The Dollar Stretcher Review – Legit or Scam

The Dollar Stretcher is a blog site that is dedicated to helping people live better lives for less. The site provides information on how people can save money and time. Furthermore, the site published its first newsletter in January of 1998. Afterward, the site started a weekly newsletter that they send out to 200,000 people online. The website is visited by more than 1 million people each month. In addition to the newsletter, the site posts daily articles and updates.

Writer’s Qualifications:

  1. The site is looking for experts on the subject of finance, saving time and money.
  2. If you’re not an expert in your field, it’ll be necessary to find an expert. You’ll need to find a person who can offer a few quotes or some insight into the article you’re writing.
  3. The site doesn’t want quotes taken off the internet; they’re looking for original quotes from experts, on the subject.
  4. When you quote an expert. it is possible to mention their website or book they’ve written.
  5. Also, provide statistics for your article if necessary. People love statistics and it’s important that you use them in your article.
  6. The length of your article should be 800 words or less. The majority of articles written on the site are 500 to 700 words long.

What Does the Site Want?

  1. The site is interested in a specific way to help people save money.
  2. They don’t want articles about 100 ways to save on your grocery shopping. However, if you can write an article about 8 to 10 ways to save money or reduce the cost of buying veggies or even hamburger, this will interest the site.
  3. People love how-to articles. If you can write any time or money-saving articles about how to save, this will be considered for publication.
  4. Ideas on how to save time and space.
  5. Creative ideas and ways to save on housing, clothes, and food.
  6. Any type of articles about the stages of life. It can be about babies, teens, college students, single parents, divorced parents, or even retirees.
  7. If you live with a partner, child or significant other who is non-frugal, we want to hear how you deal with this.

How Can You Write For the Site?

  1. Before you can write for the site, you must send a pitch to the site about the article you want to write.
  2. The site has over 10,000 articles already posted on the site; therefore, they don’t want to post an article that is the same as one they already have.
  3. They will consider revisiting one of their ideas if your pitch is different and can show some new ways or techniques that aren’t already posted.

How Does the Site Pay?

  1. If the company accepts your article and uses it in the monthly print version, you’re paid $0.10 per published word.
  2. Payment is sent out to you by a US check or by PayPal.
  3. The site is only paying for articles they use in the monthly print version. If your article appears on the site, the company is able to pay a few of the authors who don’t want to link backs to their book or site.

How to Submit Your Article:

  1. After the site approves your pitch, you’ll need to write your article.
  2. Once the article is completed, you’ll email the article to the site.
  3. When you email the article, it’s necessary to indicate if this is for the online submission or the print submission. This is important to put this on your email.
  4. If you fail to mark your article, they’ll send it back to you to mark before they review it.


This is a legitimate site to write for. However, they only publish their newsletter once a month and space are limited. Therefore, you must have a fantastic article and be an expert in your field to be published in this newsletter. However, if your article is of interest, the site does pay a few authors for writing on the site. Otherwise, you can submit the article and they will add your bio and link it back to your book or website.





2 thoughts on “The Dollar Stretcher Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. As a legit site, The Dollar Stretcher seems to be looking for more than quality articles due to the high amount of $0.10 they pay per published word. But as they accept articles of any kind, I will give it a try with an aim making it to their monthly print version.


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