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Bituro Survey App Review – Legit or Scam

Bituro Survey App is a survey app that allows you to earn points for taking surveys, completing tasks, and playing games using the app. The company will allow you to redeem your points to your PayPal account, gift cards, or to your Bitcoins or Ethereum wallets. The company will send you a notification by email and each day the new surveys are added to the app. It is easy to earn points that can be redeemed for money or gift cards, This is an international app and anyone can download and join the app. The app is available on the Google Play store or at the App Store.

How Does it Work?

  1. First off you’ll need to download and install the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  2. The company requires that you register with your Twitter, Facebook or Google account.
  3. When you complete the registration, you’ll earn 100 points for downloading and registering with the company using a referral code.
  4. Each day the company adds new surveys to the app. You can take as many surveys as you choose.
  5. The app has an offer wall that you can download apps, complete tasks, or even play games to earn extra points.
  6. The different apps that are download will have different restrictions. You’ll need to read and follow the directions from the app in order to earn points. You can’t just download and delete the app to earn points. Many times you’ll need to use the app for a day, complete a task, or perform a task in order to be paid.
  7. On the offers wall, there are many videos you can watch to earn points from the app.

How To Earn Points:

  1. Taking surveys will earn you the most points from the app. Surveys normally earn 100 points or up to 1000 points for a survey. The surveys are short and don’t take much time to complete. The app doesn’t have a restriction to how many surveys you can take each day. Most surveys will pay you 360 points. There are a few surveys that do pay a bit less and some that pay quite a bit more. You are free to pick and choose the surveys that you’d like to take.
  2. You can earn different points for watching videos on the app. Each time you watch a video there is a time limit. There doesn’t appear to be any limitations to the number of videos that you watch each day.
  3. Download and install different apps on your mobile device. Each app that you install has a description of the app, how many points you’ll earn, and what is required of you to earn the points.
  4. On the offers wall, there is a section for playing games. Just play the game and earn points each time you play.
  5. The company has a referral system. It doesn’t indicate how many points you’ll earn for referring people to the app.
  6. When you first register with the app and use a referral code, you’ll automatically earn 100 points.
  7. According to the website when you download the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store the company will give you a credit of 100 points.

How Are You Paid?

  1. Each point you earn on the app is worth $0.01.
  2. You’ll need 1000 points to request a payment from the app.
  3. The 1000 points are equal to $1 from the app.
  4. You have a choice of being paid to your PayPal account, in Bitcoins, or Ethereum coins, and a choice of gift cards. Most gift cards are only available for people living in the United States.


This is a legitimate app that you can install on your Android or iOS device. This is an international company and anyone can download and install the app on their mobile device. Once you register with the company it is easy to earn points, taking surveys, watching videos, playing games or completing offers. You’ll just need to earn 1000 points in your account in order to request your payment. You won’t earn an extreme amount of money using this app, but you can earn a few dollars here and there.


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MicroHero App Review – Legit or Scam

MicroHero is an app that is available on the App Store for iOS devices. This is a survey app that you can earn money taking surveys, The company that created this app is a bit different than other companies. They want to help non-profit organizations around the world. Each survey you participate in will earn you cash rewards that are donated to your favorite non-profit organization. You won’t be paid personally for the time you spend taking surveys, however, you’ll be helping others around the world. The company has hundreds of non-profit organizations that you can choose from to donate your earnings to. Each company that creates a survey with the app is required to donate your earnings to the non-profit organization of your choice. This is an excellent way to help others in your spare time.

How Does it Work?

  1. The app is only available on The App Store for iOS devices.
  2. Download and install the app on your mobile device.
  3. Register with the app by supplying them your email address and other information.
  4. Choose from the list of non-profit organizations after you’re registered.
  5. The company will be adding a different organization and soon it will be possible to donate to the non-profit organization right in your own hometown. They want to set this up where you’ll be able to donate to your local animal shelter or other organization that you support in your hometown.

How Can You Create A Survey?

  1. Any company can create a survey using their mobile device.
  2. The app allows the company to have up to 100 responses for each survey or question they ask.
  3. The company can choose to send the surveys out to a listing they’ve created or post this for anyone to take the survey.
  4. Each survey that is created cost money. The money is sent to the company before the survey is posted.
  5. A company can create a beautiful survey with stunning pictures, test a new logo, or even get instant answers to a marketing research question.

How Does The Company Pay?

  1. When a company creates a new survey using the app, the company pays for the survey.
  2. If the company is looking for 150 responses, pays $50 for the market research, the money is distributed between the surveys. This would mean that each survey is worth $0.30.
  3. When a person views the survey and takes the survey, they’ve earned $0.30 for their local charity.
  4. The money the company has collected for the survey is paid out to the local charities each time a person completes a survey.
  5. As soon as all 150 surveys have been completed, the company donates the money paid to the local charity.


This is an excellent app to help others. Taking the survey, answering quick questions, or testing a local will help support a charity of your choice. This is one way to give back a little when working online. You might not earn the money in your PayPal account, however, the money you are earning with this app is really doing some good. This is a legitimate way to help others in your free time. No need to do hundreds of surveys with the app each day, just do a few in your spare time and feel good about giving a little to a charity that needs your help. If you love to donate your earnings to a charity when working online, check out this app and start helping today.



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Vocal Views App Review – Legit or Scam

The App is No Longer Available

is an app that is available at the Google Play Store for Android device or at the App Store for iOS devices. The company is always looking for new people who are enthusiastic and love to give their honest opinions. This is a market research company that will hire people worldwide to participate in different research panels. However, not all people are invited to all panels because the company does most of the research studies in the United States, UK, and throughout Europe. There are different studies that require input from people in different regions. These types of surveys or panels can include product testing, surveys, and blogs.

How Does It Work?

  1. You’ll need to visit the Google Play Store or the App Store to download and install the app on your mobile device.
  2. Once installed, you’ll need to register with the company. They will ask you your name, email address, and a few background questions. This is important to understand what type of work you’d like to do.
  3. To make it easier the company allows you to sign up with one of your social media accounts.
  4. After signing up with the company will send you an email to verify your email address.
  5. Once you’ve registered it is easy to participate in different market research studies. In the studies, you’ll have the chance to tell companies what you think of their brands.
  6. There are also discussion groups for you to join and participate in.
  7. You can conduct online interviews with diffe4rent people or even a company will contact you.
  8. The company also has online surveys for you to take.
  9. Each time a new study is available in your country, you’ll receive an email.
  10. The email will direct you to a screening page where you’ll need to fill out the information on the questionnaire.
  11. If you qualify for the study a recruiter will call you. They will get you booked in for the study and give you all the information you need.
  12. The company has a badge system they are testing. The points system is only a virtual system to help the company measure the person’s interaction and participation in the studies. The points in the system can’t be transferred or used to redeem cash.
  13. The company uses the points on their leaderboard. This will show other members who are the top participants in the company.

How Are You Paid?

  1. Each panel, discussion, product test, or survey has a reward associated with the work. You’ll see what the rewards are before you accept the work.
  2. Once the job is completed and the company has verified your account, you’re paid.
  3. You’ll receive a link in your email account to fill out the payment request and submit the request to the accounts payable department.
  4. This normally takes 7 days to process the invoice and send you your payment.
  5. The company will send your money to your PayPal account.

What Do People Say About this App?

  1. This is an excellent company to work for.
  2. The surveys and work are interesting.
  3. Many people love the discussions group.
  4. Some people have been working with this company for a few years now.
  5. A few of the discussion group leaders didn’t have all the facts correct and didn’t explain what we needed to do. Finally, the discussion got off the ground and it was fun to work on.
  6. The company pays, but they are slow at paying you when the work is done.


This is an excellent company to work for if you like to participate in online surveys, discussion groups and panels. The company works mainly in the United States, UK, and Europe. However, anyone can join the company and get involved with taking online surveys, giving your opinion, check out logos, websites and a variety of other studies. There are some studies that are limited to the country and location and other studies anyone can participate in. The company pays you 7 days after you file a payment claim with their account payable department.


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Curious Cat: Money for Surveys App Review – Legit or Scam

Curious Cat is a survey company based out of UK. The app was created by On Device Research Company to help brands acquire the data they need. The company pays you in GBP currency directly deposited to your PayPal account. You can find and download the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store. The company offers you different surveys to take and a chance to earn extra rewards for downloading and testing out different apps. After testing the apps, you’ll have a set of questions to answer before receiving your rewards. The app isn’t available worldwide and has a few restrictions as to who can use this app.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to download and install the app on your mobile device. The app can be found on the Google Play Store for Android devices or on the App Store for iOS devices. The app can only be used on your mobile phone.
  2. The company requires you to complete the sign-up process before using the app. This is a simple process to complete and requires you to enter your mobile device phone number.
  3. The company must verify who is working on their account and this is why a phone number is required during sign up.
  4. You’ll have to use the two-way authentication process if you’d like to work for this company.
  5. This process ensures that people are not trying to use a VPN or Proxy server to work on the app.
  6. In order to continue to use the app, Curious Cats needs you to grant permission to the app. The app needs to check your mobile device number to verify you are a legitimate person and not using a VPN or Proxy server to access this app.

How To Earn Money Using the App?

  1. Surveys are just one of the ways you can earn money on the app.
  2. The app has 4 different types of surveys you can participate in. You’ll be sent simple questionnaires, consumer diary studies, opinion polls, and short conventional surveys.
  3. Each survey you complete earns you 20 to 200 points according to how difficult the survey is.
  4. You’ll have different offers to download and install apps on your mobile device.
  5. Each app must be installed and used for a period of time. When the time expires you’ll receive a series of questions to answer. Upon completion of your questions, you’ll be rewarded 20 to 200 points in your account. The points are awarded based on the amount of work and difficulty of each app.
  6. There isn’t a referral system to use on this app. Therefore, you won’t be able to earn extra money referring your friends.

What Do People Say About the App?

  1. The company sends your payment to PayPal instantly.
  2. There is a low payment threshold to meet in order to request a payment from the company.
  3. Many people don’t like to use their mobile phone number to register with.
  4. People like the idea the app is secure and keeps scammers off it.
  5. The phone numbers help keep the app legal and secure. This prevents scammers and fraud of the app.
  6. The company has an excellent support team that will help you with any issues you have.
  7. The app is restricted and not everyone can join the app.
  8. Many people want a referral program and the app doesn’t offer one.
  9. There have been several technical issues using the app.
  10. People would like to see this offered on the website and not only through your mobile phone.
  11. Each survey makes you go through a screening process before starting the surveys.
  12. Surveys normally take 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

How does the Company Pay?

  1. For every 100 points you earn on the app it is converted to £ 1.
  2. You only need £ 1 in your account to request payment from the company.
  3. You’ll need to enter your mobile device phone number when requesting payment.
  4. The money is instantly sent to your PayPal account.


This is a legitimate app and will pay you for taking surveys and downloading, testing, and answering questions about different apps. The company is located in the UK and pays in GBP currency. Unfortunately, this app is restricted to several countries and not everyone can download and use the app. You can only install this app on your mobile phone because you’ll need to use your phone number to register with the company. Furthermore, you’ll need to give the app permission to access your device. The company doesn’t have a referral system, but it has two ways of earning money from the app. You can take surveys or test apps and answer a set of questions when you’re done.



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Survey Monkey App Review – Legit or Scam

Survey Money is an app that was created by the company called SurveyMonkey Productivity. The company created a software package that was easy for businesses to use. A business can now download and install their app on any mobile device. The software supports all iOS and Android device. You can easily download the app at the Google Play Store or at the App Store. A company can now create surveys that will help them test products or customer’s opinions.

Furthermore, this isn’t only an app for creating surveys. As a consumer, you can download and install this app on either your iOS or Android device. There are plenty of surveys you can take using this app. However, instead of being paid to take surveys, you get to elect what charity you’d like to donate your money too. Furthermore, you have a chance to win many different prizes and contests when you take a survey using this app.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to download and install the app on your mobile device. You can find the app on the App Store or the Google Play Store.
  2. As a business owner, you have several packages to choose from to create your surveys. The company offers 4 different business packages and prices for you to select from.
  3. As a consumer, the account is free and all you need to do is register with the app.
  4. You’ll receive survey offers through your email address. Furthermore, with this app, you can find the survey to take through various social media sites.
  5. Fill out and complete the survey.
  6. When you’re done they will ask you what charity you’d like to use to donate your earning to.
  7. Each survey you take, the earnings are donated to your favorite charity.
  8. Furthermore, there are a number of surveys on the app that offer you a chance to enter into one of the sweepstakes or drawing. There you can win cash or prizes depending on the company sending out the survey.
  9. Every survey you take on the app will donate money to the charity of your choice and enter you into drawing to win prizes.
  10. If you win a cash prize on the app, the money is automatically donated to the charity you’ve selected.

What Languages Does the App Support?

  1. The app supports more than one language and it is easy to take a survey in your native language. Furthermore, it is easy for a company to create different surveys in the different languages. The app currently supports the following languages:
    1. English
    2. Español
    3. Portuguese
    4. French
    5. Deutsch
    6. Nederlands
    7. Русский
    8. Italian
    9. English UK
    10. Dansk
    11. Svenska
    12. Türkçe
    13. Norsk
    14. Suomi

How Does it Pay?

  1. Many companies worldwide use SurveyMonkey to find out important questions about their products and service.
  2. When you choose to participate in one of these surveys or a poll the company conducting these surveys will ask you to choose a charity.
  3. Each survey you complete the company conducting the survey will send the charity of your choice $0.50.
  4. Otherwise, some companies choose to hold a drawing or sweepstakes for their surveys. When you complete the survey your name is automatically entered into the drawing or sweepstakes the company is holding.
  5. The company will notify you by email if you’ve won one of the prizes.

What Do People Like About This App?

  1. You can pick and choose from a variety of surveys in a variety of different language.
  2. The app works great if you don’t want to use your native language to complete the surveys.
  3. It is easy to create surveys in different languages so you can reach a larger audience.
  4. Many people love the idea of donating their earning to a charity or a rescue group for animals.
  5. You are never disqualified and the company performing the survey needs everyone feedback. This way you know you’re not wasting your time and your favorite charity is earning a small donation from you.


The app is legitimate and many companies download and use the app to create consumer surveys and polls. As a consumer, there are many different types of surveys you can take. When taking the survey it doesn’t waste your time and disqualifies you during the survey. It is easy to finish each survey or poll. In the end, you feel good because you are helping out others. Each survey you complete will give the charity of your choice $0.50. Furthermore, for each survey, you complete your name is automatically entered in the drawings and sweepstakes on the app.


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LifeTap Rewards App Review – Legit or Scam

LifeTap is a different kind of survey app that is actually a lot of fun. In this app, you’ll have over 300 channels to select from. You’ll use the app to watch your favorite programs, videos, and participate in surveys when the gold coin appears on your screen and starts spinning. The app sends you surveys about different videos and articles you’ve read online. Complete the survey and earn points towards gift cards. The app is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices or on the App Store for iOS devices.

How Does It Work?

  1. This app is only available for people living in the United States. The company is hoping to add more counties in the near future.
  2. You’ll need to go to the Google Play Store or the App Store to download and install the app on your mobile device. The app works on your mobile phone or tablet.
  3. Sign up with the company and complete your profile information. Use your email address, Facebook or Google account to register with the app.
  4. Make sure you enter your correct information; the company will verify your identity before they activate your account.
  5. After joining the app and completing your profile information Gold Coins will start appearing on your screen. Just tap one of the Gold coins to open a survey.
  6. The app has sponsored videos to watch. During the video, a Gold coin can appear and start spinning. Just click on the coin to start the survey.
  7. You’ll be paid for watching the sponsored videos and taking the surveys.
  8. The app also offers engaging articles to read. When you’re reading one of the articles on the app, a Gold coin can appear. There is a survey to take about this article. Just click on the Gold coin to access and complete the survey. The app pays you for reading the articles and taking the surveys.
  9. Don’t try to use the app with a VPN or Proxy server. The rewards and gift cards are only for people living in the United States. It won’t be possible to redeem these prizes in other countries.

What People Are Saying About The App:

  1. The only real issue with this type of earning program is the fact you’ll need to be on the app. Otherwise, you’ll miss the chance to take a survey.
  2. You’ll have to watch one of the videos or channels on the app and hope a Gold coin will appear.
  3. You’re paid for watching the video, but you earn more when you can watch the video and take a survey.
  4. At times your earning potential is very random. There aren’t always paid videos to watch or surveys to take.
  5. There are many times you’re watching a video on the site that a Gold coin never appears on. This is the same for reading the content on the site.
  6. At first, it was rather easy to earn points on the app. You normally could earn a $5 gift card in just a few days. Now it is taking much longer to earn a gift card.
  7. The app is easy to use and the best part of the app is seeing a Gold coin pop up on your screen and start spinning around.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. For each survey and video, you watch, you’ll earn around $1 for your time and efforts. *Note: not all surveys will pay you $1 to take. They will vary in price. The more you need to do for the survey, the higher your rewards.
  2. The company has a variety of gift card to choose from. You can get your favorite gift card for Starbuck or other markets in your area.
  3. Once you’ve accumulated enough points go to the rewards tab and redeem your reward.
  4. If you’ve selected a gift card for a merchant in your area, the redemption code will appear on your app. Just use your mobile device and scan the code at the checkout.
  5. You can choose to receive a gift card from Amazon. This works the same as a merchants gift cards. The redemption code is sent to your account on the app. When you order anything from Amazon just enter your redemption code.


This is a legitimate company and app to use on your mobile device. The app is nonabrasive and won’t use up your battery life when in use. The types of surveys the app sends you is based on the channels, videos, and articles available on the app. You’ll need to watch a sponsored video and a Gold coin could appear during your viewing time. However, not all videos or articles have a survey associated with them. You’ll still be paid for your viewing time. The app is only available to people living in the United States.

If you enjoy taking surveys online, then this is an interesting app to join. However, it won’t make your rich and there isn’t always a survey for you to participate in. You’ll be able to earn a $5 gift card if you use the app around a week. Some people use the app more often and have earned as much as $10 a week toward their gift cards.


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Make Money Filling Out Surveys App Review – Legit or Scam

Make Money Filling Out Surveys App is by Votechimp. The company is located in Canada and has been online a little over two years. You can only download this app on the Google Play Store for Android device. It isn’t yet available for iOS devices. This is a survey company that offers you to take quick surveys or to participates in polls. It appears that the company is using Gamanci to send out the polls to your mobile device.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to go to the Google Play Store to download and install this app on your mobile device.
  2. Register with the company and fill in your profile information.
  3. The company uses Gananci to send polls to your mobile device.
  4. A poll can consist of a simple question with several responses.
  5. Just pick the best response that applies to you.
  6. Each time you answer the polls, you’re rewarded for your efforts.
  7. At times you can be redirected to another survey site to complete take a survey.

How Does the Company Pay You?

  1. You’ll need to earn $10 in your account before you can request payment from the company.
  2. The company will pay you by PayPal, direct deposit funds to your bank account, request Amazon, Visa, and other gift cards, or buy coupons with your earning.
  3. Once you request a payout from the company it can take 24 hours to see the money in your PayPal account. Bank transfers take longer to process and funds to arrive in your account.
  4. It will take 24 hours for the company to send you the information about your gift cards. You’ll receive the redemption codes in your email account.
  5. The company pays all PayPal charges so you receive your full amount of pay that you’ve earned using the app.

What Are People Saying About this App?

  1. A few people don’t receive many surveys from the app.
  2. A few surveys that arrive have issues and it’s impossible to complete the survey and earn credits.
  3. Many of the surveys totally waste your time. They continue to ask the same questions over and over again. Afterward, you’re tired of the repeated questions and just give up.
  4. Many of the surveys are redirected to another site. On the other site, they ask you the same question over and over again.
  5. There are many complaints about cashing out on the app. The app won’t allow you to cash out after reaching $10.
  6. The company has numerous email address and it is difficult to contact the company concerning your cash out on the app. You will send an email to all the email address and not one of the addresses will ever email you back. Therefore, you’ve wasted your time and haven’t been paid for your work.
  7. When you’re redirected to another survey site, the next button takes you 10 minutes to process. Furthermore, at the end of the survey, you receive an error code when entering your email address. All the third party surveys seem to have the same issue and you just waste your time taking them.
  8. Most of the surveys on the site will give you an endless loop of the same questions over and over again. You can’t finish the survey and therefore, you don’t earn for your wasted time.


This app has endless amounts of complaints about how bad the app is. You are asked to answer the same questions over and over again. If you happen to finish a survey without being thrown into an endless loop, it isn’t possible to enter your email address and be credited for the completion of the survey.

Too many people have tried to cash out on the app after reaching $10. However, the app won’t allow you to request payment and will throw you into a loop. The company has many email addresses that they won’t bother to answer. Even if you send an email to all the email addresses on the site, you’ll never receive your payment from the site.

The site has 2 different names and websites that they are using. One site is for creating the surveys for companies and the other seems to send the surveys out to people. Most of the surveys that arrive on your mobile device are redirected to a third party survey company. There is no way to complete these surveys because they won’t allow you to enter your email address so that you receive credit for the survey.

I personally wouldn’t recommend installing and using this app on your mobile device. The company is not responding to emails or even paying people for the work they’ve done. It appears that this company is working under two different names. Therefore, if you’d really like to try this app, proceed with caution. Don’t waste too much of your time trying to work on this app.