ISoftStone Review – Legit or Scam

ISoftStone is a company that hires freelancers for crowdsourcing, linguistics, search engine evaluator, technical jobs, testing, and internships. Furthermore, the company offers worldwide work at home programs, work in many languages, and offers training for some positions. The company has a job board for everyone to search. Each job is listed by the job title, country, city or region, and the language necessary to apply for the job.

How to Apply to Work for ISoftStone:

  1. You’ll need to visit the website and search their job board and openings.
  2. Select a job you’re interested in, open the job, read the job requirements, and see how to apply for the position.

Working for ISoftStone:

  • Pros:

  1. One of the benefits of the company is that you’re able to work at home.
  2. The company offers a great work-life balance and allows you to set your own hours.
  3. They try to keep people employed and find work for them.
  4. The company has strong communication skills between you and the clients.
  5. The company has offices in many locations worldwide.
  6. The company has friendly, helpful management to help you when needed.
  7. This is a large global company and it’s growing rapidly.
  8. The company offers a good pay rate for the jobs you do.
  • Cons:

  1. There isn’t always a constant workflow, and at times you’ll have a lot of time off.
  2. The compensation could be higher, but it is reasonable for a work at home position.
  3. The paydays or the time you’re paid vary from month to month.
  4. There isn’t much room for growth in the company if you reside in the US.
  5. The company has a rapid growth rate worldwide, but not in the US.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. Being an international company, the payments for the jobs you’ve worked are sent out on a bi-weekly basis.
  2. The company pays by PayPal or direct deposit to your bank account. This depends on the job and the location of where you live.

What Type of Work Do They Offer?

  • Transcribers in different languages
  • In-flied research assistant
  • Online Ad evaluator
  • Voice recording
  • Search engine evaluator
  • Data collector
  • Conversational speech
  • Project coordinator intern
  • Network engineer
  • Electrician
  • Junior sales consultant
  • Project coordinator


This is an excellent company to work for and they are legitimate. The company pays people to do various types of jobs. Furthermore, the company is international and hires people worldwide to fill different positions. You can work at home with most jobs offered; however, there are a few jobs that you’ll work in one of their offices worldwide. If you’re looking for a stable income, part-time or full-time employment this is the perfect company for considering working for.




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