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Money Gold Forum Review – Legit or Scam

Updated January 2019 – the forum is no longer available and has changed names.

Money Gold Forum is a new pay per post forum. There you can earn money for starting a new thread, completing offers, and replying to an existing thread. The forum is based on helping people make money online. The members of the forum introduce new money making programs that people can join to earn a passive income online. Furthermore, the members of the forum share with you their payment proof so that you can see if the site is legitimate or not..

How to Join:

  1. You’ll need to register with the site. This requires you to enter your email address, password, and username for the site.
  2. You’ll need to verify your email address.
  3. After you’ve registered with the site, you’ll need to complete your profile and upload an avatar to use on the site.

How to Earn Money on the Site:

  1. For posting a new thread you earn 5 MGF points. This converts to $0.05 per thread.
  2. Each post (normally this is only on your first reply to a thread) earns you 3 MGF points, which is $0.03.
  3. Each reply on the same post earns you 0.5 MGF points.
  4. Your rating earns you 0.25 MGF points.
  5. Each referral you have on the site earns you 15 MGF points.

Is There a Post Limitation?

  1. You are allowed to make 15 new threads or post in a single day.
  2. This can be a combination of new threads, posts, and replies.

Posting rules:

  1. Don’t post SPAM on the forum. It will be removed and your account will be penalized.
  2. Don’t send unsolicited messages to forum members. If you are reported by another member, your account will be penalized. If you continue to send unsolicited messages, you’ll be banned.
  3. You can use your website or referral link in your signature.
  4. You’re not allowed to post one reply after another on any given thread. You’ll need to wait for another member to reply to the topic before you can answer again.

How does the Site Pay?

  1. Once your account has reached 1000 MGF points you can request payment on your account. For every 1000 MGF points, it equals $5.
  2. The admin takes u to 72 hours to verify your payment. He checks your posts to make sure you’ve followed the rules and the posts don’t contain any illegal links or spam.
  3. You’ll receive your payment by PayPal.
  4. When you request payment, you’re responsible for paying the PayPal fees on the payment received.


Update: April 5, 2018 – The site has finally corrected all their problems and is now starting to pay their members again. Furthermore, when you first register with the forum you will now be rewarded with 150 coins. Hopefully, we won’t see any more problems with this site and the owner will continue to pay people to post on his forum. This site is no longer a SCAM site but it is legitimate to go there and work again.

Update: as of January 31, 2018, the site has stopped paying people who worked on there. They are no longer answering their emails, coming to the site, and won’t tell the members on the forum what is happening. I am now changing the status of this site to scam because of what is happening there. If the forum starts paying again and I can prove that people are receiving their payment, I’ll update this post. Until then, don’t waste your time on this site and stop working on it if you are a member.

My Thoughts About this Forum:

  1. This forum has a different forum software, however, the layout and format are the same as BeerMoney Forum.
  2. It looks like the owner of this forum has stolen or copied some of the topics and format from another forum.
  3. In his forum rules, they read word for word like the other forum.
  4. In one area of his forum, he states you can make 20 posts a day on the forum. However, when a member asks him how many posts they are allowed, he states now it is only 15.
  5. The only basic difference I see on this forum is the owner is allowing people to post new topics in Arabic or other languages.
  6. The forum is not very active and it takes a long time to earn 1000 points to receive $5 from the forum.
  7. Anyhow, this is still a good forum to visit if you’re interested in earning a passive income and learning about making money online.
  8. The discussions are interesting, you can learn from the other forum members experience on the different sites, and you can find out what programs to stay away from.
  9. The members on the forum are very vocal about what sites pay them and what sites have scammed them.
  10. This is a new forum and is just getting started. You won’t find that much information on it yet. However, if the forum continues to pay, you’ll see more information added to the forum.

Has anyone rejoined the site after the owner has opened it up again? What are your thoughts about the new improvements and money you earn? Looking forward to hearing about the site after it’s opened again. Leave your comments below to help others understand and join this site.




6 thoughts on “Money Gold Forum Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. I just read that this forum is no longer a paid to post forum since 24 January 2018. I am not sure if they will finally close down or they will resume the payment system later.


    1. Thank you so much. I have updated this post and changed the status. The site stopped paying on the 31st of January. I’ll keep an eye on this site and see if they close completely. At that time, I’ll move the review to another location on the site.


  2. I have issues creating an account with them, it seems they have so many glitch in their platform, maybe they are trying to do some maintenance and stuffs like that, I will check it out once again, to see how it goes, thanks for the review.


    1. Hello, it is a paid to post forum and you can sign up now and earn 150 MGF from signing up.
      They fixed everything now you can sign up and start earning cash.


  3. Another to add on my list as I am having a vacation and would love to write some reviews. I will consider this since posting pay is high. Thanks for sharing.


  4. This forum is the same as the Beer Money Forum. It feels like they have copied and pasted the content from one site to another.


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