Content Locking/Paid to Upload

CPA Lead Review – Legit or Scam

CPA Leads is a Cost-Per-Action site that allows people to be paid for an action that is performed on your social media account, website or blog. There are several different ways to earn from this site. As a blogger or website owner, it is easy to create an account with this company and start making money on your blog or website. You’ll be paid for each action one of your visitors performs on your site. The CPA marketing is different than other PTC (Paid to Click) sites ads. Here you are offering your visitors something for completing a task, taking a survey, or completing an offer.

What is a  Content Locker?

  1. If you offer free downloads, eBooks or even White Papers these can all be locked using a locker.
  2. When a person clicks on your free offer, they are directed to another site to complete a task, survey, or offer before they can download the free eBook, White Paper, or software.
  3. Each time a person clicks on your offer and completes the task, you’re paid for his action.
  4. Using a locker is a great way to earn money from your site. If the person is interested in receiving the free download he must complete the task.

What are the Leads?

  1. On your dashboards are the numbers of leads that people have completed.
  2. This is an account of how many people have completed a certain task to download a certain offer on your site.
  3. Leads help you track the money you’ve earned on the site.

What is CTR?

  1. The click-through rate (CTR) is on your dashboard. You can monitor how your offers are doing.
  2. This shows your offers and how many people have clicked on them and completed the offers.
  3. Monitoring your click-through rate will tell you if the offers you have on your website or blog are making you money or not. This is also a good indication of what offers people will click on and complete the task.

Using Link Locker:

  1. Link Locker can be used in several different ways. You can lock a link on another website. When a person follows your link, they must complete a survey or offer, before they are redirected to the link.
  2. You can post links on your social media accounts or even on your website or blogs.
  3. Using a link locker is a simple way to earn money from CPA Leads.
  4. Find any link on the internet that you think a person will be interested in.
  5. Lock this link and start to advertise the link on your blog, website or social media accounts.

Using Content Locker:

  1. Today, most people don’t want to pay for an eBook, software, White Papers, or other important information. In order to earn money from the content that you write, there is basically only one way to do this. You’ll lock the content on your site. When a person clicks on your content, they are obligated to complete a task, take a survey or complete an offer in order to unlock your content.
  2. You can offer content from other people on your site. Each time the content is clicked on and the task is completed, your visitor can view the content. Furthermore, you earn money for the content that you’ve written or shared on your site.

Using the Exit Traffic Tool:

  1. This is an excellent tool for bloggers or website owners. When a person exits your site, they’re shown an intrusive offer to complete.
  2. The person has the opportunity to complete the offer or just leave your site.
  3. If the offer is completed, you’ll earn money from the offer. Otherwise, the person just leaves and you don’t earn from them leaving.

Using the Download Widget;

  1. One way to make money from your free download offers is to use the download widget to lock the content.
  2. If a person wants to download your eBook, video, or even the white paper, they must complete the offer before the download starts.
  3. This is one way to offer free advice on your website and earn money from people downloading the eBook, video, or file.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. For each offer a site visitor completes, you’re paid a set amount of money. Surveys can range from $1 to $10 depending on the offer completed.
  2. Once your account accumulated $10, you can request a payout from the company.
  3. The company sends payment to your PayPal account on the 30th of each month.


CPA Leads is a legitimate company that pays you for tasks performed on your site by visitors. Each time a visitor clicks on one of your links and completes the task, you’ll earn money from the site. The more tasks completed, the higher your earnings. The site will pay you through PayPal once you’ve reached $10. The higher the offers, site visitors, and interests on your site, the more you can earn with CPA Leads.

Here Are A Few Things to Consider:

  1. It is easy to make money with the company; however, they lock all the content on your site. Therefore, you start to notice a decline in your site traffic and ranking with Google.
  2. CPA Leads will lock your pages and you’ll notice a decline in the backlinks your site has.
  3. Many websites and blogs won’t backlink to your site if you are locking your content and asking visitors to take a survey or complete an offer to view your content.
  4. When you use CPA lead, it is best to have one section on your blog or website that you lock the content. This could be a download section. Otherwise, it can lock all your content and you can start to lose your site visitors and rankings.
  5. If you want to use this site for making money, don’t lock music, videos or torrent files. The site offers eBooks, white papers and other software that can be added to your site. It is best to only offer your own material and not material from others on your site. Otherwise, your site will be banned and you’ll lose the money in your account.
  6. If you write eBooks, white papers, or have your own music that you’ve written and produced, this is an excellent way to earn money from this site.




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