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BeerMoney Forum Review – Legit or Scam

BeerMoney Forum is a forum site where people gather together to talk about making money online. They introduce new money making programs that talk about the pros and cons of working for each program. People on the forum post comments concerning the different sites and tell others their experience they’ve had, working on each of the sites.

How Does It Work?

  1. You register with the site and create a user account.
  2. After your account is confirmed, you are free to post on the different forum topics.
  3. The site pays you in BMF currency. It takes 1000 BMF coins to earn $1 on the site.
  4. You can earn coins for posting a new topic in the paid topic areas. For each new topic you post, you’ll earn 50 BMF coins.
  5. Each hour you are allowed to post 3 new topics. Once you’ve reached your 3 topic limit for the hour, you must wait 1 hour before posting a new topic again.
  6. You can also earn BMF coins for commenting on different topics on the site. The coins are paid to your account if you respond to a topic in the paid topic area. You’ll earn 20 BMF coins for each comment you make that is +100 characters. You can only post 3 comments in an hour. Afterward, you need to wait 1 hour before posting a new comment.
  7. You can offer the people on the forum, tutorials that you’ve written. The tutorials can be free or you can charge a fee to receive your tutorial.
  8. The site will reward you each time you report a member who has sent you an unsolicited private message.
  9. Each time a person likes one of your comments, the person pays you 5 BMF coins from his account.
  10. On the site, they have a marketplace. Member, offer work to others on the site. You have the opportunity to earn extra BMF coins for completing the task posted. Once you’ve completed the task the member who’s posted this task pays you the coins to your account.
  11. You may also earn rewards and coins on the site for entering into the different contest.
  12. The site has a referral program. If a person signs up under your referral link, you earn 1,000 BMF coins.
  13. The site has many paid areas you can earn from. Furthermore, this is an excellent opportunity to learn about investing, the different types of cryptocurrencies, programs that pay you to write, take surveys, use apps, and pay to click on links and ads.
  14. The forum has recently added a drawing that is held once a week. You can enter in the drawing. Each ticket you purchase will cost you 10 BMF coins. The drawing will award 3 winners each week the prize money.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. Once your account reaches 1000 BMF coins you can request a payout. The coins are transferred to the owner of the site. He converts the coins and sends your payment to your PayPal account.
  2. You will need to pay the PayPal charges, so it is necessary to send the coins to the owner to pay these charges. In order to receive $1 in your PayPal account, this will cost you 1,034 coins. It is better to wait until you have 5,046 coins so that you pay less in coins to receive the money in your PayPal account.
  3. The larger your payment, the fewer coins you’ll need to send, in order to receive your money. It is better to wait until your account reaches 5000 + coins before requesting payment.

What Are People Saying About BeerMoney Forum?

  1. When the site first opened there was no limitation to the number of comments and threads you created each day. Over time, this changed, and you were limited to 25 new threads and 25 new comments each day. This was calculated so you could earn 1,000 coins for your daily activities on the site. However, this changed again and you were limited to 5 new threads and 5 new comments an hour. After reaching this limitation, you were required to wait 1 hour before posting and earning again.
  2. Recently this has changed again on the site. The owner shut down the site for over a week due to some personal problems. The site wasn’t shut down or closed, but the owner stopped the earnings program on the site. Afterward, the owner reopened up the earnings program on the site but changed the rules and payment again. Now you can only post 3 comments per hour and you’re paid 15 coins for each comment. Furthermore, you can only post 3 new threads per hour and you’re paid 20 coins for each new thread.
  3. In the past, there was a floating system where you could make up to 25 coins for comment and up to 30 coins for a new thread. This was calculated by the system and each new comment and thread earned a different amount.
  4. In the past, each member received coins for logging into the forum each day. This has recently been discontinued and you no longer receive the coins for signing into the site each day.
  5. The site is still paying, however, it is taking longer to earn from the site. This makes it harder to cash out and be paid for the work on the site. In the past, it would take one or two days to earn 1,000 coins and this was enough, to cash out on the site. Today, it takes up to 3 or 4 days to earn the 1,000 coins.


This is a legitimate paying site that pays you to post on the forum. Each member is awarded BMF coins for their participation. The coins are converted to US dollars and the money is sent to your PayPal account. The site is a passive income site that allows you to earn $1 every couple of days for posting comments and threads on the forum.

This is an excellent site if you’re new to working online. The forum has many topics and reviews of sites that pay you to work online. I like the layout and format of the forum and feel this is an excellent way to gain knowledge about working online. The site has changed the payment structure 3 times in the past 2 months. The owner is trying hard to keep the site legitimate and pay all the members for the work they do. I have to give him credit because he is young, created this site, and operates it alone. He is doing an excellent job of paying its members for posting on the forum.

Do you happen to work on this forum? What is your thought about the forum? I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments below.

The post was updated on April 2, 2018. The earning have increased on the site and the updates reflect this. Furthermore, the site is now holding weekly drawings.




6 thoughts on “BeerMoney Forum Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. This is an excellent review. The site looks very informative and it seems to be a good source of information. I like the idea how you can find payment proofs on this site from people who’ve been paid by different companies working online.


    1. Beermoney Forum is an excellent forum site to find all kinds of reviews and work at home programs. It is a good site to join. Once you join, take advantage of the active discussion on the site and you’ll be surprised how much you can learn from other members that work on some of the sites. You can get first-hand information about the sites that offer you work at home programs.


  2. I have been on the Beer Money Forum for some months now and this is definitely one of my favorite forums. I wished that I had joined this forum during my initial years of online earning. I would have learned about all the legit sites and this would have prevented me from getting scammed.

    I came to know about many new websites through the Beer Money Forum which I have joined and I am earning on these sites too. Without this forum, I wouldn’t have been able to increase my online earnings. For any newbie stepping in this new world of online earning the Beer Money Forum is undoubtedly the best door to knock.

    What I love the most about Beer Money Forum is the marketplace. Completing the different tasks in the marketplace has no doubt helped me to increase my earnings. I check this section regularly. Furthermore, if you have any micro tasks which you need others to complete then you can post about it in the marketplace and the members will gladly complete them for you.

    I have never come across such a friendly community. Members are continually helping each other and the admin is always there to respond to our queries. I have also made many new friends across the globe on this forum.

    I highly recommend this forum to anyone. You will not only earn over there but also learn about the various ways to earn online.


  3. This is an excellent site to find out information about online programs and how to earn money. However, a lot of the information supplied on this site is limited and you still need to spend hours searching for the rest of the information. I personally like the idea that people share their payment proof with everyone. This way you have an idea about the site before joining,.


  4. The person who runs this site tries to pay all his writers. It is hard to keep a site like this up and running. I just wished that it would improve the quality of reviews on the site. I didn’t find them helpful or informative. It is hard for me to believe that he is actually paying for the lack of information they supply on the site. I think the site would improve and be useful if the owner would require his writers to submit a decent review.

    I also found the site a bit degrading in the fact that so many writers cry and whine on the site. They feel like people should spoon feed them information. They are always posting the same comments about proof of payment or crying about how the US has better job opportunities. I feel that they should grow up some and realize that they can’t compete with others because they lack the writing skills needed to compete.


  5. You have really written a sincere review about the forum. ^_^

    I have joined Beer Money Forum for a few months, though the rules have been changed since I have joined, it’s still a good site to join. As there are more and more members participating in the forum, I understand the admin has to revise the pay rate per post, so I don’t complain much about this. I like that we can post our payment proof and share our referral links in the forum, and we can find out whether a program is worth our time to join by checking out the discussions in the forum. Most importantly, the admin always pays us.

    For those who like to post in forum, I really recommend this. 🙂


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