International Living Magazine Review – Legit or Scam

International Living Magazine hires freelance writers to tell their story about retiring and living abroad. They are interested in finding the best places around the globe for people to retire. Furthermore, if you live in a country and know how to stretch a dollar, buy real estate and the requirements to retire there, International Magazine wants to read your story.

What Does The Magazine Look For In A Story:

  1. The magazine looks for stories that will inspire their readers. If you are living the dream life or know somebody that is, they want to read your story.
  2. Furthermore, the story must give first-hand advice about retiring overseas. If you have any tips on saving money, adjusting to the new lifestyle, or how to prepare for the move. The magazine wants to read your story.
  3. Don’t write a run of the mill article that talks about food or sightseeing. They want the inside track and facts about the country that can’t be found on Google.
  4. In the article you should make recommendations that give your opinions, how to do things like catching a bus, buying food or even shopping. If you have any tips about buying real estate, best places to live, and what to avoid this is the type of information they’re looking for.
  5. You’ll need to be original and not give tips or advice that can easily be found on the Internet.
  6. Read the articles on the site and understand the style of writing the company is looking for. You should familiarize yourself with the company before you submit an article or propose a story.

What Does the Magazine Pay for Accepted Articles:

The company pays $250 for each 840-word article that is published in their magazine. Furthermore, if you write a 1,400-word article the company will pay you $400. You can also submit your photos to the company for consideration. If they select one of your images to use with your article they’ll pay you $50 for one-time use of your image and you’ll retain all image rights.

About the site:

  1. The website was created 01-May-1998 and the company is located In Province Co Waterford.
  2. This is a legitimate website with no complaints and pays all its freelance writer when they publish their articles.


This is a good magazine to write for and it is legitimate. There are no complaints that the company refuses to pay freelance writers. I would recommend this site if you love to write about living and retiring overseas.




5 thoughts on “International Living Magazine Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. I’ve actually been a subscriber on and off for years. I’ve never had a problem with cancelling or not renewing my subscription. In fact I decided not to renew this year. No problem. My only concern is that the information provided is definitely skewed to encourage the reader to visit or move to countries that may or may not be ideal for most Americans depending on your personal sense of adventure. I’d like to hear both the pros and cons of living somewhere, not just the rose colored version. For example, hot hot and humid is Penang? What about mosquitoes? It may be cheap to rent an apartment but will I have to deal with roaches and rats? I’m looking forward to my own adventures in far off lands and I will submit articles based on reality. Hopefully they’ll be interested in my perspective.


  2. I’m a dissatisfied customer. I highly recommend you DO NOT subscribe to this magazine. Firstly the quality of the writing is not great. But I could have put up with that. I mean I gave it a try, decided it’s not for me, no big deal. BUT now I’m not having any luck canceling my subscription which is the sign of a scam. My credit card has been charged despite me having emailed several times to try and cancel (emailing through the contact button on their membership site). It’s wasted a considerable amount of my time and now I am trawling the internet leaving negative (truthful) reviews in the hope that I can help others avoid the same fate.


  3. I strongly disagree with this! International Living clearly demonstrates its propensity to obfuscate, mislead and outright lie!

    I signed up for their Postcards subscription. Within days I got a note about “7 Great Retirement Towns
    You’ve Never Heard of..Where you can Live Better for Less”. I clicked on the link and it returned a webpage that closely follows the typical BS scammer format of using many words and repetition without ever revealing the advertised information, UNLESS, of course, I provide them with something.

    Its nauseating and sleazy.


    1. Thank you for your comments. I was about to subscribe to the magazine and realized there was not an option for a one year subscription with out an automatic renewal on my credit card. Only signing up for two years at $89.00 is there no auto-renew. When I called customer service, was told “to many options would confuse people.” She would put my request through to a different department “to see if my request would go through.” I said, I have to give you my credit card info, she said yes, but if the one year is not accepted, you can always cancel the subscription. I said, that sounds kind of suspicious, no thanks!


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