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Maximiles Review – Legit or Scam

Maximiles is a company based in the UK that works with over 600 merchants to reward people for using their services. The site is absolutely free to join and if you decide to join the site they’ll reward you with 100 points as a welcome gift. Furthermore, if you complete your profile and tell the… Continue reading Maximiles Review – Legit or Scam

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YouGov Review – Legit or Scam

YouGov is a survey company that conducts polls online about products, brands, general interest topics, politics, and public affairs. The polls that YouGov creates are absolutely free and can be taken by anyone who is 16 years of age and living in the UK. However, if you live in the US,  you only need to… Continue reading YouGov Review – Legit or Scam

Complete Tasks/Surveys Review – Legit or Scam

GetVase is a survey site that is only available for people living in Singapore or Malaysia. This is a great company to sign up with if you happen to live in these two countries. The site sends you a survey to take that are short and easy to complete. Even if you can’t qualify for… Continue reading Review – Legit or Scam

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Nicequest App Review – Legit or Scam

Nicequest is a survey company that allows people to take surveys online or on their mobile devices. The company will either send you an email or a notification on your mobile device when they have a survey available for you to take. The app is available on the App Store for iOS devices or on… Continue reading Nicequest App Review – Legit or Scam

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Mobile Xpression Rewards App Review – Legit or Scam

Mobile Xpression is a market research company that collects data from mobile devices. The company is interested in the trends and behaviors of people using mobile internet. You’ll need to visit the Google Play Store to download and install the app on your Android device. Once you’ve registered with the company you’ll be sent surveys… Continue reading Mobile Xpression Rewards App Review – Legit or Scam