Alorica At Home Review – Legit or Scam

Alorica is a company that hires people from around the world to work at home as a customer service representative. In 2015, Alorica named was changed from West at Home. The company is located in Irvine, CA. Even though the company changed their name, the service is the same. Alorica offers anyone who wants to work at home a chance to be a call agent with their company. The company hires call agents worldwide and has 5000 work at home agents that are employed by the company.

What Is The Hiring Process?

  1. You’ll need to visit the site and fill out the online application. This normally takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.
  2. When applying for a position the company will run a background check on you. In order to do this, you must pay for the background check. The cost of the background check is $35. This is normal when any company hires you online for a work at home position.
  3. Before the company runs the background check, you’ll be screened and tested for a Job Fit Assessment to determine what your current job skills are.
  4. A behavioral assessment is required to work as an at home agent.
  5. After thee assessments are completed, you’re required to complete an automated online interview. This will be necessary to have a computer that has a webcam and microphone that you can use.
  6. After the interview, the company sends you an email to let you know if they want to hire you or they aren’t interested.
  7. To complete the hiring process the company runs the background check on you. The background check will include a criminal history report.
  8. You’ll receive I9 paperwork that must be filled out and notarized before you send it back to the company.

What Are Your Basic Job Responsibilities?

  1. You will be hired as a work at home agent. This is a customer service position that you will be speaking with customers on the phone or through online chat.
  2. You’ll be required to help customers with their problems, concerns and answer all their questions.
  3. The company offers flexible working hours that will easily fit into your schedule.
  4. The company is easy to work for because you can pick the shift that you want to work.

How Much Do You Earn?

  1. The company has several different types of programs that you could select. They are based on the time you want to work.
  2. The different work schedules offer a pay-per-minute rate, work time rate, pay-per-call rates or a guaranteed hourly rate.
  3. The company says that if your total earning ends up being less than the minimum wage they will compensate you and bump you to meet the local minimum wage requirement in your state.
  4. There is a minimum of 10 hours a week that must be worked. Most people want to work more than the minimum so you must be quick to grab the hours when the schedule comes out. This might require you to check back several times a day for the new working schedules and available hours.
  5. The company pays their agents minimum wage or up to $10 an hour.
  6. The company has a paid training program that you must complete before starting to work for their different clients.

What Type of Equipment Do You Need?

  1. In order to apply and work for the company, you must have your own computer. The company won’t accept any MAC devices.
  2. Your computer should have the latest version of Windows installed on it.
  3. You’ll need a minimum of 1 GB of RAM for your computer to interface with the company.
  4. A headset is required for the job.
  5. You landline must be a feature free POTS service. There is no voicemail, answering machines or call waiting permitted on your phone service.
  6. You can’t use a cell phone or VOIP service.
  7. You must have an internet connection that is DSL, cable or fiber optic. You can’t use a dial-up service or a 4G wireless connection.

What Do Others Say About This Company?

  1. Like any company you decide to work for there will always be the good, the bad, and the really ugly reviews people leave online.
  2. It appears that a few of the jobs need you to be a sales rep. Some of the people who took this position didn’t like the pushy sales tactics that the company wanted them to use.
  3. A few people claim that they don’t receive the respect they deserve from the company.
  4. A few people claim the job is fun and also interesting because they have different projects they can consider working on.
  5. It is tough to get hours from this company.
  6. People think it is fine to get paid minimum wage because the call volume is slow most of the time.
  7. When the call volume is up and many people are calling in, that is when you can make really good money working for the company.
  8. A few people that were hired by the company said it took several months for them to complete their paperwork.

How Does The Company Pay?

  1. There is no indication about how often the company pays you each month.
  2. Furthermore, the company refuses to add any time of information about how they pay.
  3. Considering the company has hired you as an employee, it is safe to say that you will either receive a check for your work or they will deposit your paycheck directly to your bank account.


This is a legitimate company to work for as an at home call agent. You will be hired to work from home using your own computer, phone line, and will need to have a headset available for you to use during working hours. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking for a full-time position that pays minimum wage or higher for your services. The company has a paid training session that you must complete before starting to work as a customer service rep.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is looking for a work at home position. However, it can be difficult to find enough hours to work each week and you’ll be competing with other reps for your schedule. You’ll need to be quick to select your hours before they are all taken. This means that you’ll need to check the work schedule several times a day and hopefully, you’ll be one of the first ones to take the hours.



Alchemic – Dream A Keywords Studio Review – Legit or Scam

Alchemic Dream is a gaming company that was established in 2001. This is the first company that provides dedicated services to the gaming industry. The company works with publishers and game developers to help them successfully launch their online products. They are always looking for dedicated gamers who love and understand FPS, NPC, MMO, or MMORPG. Furthermore, they hire worldwide and are always looking for new people who know and love the gaming industry. If you’re a student or just love games, take a look at this company. They have some great job opportunities available for you.

What the Company Needs:

  1. This is a fast-growing company that works with people across five continents. They are always looking for anyone who is honest, friendly, full of energy, and especially interested in foreign cultures.
  2. There are many areas in the company you can work. They are always looking customer support agents that work with customers using email, over the phone or online live chat.
  3. Furthermore, they have a position in community management, risk management, quality assurance, game mastering, social media management, and localization.
  4. The company hires year round and it is easy to apply for a position you’re interested in. Just go to the website and fill out the online application.
  5. Furthermore, their Research & Development department offers different internships throughout the year.

Jobs Available: Community Manager

  1. Community Manager: As a community manager you’ll help the online community come together in different games. You’ll be working live on the different networks and also with the developers of the different games. Community managers are the link between the community and the brand.
  2. Job duties include moderating the forums, interacting with the community, find and recruit volunteers within your community to help you moderate and bring people together. Furthermore, you’ll be responsible for creating and promoting different events and helping to create a bond between the user and the service.
  3. To apply for this job you’ll need a special skill set. The company looks for people that have:
    1. Interpersonal skills
    2. Linguistic skills
    3. Good gaming skills and experience
    4. Knowledge of the local culture
    5. Can handle and manage conflicts within the community.

Customer Support Agent:

  1. Customer Support Agent: You are the go-between for the gamers and the developers. You’ll work closely with the gamers to understand their issues and problems in the games. When you find ongoing problems in the game it is your responsibility to forward this information off to the developers.
  2. You’ll supply support through emails and live chat. Every time an incident is reported that is critical to the game, you’ll need to forward this off to the developers to look into. There are some issues that need immediate attention and it is up to you to talk to the developers about these issues.
  3. The company looks for people that have:
  4. Good linguistic skills
  5. Gaming experience
  6. Are attentive, positive and patient
  7. You’ll need to be able to follow company policies and procedures

Phone Customer Support Team Leader:

  1. Phone Customer Support Team Leader: You’ll be responsible for training, scheduling, project organization, reporting, handling project related responsibilities and implementing projects.
  2. As a supervisor you’ll work with your team and clients, schedule training, offer to coach and take care of the daily work schedules, reports, and analytics.
  3. They are looking for people that have:
  4. Strong customer relations, business and self-management skills.
  5. You must be detail oriented, observant, and can work well with others.
  6. Leadership and strong problems solving skills is a must.
  7. You’ll need to be able to make a decision and be organized.

Phone Support Agent:

  1. Phone Support Agent: There are still many people who call the company to find out how to fix a problem or even report a problem. Therefore, they are always in need of good phone support agents to help out clients, gather information and escalate problems to the developers.
  2. Phone agents will answer customer’s questions and report issues to the developers.
  3. They are looking for people who have:
    1. Interpersonal skills, both enthusiastic and polite
    2. Linguistic skills
    3. A knowledge of local cultures and expressions
    4. Be pleasant and businesslike to all customers on the phone
    5. Be attentive, positive and patient

Administration Staff:

  1. Administration Staff: Your job duties will be to take care of administrative matters, payroll, recruitment, and accountability. You’ll be helping the rest of the company and support the agents around the world.
  2. You’ll oversee human resources, operations, recruitment, recordkeeping, and accountability.
  3. An administrative staff member must have:
    1. Must live in Shawinigan, Quebec/Canada.
    2. Strong administrations and team management experience
    3. Excellent English skills
    4. Taken academic training course or worked in this field

Localization Agent:

  1. Localization Agent: Your job duties will be to translate and proofread the spoken language in the game. You’ll be translating different games to your native tongue. You’ll need a good comprehension of the English language so that you can translate the games into different languages,.
  2. You’ll be responsible for translating and proofreading documents for the games.
  3. You must have:
    1. A strong translation background with previous experience
    2. Strong linguistic skills

Sales Representative:

  1. Sales Representative: As a sales representative you’re responsible for bringing in new clients and maintaining the relationship between the clients and the company. You’ll need great skills in presentation, talking to people on Skype, the phone or in person.
  2. You’ll be preparing documents about the company’s products contacting clients, receive feedback about the service providers, identify new clients, and distribute documentation to the new markets.
  3. The company looks for a person who can:
    1. Prepare documents about the different products the company offers.
    2. Can easily contact new clients and maintain a relationship with older clients.
    3. Be able to adopt the company’s documents to a new market.

Social Media Manager:

  1. Social Media Manager: A good social media manager knows how to use social media to stimulate and engage the public. Furthermore, they are great at writing articles that people like and they people will automatic like and share with their friends. They understand how to use Facebook, Twitter YouTube and Google + to communicate online and share ideas.
  2. You’ll need to have the ability to create and share new content on social media channels, monitor responses, and develop strategies to boost the company’s social media presence.
  3. What does the company need?
    1. A person who can create unique content and post it on all social media channels.
    2. Always is monitoring and responding to people’s discussions and can easily develop new strategies to engage clients.

Web/Graphic Designer

  1. Web/Graphic Designer: A good graphic designer understands the importance of the visual graphics and content of a game. Therefore, they are always looking for new ways to develop the visual concepts that the client sees and uses.
  2. You’ll need to be able to develop new visual concepts, adapt these concepts, and work with clients to understand and develop the images and ideas they have.
  3. You must have:
    1. Good graphic design skills
    2. A good working knowledge of the different graphics software packages that the company uses.

How To Apply for A Job:

  1. Go to the website and apply online for the job.
  2. The company hires worldwide, but some positions are strictly in the house and you must live in Canada.
  3. Fill out the application and supply the company with all your documents and qualifications.
  4. Submit the online form and the company will review your application.

What Does the Company Offer?

  1. Depending on the position you’ve been hired for the company pays you $10 to $18 an hour for your work.
  2. They have a benefits package for certain positions in the company.
  3. You can work full or part-time for the company.
  4. They have remote jobs that you’ll do at home and jobs that require you to work in their office.
  5. Some positions will require you to travel and meet new clients personally.


This is an excellent company to work for and they are always looking for new people to fill positions. The company especially wants bi-lingual translators that can help to translate from English to their native language. Game companies strive hard to make games in different languages so it is easier for people worldwide to engage and play these games. If you love games, are looking for a more permanent job position, then check out this company. Fill out your online application and apply for one of the many positions the company has.


Jobs/Carees Review – Legit or Scam

Vayable is a website that hires freelancers’ worldwide as local travel guides. The company offers travelers a chance to meet local people in their travel distention.  The people who live in these travel destinations will offer their services to take the group of people around to experience the culture, food, shopping, and visit places that aren’t offered by local tour agencies. As an insider for the company, you have the opportunity to create your own tour packages that travelers can select directly from the website.

How Does it Work?

  1. Vayable is a marketplace where anyone can create an account, offer a tour, and book a tour.
  2. If you want to be an insider and offer your experiences as a tour guide, all you need to do is enter your experiences on the site.
  3. You may offer several different types of tour packages for the traveler. Depending on your location you can offer tours to out of the way locations, hiking, climbing mountains, visiting wineries, beaches, backpacking, camping, and horseback riding. The types of tours you offer can be endless and custom designed with the tourist in mind.
  4. If you speak more than one language, this is beneficial for you and can attract a larger clientele.
  5. Before you can complete your profile and join the company, they require you to visit a page called a vouch page. Here you’ll need a webcam and microphone to record yourself answering a few questions. After you complete this task, you’ll not need to do this again. You can now set up as many experiences as you wish on the site.

How Much Can You Charge For Your Services?

  1. The company uses a “Friendly Pricing” list for your tours. You may charge $25, $50, $100 and $200 per person.
  2. When setting your prices, keep in mind the cost of food, transportation, and other out of pocket expenses, to offer your experience.
  3. Furthermore, determine what your time is worth.
  4. You can offer a group package for 6 to 8 clients. A flat rate fee of $400 can be charged. When you set up your offer, make sure to mark down that you can accommodate up to 8 people. Indicate this is $50 per person, and you have a maximum of 8 people for this booking.
  5. Until you’re established, it’s recommended that you start off with an introductory offer. This gives you a better chance of booking a few tours in your area.
  6. Furthermore, when setting your prices, look around the website and see what others are charging. This helps you determine if you’ve chosen a competitive price for your tour.

Creating Your Profile:

  1. On your dashboard is where you’ll create your profile. It is best to upload a good photo of yourself so the clients can see who they will be working with.
  2. On your dashboard, you can enter your experiences, set your prices, and edit an experience at any time.
  3. The site has an online message system that allows you to message and speak directly to the traveler. If you can’t make your appointment, it is easy to contact the traveler and see if you can arrange another day or time.
  4. On your dashboard, you’ll be able to confirm and book your experience.
  5. If you’ve booked an experience, it is a good idea to keep in touch with the traveler.
  6. Let them know where you’ll meet them, what type of special clothes they will need, if any and give them all the instructions for the tour.
  7. Make sure you contact them at least 24 hours prior to your experience and check to see if they have any other questions, need anything, and understand what the arrangements are.

How Does the Site Pay You?

  1. Currently, the site sends out direct deposits to your bank account 24 hours after you’ve completed your experience.
  2. The company has a limited number of countries they can send payment to right now. You’ll need to check on the website to see if your country is listed.
  3. All funds for experiences are sent to the company, which holds the funds for the clients. After you’ve met with the client and completed your experience, it takes 24 hours for the funds to be released.


This is a legitimate website that allows you to work as a freelance agent or travel agent in your own country. You may join the site, offer travel packages and deals to anyone traveling to your specific location. The company handles collecting the payment and paying you directly to your bank account, 24 hours after you’ve completed your tour. Furthermore, as a free agent, insider, or guide, you can set your own prices, make your own schedules, and accept or decline any client you wish.

The company is very unclear about the payment and if they withhold a percentage of your earnings for their services. If you live in a country they haven’t yet arranged direct deposit with, it is unclear how they’ll pay you for your services. Considering the company is collecting the fees upfront for your services, you’ll rely on them for your pay. The company states in the rules that it is not possible for you to arrange payment from the client directly to you.



Sykes Review – Legit or Scam

Sykes is a company that hires people to work at home or one of their many call centers worldwide. The company has 4 major regions where people can apply for a job. If you live in North America you have the opportunity to work at home, at the center, in a corporate position or an enterprise job. Furthermore, they hire from Europe Middle East and Africa, Latin America and the Asia Pacific. This is a great opportunity to find part or full-time employment.

How to Apply at Sykes:

  1. Visit the website and click on your location.
  2. Follow the directions for applying for a job.
  3. There are several options that you can use to apply for a job at the company. You can go to their recruiting office/hub, apply through their app on your smartphone or tablet, apply directly from the website, or apply through their Facebook pages.
  4. Depending on your region, they have different work at home positions and office positions.

Working for Sykes:

  • Pros:

  1. This is a nice place to start off working for, especially if you have no prior work experience.
  2. The company will hire employees within the organization when a new job opening is available.
  3. You’ll have a chance for great opportunities and gain valuable knowledge from the company.
  4. The company has a decent pay scale for the jobs that you work.
  5. Depending on the call center you work at, they are always helpful and are there to guide you. You never feel alone when working at certain call centers.
  6. At times there are great opportunities to test and launch new products. The company sends you new items to test in the mail.
  7. Tech support is an excellent place to work.
  8. If you like working in a call center, this can be a good job.
  9. The company has many special events for their employees.
  • Cons:

  1. Working in the company’s call center is stressful.
  2. Many customers are abusive and it makes it difficult to work there.
  3. Some of your coworkers will attack you and abuse you verbally. This is when you work in the office, at the call centers and not a home.
  4. If you have a medical problem or need time off, you’re required to quit. Afterward, your name is added to a no hire list.
  5. The worst in-house call center job ever. The management doesn’t care about its employees and they don’t communicate with them either.
  6. Some of the tests you do for tech support are stressful, especially with all the questions and answers they require.
  7. The company has a hardware division you can work in, however, the pay is not so great for the work they require you to do.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. When you’re hired to work for the company, you’ll need to choose your benefits package.
  2. The company won’t specify the pay rate for any of the jobs or even how they pay. During your interview, the company can hire you. They will negotiate your pay rate and how they will pay you. Furthermore, the company has different options for you to choose from when you’re paid.

What Type of Jobs Opening Do They Have?

  • Customer service call center rep
  • Hardware support
  • Tech support
  • Financial
  • Working in the back office – doesn’t explain the job duties for this position.


This is a legitimate company to work for. However, some of the jobs offered by this company are for the call center. They offer work at home position for some of the regions, not all regions have an opening for work at home positions. Many people enjoy working for this company, the job experience, benefits, and the special events the company has for its employees. However, there are a few people that have complaints about a few offices within the company. They feel that the people working there are abusive, don’t help, and it isn’t a good job being stuck at an office call center.

In order to find out if there is work at home positions available, you’ll need to visit their website and search for jobs in the country you live in. Each country has its own job listing, how to apply, and requirements they are looking for. The company does pay on time, has different benefit packages you can select from, and offers you a chance to advance within the organization. If you’re looking for a more permanent job position with work at home benefits, it’s worth checking out this company.



ISoftStone Review – Legit or Scam

ISoftStone is a company that hires freelancers for crowdsourcing, linguistics, search engine evaluator, technical jobs, testing, and internships. Furthermore, the company offers worldwide work at home programs, work in many languages, and offers training for some positions. The company has a job board for everyone to search. Each job is listed by the job title, country, city or region, and the language necessary to apply for the job.

How to Apply to Work for ISoftStone:

  1. You’ll need to visit the website and search their job board and openings.
  2. Select a job you’re interested in, open the job, read the job requirements, and see how to apply for the position.

Working for ISoftStone:

  • Pros:
  1. One of the benefits of the company is that you’re able to work at home.
  2. The company offers a great work-life balance and allows you to set your own hours.
  3. They try to keep people employed and find work for them.
  4. The company has strong communication skills between you and the clients.
  5. The company has offices in many locations worldwide.
  6. The company has friendly, helpful management to help you when needed.
  7. This is a large global company and it’s growing rapidly.
  8. The company offers a good pay rate for the jobs you do.
  • Cons:
  1. There isn’t always a constant workflow, and at times you’ll have a lot of time off.
  2. The compensation could be higher, but it is reasonable for a work at home position.
  3. The paydays or the time you’re paid vary from month to month.
  4. There isn’t much room for growth in the company if you reside in the US.
  5. The company has a rapid growth rate worldwide, but not in the US.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. Being an international company, the payments for the jobs you’ve worked are sent out on a bi-weekly basis.
  2. The company pays by PayPal or direct deposit to your bank account. This depends on the job and the location of where you live.

What Type of Work Do They Offer?

  • Transcribers in different languages
  • In-flied research assistant
  • Online Ad evaluator
  • Voice recording
  • Search engine evaluator
  • Data collector
  • Conversational speech
  • Project coordinator intern
  • Network engineer
  • Electrician
  • Junior sales consultant
  • Project coordinator


This is an excellent company to work for and they are legitimate. The company pays people to do various types of jobs. Furthermore, the company is international and hires people worldwide to fill different positions. You can work at home with most jobs offered; however, there are a few jobs that you’ll work in one of their offices worldwide. If you’re looking for a stable income, part-time or full-time employment this is the perfect company for considering working for.



Appen Review – Legit or Scam

Appen is a company who hires people to work online in various types of jobs. The company is always looking for a few good people to fill various jobs. If you’d like a job doing:

  • Annotation
  • Annotator
  • Audio Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Data collection
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Linguist
  • Localizer
  • Native Speaker
  • Project Management
  • Pronunciation Specialist
  • Social Media Evaluator
  • Speech Evaluator
  • Transcriber
  • Translator
  • Web Search Evaluator

The company has hired freelancers from around the world to fill various types of job. Many of the people who work for Appen have been there as a full-time or part-time employee for more than a year.

The company has salary positions and non-salary positions. People are happy working for the company and have shared their views on the job.

Working at Appen Pros:

  1. Remote work and flexibility in working hours.
  2. Many interesting projects to work on and excellent clients to work with.
  3. This is a challenging dynamic environment and makes it easy to work for the company.
  4. The company has intelligent and thoughtful leadership.
  5. Best work online job that people have found.
  6. The company pays well for the jobs you complete.
  7. This is an excellent telecommuting job and you have flexible hours you can work.
  8. There is very little stress working for this company.
  9. The company offers great work and the work you do is detailed.
  10. It is easy to earn $100 from this company for the jobs you perform.
  11. This is a great company to work for if you’re a student or stay at home mom. The hours are flexible and you can choose what time you work each day. As long as you work 4 hours a day and 19 hours a week there is no problem at all.

Working at Appen Cons:

  1. The company doesn’t give pay increases.
  2. You need to do your own taxes.
  3. The company doesn’t offer benefits.
  4. The response time for emails is slow at times.
  5. Some jobs you can only work 4 hours per day and 19 hours per week.
  6. Some jobs require you to complete a large number of tasks. You are required to make judgment calls and at times the company disagrees with your call.
  7. You need to keep track of how many hours you work per week. If you exceed the 19-hour limit, the company sends you a warning.
  8. At times their computer system glitches and it is hard to find help.
  9. This is very similar to temp jobs and you could only be hired for a short time.


This is a fantastic company to work for and the company is legitimate and pays its employees. The job hours are flexible and it is easy to choose the time you work each day. The jobs are interesting and many people have worked for this company for years. The only problem in working for them is the fact you’re responsible for your own taxes and they don’t offer benefits.

The company has so many job opportunities which let their employees choose their own working hours. Furthermore, the jobs are interesting, the clients are exceptional, and it is a pleasure to work with this company. There is a wide verity of jobs to choose from and it makes it fun to work for this company.