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Big Free Giveaway Review – Legit or Scam

The Big Free Giveaway is a company based in the UK that has decided to share their revenue from adverts with you. The site requests that you don’t use an ad blocker on the site so they can earn points and revenue when you visit. This way they can share these earning with you and increase the jackpots they give away each week.

How Does It Work?

  1. You need to register with the site in order to earn free weekly tickets for the drawing held every Saturday at 18:00 (GMT).
  2. Each day you log into the site, you’re awarded 1 ticket for the drawing. Each week you can earn 7 tickets for the drawing that week.
  3. If you share the site with your friends, this increases the jackpot and gives you an extra ticket for the week. The more you share the site, the more tickets you’ll earn for that weeks drawing.
  4. After the drawing is held, the winning tickets are posted on the site. If one of your tickets has won, simply hit the button next to your ticket. The ticket is verified and the money is sent to your PayPal account.
  5. You have 1 week to claim your winnings from the drawing. If you fail to claim your winning ticket, the money is returned to the jackpot for the next weeks drawing.
  6. Each week 10 cash prizes are awarded to the lucky ticket holders. Each time you sign into the site, you can check the jackpot for the week. The jackpot increases daily depending on how many people sign into the site to claim their free ticket.
  7. The money that is earned from adverts is divided between the 10 prizes.
  8. The drawing is open worldwide and you can join the drawing each week by signing into the site daily to claim your ticket.
  9. Each person who uses the site has an equal opportunity to win the weekly drawing. Furthermore, you can easily increase your chances of winning by referring your friends to the site.
  10. It is beneficial to you to sign into your account on the site. Not only do you receive one free ticket, your sign in increases the weekly jackpot.


This is a legitimate website and it’s free to join. There aren’t surveys, offers, or even pay to click ads that you need to do. All you basically have to do is sign up for the site and log into the site daily to claim your weekly ticket. You can earn 7 tickets each week for signing in daily. At the end of the week, the drawing is made. The winners are posted on the site and you’ll have one week to claim your winning ticket. The money is set to your PayPal account after your ticket is verified.

The weekly jackpot drawings are based on the advert revenue that the site has collected for the week. By referring your friends to the site, you’ll earn extra tickets for the weekly drawing, and the jackpot increases.




3 thoughts on “Big Free Giveaway Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. I have joined this site almost a year ago now. I have won a few of the drawings, but never the first place. Hopefully, one day I can win the first place drawing. It would be nice.


  2. I just re-visited this yesterday, and I was still wondering if I should join. This looks too good to be true, and I was still not sure if this is a good site to join. I am happy to read your review about this site, and I have more confidence in it now. Actually we don’t lose anything, as we are just giving away our email address and visiting the site daily to claim a ticket, so it’s still worth to give it a try.

    I have also read about another two similar sites, Baymack and Snuckls, but both sites require Facebook login and I think we need to watch videos in order to earn the tickets. So, I definitely prefer this Big Free Giveaway.

    Thank you for sharing your opinions!

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