FundsforWriters Review: Legit or Scam

FundsforWriters is a website that will help writers find the funds necessary to continue on with their writing career. The website is set up to help writers understand how to format a manuscript, write a query, and different writing guides to help you with your writing career. Each week the company sends out a newsletter that is filled with information for writers. This site is focused on helping writers focus on the marketplace, find writing competitions, locate different awards or grants, find publishing agents and jobs that suit your writing skills and talents.

Write For The Newsletter:

  1. It is possible to submit an article to the site for their newsletter.
  2. The article must be 500 to 600 words long.
  3. The site will publish one article per week. It must be short and sweet.
  4. They are looking for articles that are to the point and help out writers.
  5. Don’t supply an article to the site that is filled with lists of different links to other writing sites.
  6. The site informs you that their newsletter is filled until the end of November. They are looking for articles that will stand the test of time because it could be quite sometime before your article is published in the newsletter.

What Not to Submit:

  1. They don’t want an article about how to write.
  2. They are not interested in articles about developing a plot, a setting or a character.
  3. Topics that don’t relate in some way to help a writer make money with their talents.
  4. General topics that don’t have any solid examples or supporting resources to help a writer.

What The Site Is Looking For:

  1. Good examples and tips about how to write for a contest and win a writing contest.
  2. They are looking for ideas to help a new writer break into the field or a particular market.
  3. New and different ideas about how to earn an income with writing words.
  4. Write a success story and give ideas to others how you did it.
  5. If you know about profitable business practices that are related to writing.
  6. Different types of seasonal material that is associated with a particular market.
  7. Stories about how you were successful and obtain a grant.
  8. Stories about how you landed a nonprofit partnership.
  9. Stories about writing for a unique market.
  10. Unusual ideas about how to earn income
  11. Any type of help that will give an author the change to earn money.

Hints For Writing Your Article:

  1. The readers like to view different links that will help them.
  2. Tools is another great item to add to the article. The reader loves to learn about new writing tools they can use.
  3. Do not type in all capital letters.
  4. Do not send a query to the company using your smartphone.
  5. All queries must use correct grammar and spelling.
  6. Don’t request to write an article in another language besides English.
  7. Your bio and introduction are just as important as your submission to the site.
  8. If your English is weak and you have poor grammar the site will automatically reject your query.
  9. They are looking for writers who have an established online profile.
  10. The company will check for plagiarism so don’t bother copying another persons work.
  11. It is best to send in a query to make sure the site is interested in your idea.

How To Submit Your Article:

  1. You must submit the word count to the company.
  2. The title must be on your article.
  3. Your article must be included.
  4. They need a brief bio at the end of the article with a link to your website or blog.
  5. They need your PayPal ID to pay you.
  6. They won’t pay any writer in a foreign country with a check or wire transfer.
  7. If you omit any of these items the article will immediately be rejected.

How Do They Pay?

  1. If the company accepts your article they will purchase it for $50.
  2. Payments are made to your PayPal account.
  3. The company rarely pays in checks and they don’t pay by other means.


This is a legitimate website to write for and submit an article for their newsletter. They will only publish one article each time in their newsletter. Therefore, if the company accepts and pays for your article it could take several weeks or up to a few months before your article is published in their newsletter. This is an excellent site for writers and it is filled with a lot of information to help a writer earn money. Furthermore, you will find lots of information about grants, writing contests and other helpful information on the website.





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