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360 Intel Mystery Shopper Review – Legit or Scam

Updated January 2019 – the company changed their name to 360 Intel. 

360 Intel hires ordinary men and women just like you and me to visit different establishments as a mystery shopper. As a mystery shopper, you’ll have the opportunity to eat at different restaurants, try out products, and go to movies. The company only hires mystery shoppers who live in the United States. This is an excellent opportunity for people who love to dine out, test new products, or go see a movie. As a mystery shopper, the company reimburses your out of pocket expenses or allows you a certain dollar amount for the meal you order. This company works solely for the hospitality and dining industry. Therefore, you be spending your time eating out in restaurants.

How to Become A Mystery Shopper:

  1. You can register with the company for free if you live in the United States.
  2. Before you can become an official mystery shopper for the company, you must first pass a few tests.
  3. The company requires you to submit a report outlining your experiences as a mystery shopper.
  4. The company tests you on your writing skills and checks to see if you can articulate your thoughts on paper.
  5. There’s another test where they give you 7 to 8 statements about a dining experience. You’ll read this and afterward, you’ll need to answer some questions to see how well you understood the instructions.
  6. The tests aren’t difficult to take and if you have a high school education, you should be able to pass these tests.

What Business Can We Visit?

  • Little Caesar’s Pizza
  • Hooter’s
  • Ben & Jarry’s
  • Nothing Bundt Cakes
  • Hometown Buffet
  • Yogurt Mountain
  • PJ’s Coffee
  • Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar
  • Atomic Wings
  • Guido’s Pizza
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Apollo Burger
  • Wild Wing Café
  • The Cheesecake Factory
  • Wayback Burgers

How Do You Earn Money From the Company?

    1. There are many instances on the site where they won’t pay you for your time. However, you did receive a free meal for answering the questions.
    2. The site claims that each shopper is paid a flat rate for completing the assignment and filling out the questionnaire at the end.
    3. Before you accept an assignment, the pay rate is listed on the site. Furthermore, the instructions are also displayed.
    4. There are a few dining experiences that can result in 4 different payment amounts for a job.
    5. 1st payment: The job flat rate is $50. In order to receive this amount, you must go to the restaurant and order dinner. If you spend $50 on the dinner, including tax and tips, then all you have is a free meal. You won’t earn anything above $50 for this job.
    6. 2nd payment: If the job pays $50 and your meal including tax and tips, and the meal costs you $40, then you’ve earned $10 and a free meal.
    7. 3rd payment: If the job pays $50, however you spend $70 for the meal, including tax and tip, then you’ll pay the $20 out of your pocket.
    8. 4th payment: If the job assignment pay $50 and you’re not required to purchase or eat out, then you’ve earned $50 for your assignment.
    9. The company doesn’t reimburse out of pocket expenses for completing the job. You’re only paid the flat rate for the assignment.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. Before the company pays you for the job, you must submit your evaluation and a receipt from the dining establishment,
  2. After the company receives your information, they’ll pay you 30 to 45 days later.
  3. The company only sends payment to your PayPal account.


This is a legitimate company, but I’m not one I’d recommend you working there. In my opinion, this is a borderline scam. Most mystery shopping sites will reimburse you to eat at a restaurant or buy a product to test. Furthermore, they pay you for your time in testing this product. This company will only pay you a flat rate for your work. Therefore, you are losing money, time and can occur out of pocket expenses while you work.

This is a shady way to do business and it doesn’t offer any incentivizes for the mystery shopper to earn money. Unfortunately, the only benefit the shopper has is a free meal. Now and then you have an opportunity to earn a few dollars for your time. However, this doesn’t happen often because the money that is offered, barely pays the bill, tip, and tax at the restaurant.

There are many companies now who offer work as a mystery shopper. It is better to find a company that will pay for your meal and your time. I wouldn’t work for this company again, because it only pays for your meal and nothing else.




4 thoughts on “360 Intel Mystery Shopper Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. If you rate a business poorly because you as a shopper/customer had a terrible experience which is what I’m supposed to do the company penalized me for being honest and objective.


    1. The company really doesn’t pay you for the work. It is explained on the site and in this review that they will offer you a set amount of money to go to an establishment and eat out. Once your review has been approved, you’ll be paid what they offered you for your meal. Other than this there is no actual payment from this company like other companies. If this one is not a good mystery shopping site, there are plenty more to choose from. I would rather get paid for my work than go out to eat to get a free meal. Each person is different and you are the first person who has ever complained that you weren’t paid. You need to send them a copy of your receipt and your review to be awarded the money.


  2. I haven’t find any mystery shopper jobs that open to International users, I do hope we can get this kind of jobs in future, as I think it’s quite interesting to work as a mystery shopper.

    The list of restaurants looks good to me, and I thought this might be a good job. After reading your comments, I am sure there are other better companies which pay better and treat the mystery shoppers well.


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