Acusis Medical Transcription Review – Legit or Scam

Acusis is a medical transcriber company that is located in the United States, India, and the Philippines. The company hires people to transcribe medical documents for hospitals and doctors. The company has two different positions you can apply for. You can either join the company as a Medical Transcriber or as a Medical Coder. The… Continue reading Acusis Medical Transcription Review – Legit or Scam


AccuTransGlobal Review – Legit or Scam

AccuTransGlobal is a full-service Canadian company who hires transcribers, voice writers, and real-time stenographers. The company is always looking for people who have experience in these fields and can work independently at home. In order to work for the company, you’ll need to take a transcription test when you apply. This will determine if the… Continue reading AccuTransGlobal Review – Legit or Scam