Paid Traffic Exchange Review – Legit or Scam is a site that helps website owners to find free traffic and site visits. Furthermore, anyone can join the site, even if you don’t have a website, you can still earn money for visiting other websites. This is a new traffic exchange site where you can earn minutes or purchase minutes to use in your account. The minutes in your account will be used to pay other members on the site when they visit your website.

How to Join:

  1. It is easy to join the site. All you need is your email address and password to join.
  2. In order to log into the site after joining, you must confirm your email address and activate your account.
  3. Make sure to check your Junk Mail folder if you don’t receive your activation code from the site.
  4. Activate your account and log into the site.

How Does the Site Work?

  1. After joining the site you’ll need to add your website.
  2. Other members on the site will visit your website to earn minutes.
  3. You’ll need to earn minutes from the site in order to drive more traffic to your website.
  4. You’ll earn minutes by surfing the different websites on the site.
  5. Furthermore, if you invite your friends to join the site, you’ll earn a 10% bonus for what they earn as a bonus each day.
  6. You can upgrade your account to earn more. With the upgrade, you’ll now earn a 25% bonus from what your referrals earn daily.
  7. You’ll need to accumulate or purchase minutes for your account. The minutes in your account are deducted each time a person visits your website.
  8. However, you can visit other websites and earn back the minutes in your account.

How to Earn from the Site:

  1. Visit other member’s websites to earn money and minutes.
  2. As a free member, you’ll earn 1% of the revenue share from the site.
  3. You can create a promotional video on YouTube to promote the site.
  4. The site will review the video and add points to your account. The points you receive for the video will depend on the quality of the video, length and your channel size. There is a possibility of 5000 bonus points you can earn from your video.
  5. You can write a blog post on your blog site to earn bonus points. The site will review your blog post and pay you up to 1000 bonus points in your account.
  6. You can also promote the site on different forums. They suggest using forums like Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, and different Webmaster forums.
  7. Once you’ve finished promoting the site, you’ll have to send the link or a screenshot to the site in order to receive your bonus points in your account.
  8. When you sign into the site it is easy to earn with surf pages. You can leave the pop-up window open on the site to earn money, minutes, and bonus points.

Earn Daily Bonus Points:

  1. Each day the site rewards you for your participation. Each time you visit 5 websites, you’re rewarded 1 bonus minute and 1 bonus point.
  2. Visit 20 websites and earn 2 bonus minutes and 1 bonus point.
  3. Visit 100 websites to earn 10 bonus minutes and 1 bonus point.
  4. Visit 500 websites to earn 15 bonus minutes and 1 bonus point.
  5. Visit 1000 websites to earn 20 bonus minutes and 1 bonus point.
  6. Each day the counters are reset and you can start earning again the next day.
  7. The site rewards your daily bonus points at the end of each hour.
  8. The more websites you search on the site each day will earn you more bonus minutes and points.

Upgrade Your Account:

  1. The site upgrade is paid by PayPal or Bitcoin.
  2. You can purchase 1000 minutes for $1. Otherwise, you can buy more minutes for $3. This will give you 5000 minutes.
  3. If you need 10,000 minutes this will cost you $5.

How Does the Site Pay?

  1. The site sends out payment to anyone who has a balance in their account every 3 to 4 days.
  2. The site is paying in Bitcoin.
  3. The site accepts payment by PayPal, however, I can find out if PayPal is an option they use to send you your earnings.

What Do People Say About the Site?

  1. Many people are happy with this site and have given it a 4.8 rating out of 5.0.
  2. The site is relatively new and pays the people for the work they do.
  3. The website is hosted in the United States and has a 60% rating for trust.


This is a legitimate website that does pay you every 3 to 4 days for the money you earn surfing members websites on the site. You can earn money from your referrals. The site has two types of membership. One is free and the other is paid. Unfortunately, there isn’t any information available on this site to explain how the two memberships work. Furthermore, the site doesn’t explain how the bonus points or minutes you accumulate work. It appears that you’ll need to surf other websites to earn minutes. The minutes you earn on the site are applied to your account. When another member surfs your website, the minutes are deducted from your account.

What Do I Think Of This Site?

  1. My first impression of the site wasn’t good. The homepage is lacking a lot of information about the site. The page looks like a small child designed it.
  2. I registered on the site in hopes I’d find out how the site works.
  3. This wasn’t possible because the site doesn’t have an FAQ section, no explanation on how the site works, how you can earn on the site, or even how the referral program works. I only found out that you can add your website on your dashboard. If you have more than one website, I don’t know if you can register them or not.
  4. I had to try and find out how the site worked by searching online. The two reviews I did find didn’t give you any details on how the site works.
  5. Basically, the only information you can find out about this site is the payment proof people are sharing. The site pays out in Bitcoins from what I can gather.
  6. There is no cash out method, on the site to request your payment. It appears the site pays you automatically every few days to your Bitcoin account.
  7. This site is lacking in a lot of information and how to work on this site.
  8. As a new member, it isn’t possible to get started or even understand how to earn on this site.
  9. This site will take a lot of time and you’re basically on your own. So this is a trial and error site to see what works best for you.
  10. People are claiming if you open the surf window and let it run on the site, you’ll accumulate money, minutes and points in your account.
  11. Personally, if the site wanted to attract new members it would add an FAQ section, make it clear about how you earn, how they pay, and what to expect on the site.
  12. I finally find out that you can buy minutes from the site. The minutes you purchase are credited to your account. Each time a site member visits your website the minutes are deducted from your account.
  13. You can earn minutes on the site from visiting other websites. However, to find the websites that you can visit is difficult. There is no clear way on the site that helps you navigate around or even gives you a clue on how it works.
  14. For a traffic exchange site, I feel this is poorly done. There are many sites that you can join online if you’d like to exchange traffic for your website.
  15. I personally, wouldn’t recommend this site to work on. The site pays only pennies a day to spend your time searching for other member’s websites.
  16. The way some members use this site isn’t a good idea if you’re trying to rank in Google. You’re not receiving organic traffic to your site. The traffic to your site is more like a bot or Autosurf. This won’t help your ranking, but it can increase your website visits if that is what you’re after.



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  1. Thank you for sharing the information …This is a good one for bloggers,at least one can make pasive money from this site .i will try this site now because that payment is quite encouraging,itshows its legit and it not time wasting.


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