The Expeditioner Review – Legit or Scam

The Expeditioner is a website about travel, travel stories, and anything to do with travel tips. The site allows freelancers to submit their stores for consideration. You can write anything about travel that deals with adventure, budget, beaches, news, food, female or male travel advice, photography, news, and tips. The site has a large variety of topics you can write about.

How to Submit Your Idea to The Expeditioner:

  1. The company wants an unsolicited article about your adventures and places you visited.
  2. You can either write up a pitch for the company or write up your article.
  3. Submit the article to the editor of the website Matt Stabile.
  4. Not all pitches or articles are accepted for publication on the site.

What Type of Stories Are They Looking For?

  1. Readers love first-person narratives. The story can be all different sizes and lengths. They are looking for stories that are 1,200 words and up.
  2. Now and then the company will publish the top 10 pieces.
  3. If they publish a non-narrative piece it must be inspiring, interesting and informative for future travelers.
  4. Your article will need original photographs. The site would like to see some of your original images online. If you store your images online, supply the link so they can view your images.
  5. All articles must be proofread and formatted for an American audience.

How to Pitch a Story to The Expeditioner:

  1. Write a fantastic introduction to your travel article. The lead to your article must be intriguing, and attention-grabbing.
  2. Don’t add your point of view, but add an angle to the story. Give a perspective that is fresh and unique
  3. Try to add clichés to your story. Use as many as possible. Words like charming, cute, rustic, and quaint are perfect examples of what should be included in your article.
  4. Talk about your experiences, not local dialog with others. Make the reader experience your adventure. You don’t need to write about how the local lives, or what they do at night. Write more about your experiences and what adventures you had that stick in your memories.
  5. When you end your article, end it with a nice cliché and something catchy that will make you want to visit there again.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. For each article the site accepts and publishes, they’ll pay you $30.
  2. You’ll need a PayPal account to accept payment from the company.


This is an excellent travel blog to write for that pays freelancers for their travel stories. The site is looking for first-person stories and adventures. Furthermore, the site wants original photography and a link to the images on your article. This way they can pick and choose a few of your images to feature with your story. You can either write a travel story or send in a pitch to the editor of the site. They will review your story or pitches and get back with you.





2 thoughts on “The Expeditioner Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. Expeditioner seems to be a nice place to post my travel stories and according to how they operate, they seem to be legit but I will fully confirm that after giving it a serious try. Will now schedule my pitch drafting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The company pays well for its writers as long as you submit your pitch and follow the rules. This is a legitimate site to write for and they are a bit strict on the rules.


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