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Lettem Write Review – Legit or Scam

Lettem Write is another form of a content mill where the company pays freelance writers to write articles for their clients. The site is a bit different than other content mills. A buyer can go to the site and enter his request in a competition. The writers on the site compete in the different competitions to gain status and prove themselves as a writer.

How To Join:

  1. All you need to do is register on the site as a writer.
  2. You are given the status of a Featherweight writer to start off.
  3. You’ll need to win the different competition, in order to advance your writing status on the site.

How It Works:

  1. As a new content writer on the site, it is necessary that you prove your writing skills.
  2. The clients come to the site looking for content. To find the content they are looking for and willing to pay, they start a competition.
  3. The competition states what the client is looking for in his article.
  4. The new writers or Featherweight writers on the site compete in the competition.
  5. Each person has a certain time frame to write his/her article and post it on the site.
  6. The client is the judge of the competition and selects the article that he needs.
  7. When the client judges the content and selects his content, he is working from a snapshot of your article. The client doesn’t have full access to the work you’ve written.
  8. The winner of the competition is paid and has earned 1 point for the contest they won.
  9. You’ll need to win 3 contests in each division in order to advance on the site.
  10. As you advance up the ladder and win more contests, your pay rate increases.

About The Company:

  1. The company has been online since 17 February 2017.
  2. The company is registered to Milo Muller of Amsterdam.
  3. The company is a European based company.

How to Earn:

  1. In the beginning, there is only one way to earn on the site. You must compete in competitions and win the competition to be paid.
  2. The first writing level is Featherweight. You must win 3 competitions to move to the next level.
  3. The second level is Lightweight. The buyers can now hire you directly to write an article for them. In this division, your pay is determined by your ranking status. You can write directly for the client’s at the lower pay rate and also compete in the Lightweight competitions. New Lightweight writers earn $0.02 per word. The more competitions you win, the higher your pay. The top pay for a Lightweight writer is $0.05 per word.
  4. After winning 3 Lightweight competitions, you’re moved up to Middleweight. Here your pay starts at $0.06 per word. The more competitions you win in this rank, the higher your pay. The top pay for a Middleweight writer is $0.12 per word.
  5. The final rank is a Heavyweight writer. Here your pay rates start at $0.14 per word. You will still need to enter the competitions in this rank to increase your pay rate. The top pay rate for a Heavyweight writer is $0.30 per word.

How Does the Site Pay?

  1. When you win one of the writing competitions, you’ll be paid 100% of the prize money. The money is deposited into your PayPal account.

Who Can Work For the Company?

  1. Anyone can join the site and compete in the competitions. Just keep in mind, you’ll only be paid on this site if you win the competition.


So far this is a legitimate writing site that pays freelancers to write content articles. Each writer has to compete in competitions in order to advance and increase their pay rate per word. The competitions are started by the person who needs an article for his site. The person who purchases the article is the one who decides on the winner of that contest.

My Thoughts on This Site:

  1. This is a relatively new site that has a different way of doing business. People need to prove their writing skills in order to advance to higher paying jobs.
  2. I like the idea of competing in competitions to prove your writing skill. However, if you lose the competition, you earn nothing from what you’ve written.
  3. The company claims that they don’t take any of the prize money from the competitions, and the writer is paid it all. This makes me wonder how the site can stay in business and continue to pay for the expensive web hosting each month.
  4. As a new writing site, it will be hard to stay in business and keep writers in this type of a platform. People will grow tired of writing for the site and not being paid if they lose the competitions.
  5. I also believe that a brilliant writer should be paid more than a second-class writer. This site allows seasoned writers to be paid a fair price for each word they write.




2 thoughts on “Lettem Write Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. Sounds like a great website. I like the concept of Merit Crowd and how you need to prove yourself to be able to earn a higher pay. Thanks for the explanation.


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