3 thoughts on “Empowr Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. 100% SCAM. Empowr.com’s, EMPRO’s EMPR Coin’s SCAM PROOFS published here: EMPOWR CITIZENS VOICE and Is Empowr a Scam? – The Shocking Truth Revealed!!! If they are genuine, they must prove them self for this published evidence.

    To get your money back, make a complaint at FBI as published guidelines at https://empowrcitizensvoice.blogspot.com/ you will get your money back.


    1. In the review, I wrote I indicated that this site isn’t a trustworthy site and it is not advised o join this site. This site is very slick and if you call them a scam they can sue you for liable. Even if it is true you need to be careful how you present this company and only state the facts.


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