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MyLot Review – Legit or Scam

MyLot is a site that some consider a personal weblog site, others say it’s more of a social media site, and some say it is a GPT site or a paid to write for the site. When in fact it is actually all of these and has a bit of everything for everyone. You are not actually paid to write your weblogs on the site, however, you do earn money on the site for interacting with the other members.

How to Join MyLot:

  1. You’ll need to register on the site. The name that you use as your username or screen name can’t be changed.
  2. Verify your email address after submitting your registration form.
  3. When you first log onto the site, it is necessary to fill in your profile.
  4. Upload an avatar for the site, fill in your PayPal email address, tell people a bit about yourself, and if you have a website, you can add this to your profile.

How Does the Site Work?

  1. On the dashboard of the site is where it records your activities.
  2. You’ll find the number of discussions you’ve written, how many times you’ve responded to another discussion, and how many comments you’ve made. Furthermore, you can see how many people have liked your discussion or comment, how many people follow your account and how many people you follow.
  3. If you wish to type or add a discussion on the site, you’ll need to use the “Discus” tab at the top of the page. You’ll enter your title, add your discussion, add the tags, and upload an image if you wish. Submit the discussion and it is immediately posted on the site.
  4. Just keep in mind the site has a few rules about discussion and what is allowed and not allowed. Like any weblog site or site that pays you for being there, you’ll need to follow the rules; otherwise, your discussion is deleted.
  5. Keep in mind; you won’t earn money from posting discussions on the site. The site doesn’t pay you to write.
  6. However, if you go to the Explore table on your dashboard, you’ll find all the other discussion on the site. Here is where you can read the other members, discussion. You’ll need to respond to some discussion in order to make friends on the site. However, once again, you don’t earn from your responses, comments, or even likes.

How to Earn Money on MyLot?

  1. MyLot will only credit your account if another member responds to your discussion, likes a discussion or comment you’ve made,. Furthermore, you’ll earn money once a member comments back on one of your responses.
  2. MyLot is an interactive site and the only way for you can earn money on the site is through the actions of other members.
  3. That’s why it’s so important for you to make friends, go to their discussion, leave a response and like. Afterward, the member will do the same on one of your discussions.
  4. MyLot also has an offer section. By completing offers in this section, you’ll increase your earnings on the site. Unfortunately, some countries don’t have offers, therefore, they can’t earn extra money from the site.

How Does the Site Pay?

  1. Around the 10th to the 15th of the month, you’ll notice at the top of the screen $$ PayDay $$ instead of MyLot. This is the day MyLot pays all members whose account exceed $5.
  2. There is no need to request payment from MyLot. This is automatic and the money will be deposited into your PayPal account.
  3. It’s important that you have your PayPal account email filled in on your profile page if you want to be paid.
  4. It is possible to leave your PayPal information blank and let the money in your account accumulate. Then, when you’re ready to be paid, add your PayPal information to your profile. The next payday, MyLot will deposit your funds into your account.
  5. The pay period starts on the first of each month and ends at midnight, MyLot time, on the last day of the month. If you’ve accumulated enough money in your account, MyLot automatically will send your payment within 10 to 15 days later.
  6. You can always find out your account balance at the top of your dashboard.


MyLot is a legitimate site that pays you money for interacting on the site. However, you can only earn money on the site through the actions of the other site member. MyLot won’t pay you to write, comment or like a discussion on the site. However, if one of your discussions receives responses, comments, and likes, then you earn money through MyLot.

What I Think of The Site:

  1. MyLot is a good site if you love writing person weblogs and sharing them with other members.
  2. The site is a very slow earning site, and many people find it difficult to earn money there.
  3. What people don’t understand about MyLot, is that MyLot won’t pay you to write.
  4. Many new members try to write one discussion after another, thinking they will earn money from this site. This is what they don’t seem to understand. Their discussion will only earn money if another member reads them to leave a response, or even likes them.
  5. MyLot is time-consuming and you can spend a lot of time on the site each day. Unfortunately, each day you won’t earn much unless another member likes what you’ve written.
  6. You’ll be lucky if you can earn $0.30 a day on the site. This takes a lot of time to comment and respond to another discussion.
  7. Many people have been on MyLot of years. Therefore, they have a large following and can earn from the site. Some members can make $1.00 or more a day from interacting with other members on the site. This doesn’t happen often and I wouldn’t expect to earn $30 a month from the site. Realistically, you might earn $5 to $10 from the site each month. However, you’ll spend a lot of time earning this money.
  8. I enjoy MyLot to read and pass a bit of time on the site. However, once you start on the site it is hard to limit your time. That is the beauty of the site, it has a lot to offer you if you have the time to spend there.