to help them make millions online.
  2. When you visit the site at different times the free software counter is always reset. You’ll see it increasing rapidly to make you nervous. You’ll be afraid that you’ll run out of time to get your free software package. The counter gives you a false illusion that you don’t have much time left.
  3. It is hard to believe that Steve would just hand 25 people a software package that can make millions of dollars for nothing. He has stated in his video that this software took him a lot of time and money to create. You don’t just give this away for free.
  4. The software package isn’t free like Steve has claimed. They are asking everyone to deposit $250 in their account to get the copy of t his software.
  5. The video is misleading and the creator of the video has hired actors from Fiverr to read a script. They are trying hard to convince you that they received the software for free, but in their interview they let it slip that they invested $250.
  6. The reviews and testimonials on the site are all bogus reviews. These people have no idea about investing or even trading in the market. They were hired to give a testimonial to help sell the software and make people invest in the system.

How Much Does This Cost?

  1. According to the video, the software package is free.
  2. However, once you claim your free software package, they ask you to make a $250 deposit. They say the deposit is refundable within the next 30 days if you’re not satisfied or haven’t earned any money using the software.

The Truth About BitCoin Code:

  1. The image of Steve McKay can be found on 123 stock photos online. The creators of the site have used an image of a person that isn’t Steve McKay. In truth, there is no Steve McKay. He isn’t a real person.
  2. The 3 people you find in the video giving testimonials about how they’ve earned money using this system are paid actors from Fiverr. They were hired by these people to make it look like anyone could make money using their software.
  3. There is no type of software on the market that can make binary options trading and earn such a profit in 24 hours. It is virtually impossible to do this anywhere or with any software ever.
  4. All the images on the website are found online. You can find these images on free stock photo sites. The company has used the images and written up their own script to use on the website.
  5. The money you’ve deposited in the account won’t be invested in binary trading but will go directly to these people bank account.
  6. Within a few months or maybe a bit longer this site will disappear offline. You won’t be able to find it any longer and there is no contact or way to get back your investment.
  7. Right after you go to the order form the company asks for your phone number. If you happen to type this in, within minutes you’ll start receiving spam calls on your phone. You don’t even have to register the number on the site, all you have to do is type it in. The site has a way of trapping the information you enter in the order form, there is no need to even submit the form because they have it already.


This is a total SCAM site and there is no trading software robot to purchase. The software developer is an image stolen off a stock photo site and used to create an illusion that the software is real. Furthermore, there is no software in the world that can earn you $13,000 in just 24 hours trading BitCoins.

If you’re looking for a real way to earn money online or trading BitCoins, this isn’t the way. You will be investing $250 for nothing at all. Right after they have your money your email account will be blocked and you’ll have no way to contact them again.

Many people have already fallen prey to this scam and it is best that you know all the details before it happens to you.

Did you happen to invest in this program? Can you give us any details about how it worked or what happened to you after they had your money? I’m hoping to hear from you and please let everyone know what happened in the comments below.


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3 thoughts on “BitCoin Code Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. I found this page whilst looking for information about publishOx who pay in crypto currency and like the idea but, I’m not sure if the referral scheme could be a pyramid scheme which could hurt my upcoming website.
    Really thankful for the information on this site and am recommending it to my friends


  2. This looks interesting. I don’t know much about cryptocurrency or even Bitcoins. I have never used them before. I have always been afraid of investing in this because you have no guarantee that your money is actually safe.


    1. That’s actually the exact reason people invest in cryptocurrency, it is by definition completely safe! It is a store of value that cannot ever be counterfeit, it cannot ever be stolen (given that you know how cryptography works or at the very least know how to use Authenticator and/or enable multi-factor authentication), and I could go on, but my point is your closing statement that the fear is what is holding you back is completely misplaced. Crypto is inherently the safest way to store value…that statement does not account for volatility though. It is a very volatile market, but it is extremely bullish currently, just look at what Bitcoin has done since Corona (yes they are correlated, but the upcoming halving Is likely a larger factor in the increased demand). So I’m baked so this might be incoherent, but hopefully you took something from that.

      TL;DR Crypto is the epitome of safe, sending some fake dude $250 isn’t.


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