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Weegy Review – Legit or Scam

Weegy is an online website where people can register to ask questions. Many young students seek the help of Weegy experts to answer their homework questions. While others just ask Weegy questions about life, important events, and other types of general questions.

The questions that you answer on Weegy, will help to teach the site’s advanced knowledge engine named Weegy learn to answer the public’s questions. Most of the time the AI will attempt to answer the questions, but can’t always supply the correct answers. That is where a team of experts answers the questions and supplies the answers for the AI database.

How to Join the Weegy Team of Experts:

  1. Fill in your information and submit the online form to the company.
  2. Once the form has been approved, you’ll be required to take a small True/False examination before you can start answering questions on the site.
  3. The answers to the True/False examine are in the sites FAQ section. This explains how the site works, what the site expects from you, and how you’ll be required to answer questions on the site.

Working for Weegy:

  1. After passing the examination, you’re redirected to your online dashboard. Here you’ll need to update your profile information for the site. On the dashboard, you’ll find your site statistics, how many questions you’ve answered, the points you’ve earned, and any flags or warning on your account.
  2. Before answering questions for Weegy, it’s important to understand the format for answering the questions on the site. The site is very strict how a person responds to a question. If you give the wrong answer, don’t use the proper format, or take too long to search for the answer, your account will be flagged.
  3. Each new question appears on your online tab. Keep it open to review the new questions that arrive on the site. You’ll have 15 seconds to accept or reject the question.
  4. The site has an “Add Responses to Knowledgebase” which collects answers and adds them to Weegy’s knowledge base, so she can answer similar questions in the future.
  5. The longer you work on the site, the more questions you answer, and the more points you earn, will determine your level and privileges on the site.

Payment and Referrals:

  1. Once you’ve reached enough points to equal $20, the company will send you payment to your PayPal account. Your account information must be correct and you must supply a valid PayPal ID to be paid by the site.
  2. The site has a referral program. Each person you refer to the site joins the site, and works on the site, will earn you 10 points.

Website Information:

  1. The website was established on 03-April-2008.
  2. The website is registered to the Proxy, LLC from Scottsdale, Arizona.


The Weegy website pays its experts on time. This is a legitimate company to work for and the only thing you need to worry about is following the rules. If you break the rules, receive too many flags, or warning on your account, your account will be suspended and you’ll forfeit the money you’ve earned on the site.


It appears that towards the end of 2017 Weegy had some issues with Google Adsense. The site was forced to stop paying people to answer questions. Currently, there is no indication that the site has fixed their issues and has started to pay again. The site remains online, people still answer questions on the site, and the owners are keeping everyone informed of the situation.

For the time being, many experts are hanging around the site and answering questions for people. The information about the site is non-existent and most information you can find is about reviews and how to earn money from this site. This has been one of the legitimate paying sites for years and the owners are looking for new solutions to continue to pay people on their site. When new information is available, I’ll give you can update if the site will or will not pay again.

Update August 18, 2018:

Weegy is paying again and there have been some changes on the site.

Weegy Monthly Contest:

  1. Each month Weegy has a contest that pays people for points, comments, ratings, and invitation and referrals.
  2. Three winners are selected in each category. The first place earns $30, second place earns $20 and third place earns $10.
  3. All members of the site are eligible for the contests each month. Normally the site moderators are excluded from the contest.


  1. The site moderators are now being paid $0.05 for each question they confirm on the site. This included checking the answer, editing the answer or flagging an incorrect answer.
  2. The company is offering $20 to each person who identifies a bug in their app and reports it to the company. The bugs that you identify must be new bugs and not reported to the company before.
  3. You are paid for answers that you give on the live chat and archived conversations. You’ll earn a higher rate of pay for all answers given on live conversations.
  4. The site has been experiencing some financial problems and they have changed the pay rate for all questions answered in the archives. You’ll earn around $0.01 for each question answered in the archives now.
  5. Each month a list of top contributors are posted on the blog site. Each member is paid based on how much they earn on the site. The Weegy foundation earns money for each answer given on the site. They will share the earnings with the members who contribute to the site. If a member earns $229 for the Weegy foundation, the foundation will pay the person $170 to their PayPal account. The rest of the earnings are used on the site to help improve the AI.
  6. You’ll earn 75% of your total earnings on the site. The site will keep 25% of your earning for development and improvements.
  7. Each point-eared on the site is equal to $0.10. However, you’ll earn $0.075 for each point on the site.
  8. The pay for points varies depending on where you answer the questions. You have a choice to answer live questions which will earn you more money or you can answer the archived questions.

The website is now paying people on the 1st of each month. You’ll need to have a balance of $10 in your account to be paid. A few people have indicated that you’ll receive a payment from the company if you have a balance in your account of $1.10 or higher.




5 thoughts on “Weegy Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. Hmmm.. never heard of this company. I wonder if worth my time with such low pay. Though everyone seems to think payouts are active again. But if a company was having a hard time paying out on measly cents prior it concerns me that they will pay out on higher numbers. Guess I need to try and find out.


    1. It appears that the site did stop paying people to answer questions. They had a few issues with Google Adsense and shut down. According to the blog they are working out these issues and will hopefully get it fixed and start paying again. As of right now it is hard to say one way or the other so it makes it hard to know for sure what is taking place.


  2. This looks like an excellent site to work on. I might consider joining this site. I enjoy working with student’s and helping them with their homework.


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