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Dealspotr Review – Legit or Scam

Dealspotr is a group of people who discover new brands and products. They post these on the site and offer discount codes to people browsing the site. The products normally come from Kickstarter, Amazon Launchpad, Indiegogo, and ASOS Marketplace. While, other brands, share exclusive deals and promotional codes with Dealspotr

How Does it Work?

  1. Dealspotr is free to join. Shoppers can join the site and earn points and gift cards for helping the company find the best deals of the day. Furthermore, if you’re an e-commerce brand it is easy to join the site and start your own store page. There you can promote your own store’s deals and promotional codes on the site.
  2. The site is 100% free to use and gives you the perfect opportunity to collaborate with new brands.
  3. Register with the site an influencer and complete your profile. Link your social media accounts to the site. Afterward, follow Dealspotr on Twitter and Facebook to find the latest updates.
  4. Follow the brands you love on Dealspotr to find their latest deals and promotional codes.

What are the Benefits of Being an Influencer on Dealspotr?

  1. As an influencer on the site, you have the opportunity to work with new innovative brands that you love.
  2. When you promote brands on the site, you’re awarded an ambassador discount code. The code can unlock unique discounts for the fans that follow you.
  3. Promote a brand and receive instant payment from the site and brand.
  4. The site lists you in their Dealsportr influencer directory for free.
  5. You can work with startups on TechCrunch, Indiegogo, and Kickstarter to advertise and promote their new startup brands.

How do You Earn on Dealspotr?

  1. As an influencer brand will contact you to promote their products. The funds are deposited into an escrow account and held by Dealspotr. Once you’ve completed your promotional campaign and the brand has approved, Dealspotr will pay you directly, minus 20$ which the company takes for its services.

What Are the Pros?

  1. When you join the site and set up your account you can either chose to run your account through Facebook or your email address.
  2. You have the opportunity to communicate with other site members about deals and receive emails or notification about new deals on the site.
  3. Dealspotr had a large range of coupon on the site that ranges from 5% to 60% saving. The average saving is around 20%, but at times you can find deals for a much higher saving.
  4. You can earn Karma points on the site, which you can exchange for online gift cards.
  5. The site offers great incentive and promotions for the members so they’ll keep posting deals on the site.
  6. The site is easy to use and well organized. It is easy to find deals on the site and communicate with other site members.

What Are the Cons?

  1. The company doesn’t have a large online profile and they have limited information about the background of the company.
  2. There is no official start date found about the company, but the company is based in California and run by ZipfWorks, Inc.
  3. Most of the companies that Dealspotr works with are national companies and the deals they post on the site can be found nationally.
  4. The company is known for posting deals for Macy’s, BestBuy, Khlo’s, Target, Starbucks, and Walmart. However, they don’t post any local deals on the site.


This is a legitimate company to work for. When a company contracts an influencer to promote a product the money is deposited into an escrow account before the person starts working. This guarantees payment to the person once the promotion is approved and filled. Afterward, the company sends the person their money minus 20% which they keep for their services. If you are looking for deals, love to interact with brands, and write promotional reviews this is the perfect site.




4 thoughts on “Dealspotr Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. Hi Ann, I just launched a daily deals website Deals Vote We have a promotion for users to submit a deal to win a $10 Amazon voucher if their deal gets 100 votes. Grateful if you could consider it when you’re next reviewing deals sites. Thanks, Sam.


  2. I like this idea. You can’t always find the time to search online for the best deals. At least you can search this website to make it easier to find the best deals and prices online.


  3. This sounds like an interesting website to sign up for. I like the idea that you can earn money for writing reviews for large companies and brands.


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