Write Naked Review 2019: Legit or Scam

Write Naked is a website that accepts freelance writers to write a guest post and be paid for their work. The site has specific times of the year that you can submit your pitch to the site. If you’d like to earn money writing a guest post on the site, the post must be 450 to 650 words long. Like all sites that pay freelance to write there are strict guidelines and rules, a person must follow. Do not write your guest post and submit it to the site it will be rejected. Instead, you will need to write up a pitch for the site and submit this during the open reading schedule for the year. This is difficult because the company will only accept new pitches once a year and the open session is only for a month. So, if you like the idea of guest posting and being paid for your work, check out how you can write for this site and earn money for your talents.

How Does It Work?

  1. Each guest post that is written for the site needs to be 450 to 650 words long. The site is very strict about the word count, so stay within the limits.
  2. The open reading period for 2019 is June 1st to June 30th.
  3. You must write up and submit your pitch during the open reading period only. If you send a pitch during the other months of the year the site will ignore your pitch and not accept it. Be sure to send your pitch before the deadline. Otherwise, you will need to wait another year to send in a pitch to the company.

How To Write A Pitch:

  1. The site will only accept your pitch during the open reading period. If you submit a pitch that is not during the open reading period the site will delete your pitch.
  2. You are not allowed to send in more than 1 pitch during the open reading period.
  3. If you do not hear back from the site, it is possible to send an inquiry to the site during the open reading period. The site will respond back to you about your pitch, however, they cannot respond back to you about the status of your submissions. They ask that you be patient and wait for their reply.
  4. The site will respond back to all valid queries within the 30 days open reading period.
  5. When you submit a pitch to the site there are topic that the site will reject immediately. Do not send a pitch about the following topics:
    1. Irrelevant topics
    2. Mental illness
    3. Maternity wear
    4. Depression
    5. Anxiety
    6. PTSD
    7. Spots
    8. Pet care
    9. Stay-at-home parenting
    10. Blatant promotions of you or your book
    11. Offensive content
  6. You will need to send a query to the site and not use an attachment, call the owner of the site, or mail in your pitch to the site as long as it is received before the end of the reading period.
  7. If you are interested the site has a sample query letter you can use to submit your query. You can also find examples of successful query letters others have sent into the site. This will help you to write your query letter and will give you a better chance of being accepted to write your guest post for the site.
  8. In the pitch or query letter, they will ask you to tell them why you are the best person to write for this site.
  9. They are looking for your experiences, links to clips, and if you have any type of credentials. This will need to be included in the query letter.
  10. They do not want to search for you on Google so it is necessary to send them all the information and links to your website, information about your platform, links to your social media accounts, information about your newsletter if you send out one and information about your network if you have one.
  11. Queries are sent by email and the email address is posted on the site.

What The Site Looks For:

  1. Interviews: articles about literary agents, interviews with a freelance writer, author or even an editor, and all types of publishing is a good article to write about and get published on the site.
  2. Publishing Trends: if you notice a particular genre of fiction that is hot right now this is an excellent topic to suggest for the site. They are also interested in knowing if two large publishing houses are merging and how this will affect the author.
  3. Day-In-The-Life of a Writer: it is possible to write about a day in your life if you are a writer. You can tell people what you do, what types of jobs you work on and your different experiences as a writer. If you are interested in this, the site has an article that you can read so that you will understand how to write yours.
  4. Writing Essentials: They are looking for special insight on copyright laws that you’d like to share, have you traditionally published a book and then went on to self publish your next book, or did you write an article that you later turned into a book. All of these are an excellent topic to write about and this is the type of articles the site loves to publish.
  5. Behind the Pen: This deals with self-publishing your book and selling more than 5000 copies or giving advice to other freelance writers on how you found a great way to save time as a freelancer and learned how to bill more for your work.
  6. Do Not Submit: If there are any articles that are posted elsewhere online do not suggest this topic for your query. Only submit original content to the site otherwise your query will be rejected and it won’t be possible to try again. The site is only looking for legitimate bloggers to submit a query to the site.

How Much Are You Paid?

  1. If your query has been approved and you’ve submitted an article to the site, you will earn $75 when the article appears on the site.
  2. You won’t be paid until the site publishes your article.


This is a legitimate website that pays a freelance writer to write a guest post for the site. There is one month a year that the site will accept a pitch from you. There are very strict rules to follow when writing your pitch and the article for the site. The article will need to be 450 to 650 words long. Each article that is approved and posted on the site will earn $75. The site will accept one pitch from each person and this needs to be submitted to the site during the open period only. If you submit your pitch any other time it will be deleted. The site is all about writing, publishing, and freelancers. If you have an original idea and want to earn money writing a guest post, this is an excellent site to write for.



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