Blogs Review – Legit or Scam is a website that allows freelance writers to submit content for the money. The site purchases articles from writers across the globe every Wednesday. WritersWeekly is interested in hearing from you, but they are not interested in people proposing columns, series, guest posts, advertorials, and articles that promote a product or service. The site won’t accept a complete manuscript from you and will only accept a query. If you’d like to write for this site, you’ll need a PayPal account in order to be paid. Read how to submit your query to WritersWeekly if you’re interested in writing for this site.

What The Site Won’t Accept:

  1. Many people send in pitches about pets, religion or other topics that are of no interest to the site whatsoever. Furthermore, if you send in a pitch with grammar errors, misspelled words, or incorrect punctuation, the site won’t bother to answer you back. You must follow the guidelines and pitch a topic of interest to the site if you expect a response back.
  2. The site will reject all articles that are very common topics in the industry such as:
    1. Writer’s block
    2. Finding inspiration
    3. Finding your muse
    4. Avoiding burnout
    5. Writing about your hobby
    6. Write what you know
    7. Selling rewritten reports, rewrites, or resell articles
    8. Don’t try to rewrite or revamp an idea that’s already been rejected.
    9. How to self-publish a book
    10. How to get along with editors
    11. How to become a writer
    12. How to take more photos to sell more articles
    13. How to be a copywriter
    14. How to be a ghostwriter
    15. How to be a grant writer
    16. How to negotiate your rates
    17. How to blog for a living
    18. Articles about networking or SEO

What Type of Articles Does WritersWeekly Want?

  1. The site is focused on how to sell the written word and not how to write it.
  2. The main focus of the site is about how to make more money writing and doing what you love.
  3. If you have ideas about home-based businesses and self-employment, this is a great topic to pitch on the site. However, these ideas must focus on writing such as self-publishing, ghostwriting, or even corporate writings.
  4. You need to pitch an article for the site that will help writers support themselves by writing and doing the work they love.
  5. A few other topics of interest are about writing for markets of a specific gene. You must supply the names of these markets, a link to their guideline, and information on how much you’ll be paid.
  6. You can submit unique book marketing ideas. Make sure they are not written up already and plastered all over the internet. The site wants unique ideas to help people and not ideas that already exist online.
  7. Find a topic or subject that hasn’t been done before or has received too much exposure online. Furthermore, don’t submit a topic the site has already published.
  8. The site is really looking for articles about unique assignments, different corporate services for writers, self-publishing, marketing, and networking advice.
  9. Each query needs to be submitted by email and make sure you include all the credits in your query. Don’t submit the completed manuscript to the company. They won’t accept this. If they like your query and can work with your idea, you’ll be contacted by the company. Normally, the company will respond within a week of submitting your query.

What Does WritersWeekly Pay?

  1. You’ll need to submit a query to the site before writing your article.
  2. The site has a contact form for you to use.
  3. When submitting your query, make sure that your idea will help others make more money from their writing.
  4. A featured article must be 600 words or longer, and a success story must be 400 words or longer.
  5. The site will pay $60 for a feature article and $40 for a success story.
  6. When sending in a query about your success story, the site won’t accept them if it was a one time deal on how you sold one article to one publisher. They are looking for more about how you broke into the industry and what types of success you’ve had since selling your first article.
  7. The company sends your payment by PayPal and no longer can send you a check. You’ll need a PayPal account to write for this site.


WritersWeekly is a legitimate company that accepts freelancers to submit their ideas to the company for approval. You’ll need to send the company a query about the article you’d like to write for them. Make sure your ideas haven’t been done a million times before online. The company is looking for unique ideas and ways a person can earn a living writing and doing what they love best. If you have a unique way to earn money as a writer, the site would love to hear from you. Each feature articles needs to be 600 words or more and the company pays you $60 if they accept your articles. So make sure you read and follow the guideline carefully if you’d like your article considered for publication on this site.

Just curious about how many people have written for this site. How did you like the site and writing for them? Looking forward to hearing from you in the comments below. Furthermore, if you have any questions please ask me in the comments below.





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