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Foap – Sell Your Photos App Review – Legit or Scam

The Foap App is available on Google Play or the App Store. The app allows you to upload your personal photos taken on your smartphone or tablet. Here you can connect with brands worldwide and sell your personal images. Foap is an excellent marketplace for amateur and professional photographers.

How Does the App Work;

  1. Download and install the app on your smartphone or tablet. Afterward, register with the company and create your account.
  2. Start taking photos and upload the photos to the Foap marketplace. You can also upload your photos online at Foap.com
  3. Foap has a different photo mission that they offer each day. Enter one of the photo missions and be paid if your photo is selected.
  4. Foap will help you sell your photos through Getty Images. This gives you more exposure to the photos you’ve taken and a better chance to sell your images.
  5. The site allows you to create your own web portfolio so buyers can view your photos.
  6. Take photos from around the world and upload them to your account.
  7. You can easily upload photos directly from your smartphone or tablet.
  8. There isn’t a limitation as to how many photos you can upload to your account.

How Does the App Pay:

  1. The app offers an easy way to cash out to your PayPal account.
  2. Each time one of your photos sells, you’ll receive 50% of the sales price.

What Are People Saying About the App:

  1. People would like to see the interaction notification on the app revised.
  2. This is an excellent platform for amateur and professional photographers.
  3. If a problem is reported in the app, the company updates the app and corrects the bug. Furthermore, you’ll receive an email from the company about the update and bug fix.


The Foap app is a legitimate app and pays you a commission for each photo that is sold on the site. People enjoy the app and like how easy it is to use. You can upload your photos directly from your smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, you can easily upload your images on their website. The company works with Getty images to help sell your photos and give you more exposure.


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