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ClixSense Review – Legit or Scam

ClixSense is a GPT (Get Paid To) site that pays you for taking surveys, completing tasks, and completing offers. Furthermore, you can receive a daily checklist bonus, and earn money through the company’s affiliate program. The site was opened in 2007 and started off as a “Paid to Click” site. However, as the site grew in popularity and users, it added more programs so people could earn money online. Last year the company made a major business decision to discontinue their PTC section on the site. Today the company concentrates more on surveys, offer and tasks people can perform to earn money.

How To Join:

  1. Joining the site is free and easy. Just fill in your information on the homepage and submit the registration form to the company.
  2. Afterward, confirm your email and log into the site.

How to Control Your Account?

  1. Each account has a personal dashboard. On your dashboard, you can add your personal information, add an avatar, check your account balance, and request your funds.
  2. The dashboard will keep a tally of your currently completed tasks and offers.
  3. Furthermore, it lets you know how much money you earned for the last two days.

How to Earn Money Taking Surveys:

  1. The site offers many survey that you can participate in to earn money.
  2. Surveys for Tier 1 countries pay $0.80 to $5 for each survey you complete.
  3. The pay rate is much lower for people living outside the Tier 1 countries.
  4. However, if you don’t live in a Tier 1 country, there are still plenty of survey offers you can participate in and earn from the site.
  5. Unfortunately, many of the surveys are offered for Tier 1 countries. If you live in one of these countries you’ll have an excellent chance to complete more surveys on the site:
    1. Australia
    2. Austria
    3. Belgium
    4. Brazil
    5. Canada
    6. Chile
    7. China
    8. Denmark
    9. Finland
    10. France
    11. Germany
    12. Greece
    13. Hong Kong
    14. Ireland
    15. Switzerland
    16. Thailand
    17. United Arab Emirates
    18. United Kingdom
    19. United States

How to Get More Survey Offers:

  1. On your dashboard, you’ll need to fill in and complete your survey profile. This is important if you want more surveys for your demographic location.
  2. Go to your survey page on the dashboard and complete your profile.
  3. Many survey companies will limit the number of surveys based on your work status, the number of people in your family, job profile, how many gadgets you own, and your technology experience.
  4. If you take time and fill out your survey profile, this helps to eliminate you wasting your time and being sent irrelevant surveys that you can’t qualify for.
  5. Most surveys that you participate in and complete will be credited to your account immediately. However, some surveys are paid on a monthly basis and you won’t see the credit in your account immediately.
  6. You can always check the status of surveys you’ve completed on the site. Just go to History & Surveys.

Earn Money with ClixSense and CrowdFlower Tasks:

  1. Tasks are an easy way to earn money on the site. Furthermore, tasks are not limited to your geographic location. They are only limited by your talents to perform and complete the task.
  2. Tasks that you can perform include, finding information online, analyzing the sentiments of a tweet, and classifying the product. There are other types of tasks on the site, but these are the basic tasks the company offers.
  3. If you work on CrowdFlower tasks you’ll need a few basic skills to complete these tasks. Furthermore, you’ll need to read and follow the instructions given in order to complete each task.
  4. Each task has a payment amount to earn when the task is successfully completed.
  5. Furthermore, if you work on and complete ClixSense tasks there is a weekly contest that starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. The company rewards prizes for the people who’ve successfully completed the most task during the week.

Earn Money Completing ClixSense Offers:

  1. Another way to earn money on the site is to complete offers.
  2. The company partners with various companies that offer people a chance to complete different types of offers for pay.
  3. Offer surveys are different from paid surveys. The offers surveys will target a specific audience and not everyone can qualify to take these surveys.
  4. You can accept a shopping offer and purchase a product or service to earn money from the site.
  5. Furthermore, like most sites, there are offers to sign up for different services.
  6. Last, but not least there are different types of free offers you can complete.
  7. Each offer that you successfully complete will pay you in ClixCents. This is easy to convert these earnings to cash. Every 100 ClixCents points are equivalent to $1 USD.

Earn Money From the Daily Checklist Bonus:

  1. The site pays you a 16% bonus each day based on your daily earning.
  2. To qualify for this bonus, you must complete 2 surveys or offer. Otherwise, you can complete 10 tasks, or 1 survey and 5 tasks to earn this bonus.
  3. The company pays an additional 2% bonus for installing ClixAddon and leavening it run for 1 hour a day. You’ll receive this bonus daily from the site. However, this bonus is only paid if you have completed the daily checklist.
  4. If you complete the daily checklist for 3 consecutive days, you’ll earn an additional 2% bonus.

Earn Money Through the Affiliate Program:

  1. As an affiliate with the site, you earn a commission for each referral that signs up to the site under your affiliate link.
  2. For all Tier 1 referrals, you’re paid $0.30.
  3. For all other referrals, you’re paid $0.10.
  4. You’ll earn a one time commission of $2 for each referral that has earned $5 on the site. This only applies to referrals that are in Tier 1.
  5. Each time one of your referrals completes a survey or tasks, you’ll earn a 20% commission.

How Does ClixSense Pay You?

  1. The company uses Payoneer which charges a one time fee of $2. This takes 2 to 5 business days to see the money in your account.
  2. You can select Skrill as your mode of payment. There is a 1% fee and you’ll be paid within 2 to 5 days.
  3. Tango Card is free to use and doesn’t charge a processing fee. If you select this method it takes 2 to 5 business days.
  4. If you live in Canada or the US the company can issue you a check. The one-time processing fee is $1 and you’ll receive your check each month before the 10th of the month.


This is a legitimate company to work for and they pay their accounts on time. The company has been in business since 2007. Last year the company eliminated their pay per click section on the site to concentrate more on surveys, tasks, and offers. This pays each person a higher earning and furthermore, you can earn more bonuses for your work. The company has a referral program and a weekly contest. The winner of the weekly contest receives $50. This is an excellent insensitive to work on the site and complete as many tasks during the week as possible. Many people earn a passive income on the site for working an hour or two daily. However, some people spend longer on the site and can earn a lucrative income from the site. This all depends on you and how much time you’re willing to invest.




1 thought on “ClixSense Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. If I am not mistaken, this is the first making money online site that I joined which was in year 2008. I still remember there was only ClixGrid for us to click or I didn’t know how to work with it. I am happy with ClixSense all the time though I earned very slowly, they always made announcement and informed us whenever there were any issues, I think this is very professional and makes the company more promising. Moreover, I have no delayed payment from the company before.

    I usually clicked on the ads only as I am not from tier 1 country and I hardly get qualified for the surveys, but I will still like to try them as this is a legit company and I would like to continue working there. Thank you for sharing the tips to work on ClixSense, I will check them out and hopefully I will get more surveys to do in future.

    ClixSense also pays via Payza, and this is the payment processor I used after they stopped paying via PayPal.


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