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Uscreen Review – Legit or Scam

Uscreen is a video platform where you can rent, sell, subscribe or own your own white-label video streaming website. The site is similar to NetFlix, which allows you to build your own video website and receive recurring subscriptions each month. If you need help in learning this business NetFlix has an employee training course online you can enroll in. The program will teach you how to design, sell, and manage your own video website that people can visit and stream your videos from. The website is secure and has an excellent way for you to sell your videos globally.

How Does it Work?

  1. The Uscreen platform offers you the perfect solution to sell videos online and make money.
  2. You’ll receive video hosting, a membership management system, and a billing platform to charge your customers.
  3. The first step is to upload your files to the platform. You can upload video, audio, PDF, documents, text files and any other format you desire.
  4. Afterward, you’ll need to use the systems styling and theme options to create and present your work in a professional manner.
  5. The final phase is to determine and set your price. The system has marketing tools to help you sell your videos to a global audience.
  6. The company is a hosting company that you can use to create your own video website online. The system allows you to have an unlimited number of connections simultaneously.
  7. Furthermore, you can add captions and subtitles to each of your videos.

How Can You Make Money?

  1. If you visit the Uscreen blog there are plenty of tips to help you sell your videos online.
  2. Furthermore, you’ll need to visit the customer example page on the site. There you’ll find plenty of inspiration on how other members on the site makes money selling their videos.
  3. You can also use Tmilly TV, Fader Pro and MindFresh to increase your earnings through this website.
  4. In order to succeed in selling your videos online, visit the Sell Videos Online page of the site. The page will break down the steps you need to take to sell your videos.
  5. You can also attract subscribers to your website for video streaming. You can set up a monthly contract and earn a reoccurring income each month as people subscribe to your site.
  6. If you take advantage of the site, the tools, and the information provided, with a little hard work, you can become successful and sell your videos and subscriptions online.

What You Need to Know:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the site. Use the site menu on the left, to navigate around the site.
  2. In your members’ area, it is divided into different areas. You have your dashboard, sales, users, content setting, native apps, customization, and analytics. Furthermore, you’ll find a link to your personal video store at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Monitoring your site visits, how many videos were played, and how many people registered on your site will help you in the future. This will give you a good idea of what people watch the most. Afterward, you can upload content according to the site stats to attract other viewers to your channel.
  4. The sales area of the site gives you the opportunity to run specials and set up offers for your clients.
  5. You can add affiliates to the site and monitor how well the affiliate programs are working for you.

Web Hosting:

  1. This is a web hosting site for you to use. The site is set up for video streaming and gives you the perfect opportunity to become a reseller and video streamer. You’ll attract paying customers who’ll purchase your videos or sign up for your monthly subscriptions.
  2. When using this site you’ll need to pay a monthly data plan. The basic plan starts at $99 per month. This plan allows you to make $1000 a month in sales.
  3. If you find out that this plan isn’t working for you, there is a second plan that cost $199 a month. In this plan, you can earn up to $5000 a month in video sales.
  4. However, the luxury plan cost $399 a month. And offers you a few added features the other two plans don’t have.


This is a legitimate site and allows you the opportunity to go into business for yourself. You will run your own video store, create invoices, collect money and deliver your products to your customers. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to stream videos live on your site and charge a monthly subscription to your clients. They will pay you monthly to gain access to your video streaming on your site. This is the perfect opportunity if you want to go into business for yourself. The site has all you’ll need to accomplish your dreams. However, if you chose this method of earning money, you’ll be paying the company a monthly rental or service charge for the use of their site. This is less expensive than opening up a market or trying to host your own video streaming platform.




2 thoughts on “Uscreen Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. Thanks a lot for the article, really useful. We just launched a travel blog and a youtube channel, and actually we are featuring videos. We were thinking in doing mini series as we travel and looking for a place where to get money for it since Youtube is much harder at the beginning. This might be the solution…


    1. There are many ways to post videos online and earn from your time and efforts. YouTube happens to be the largest way to do this and it is also the most popular. Now with some of the new changes on YouTube people are looking for other sites and way to earn from their work.


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